Driving with your left foot

Has anyone had to do this for any length of time due to an injury or something? Was it easy to get the hang of? Can you be cited if you're caught doing it?

Has anyone had bunion surgery on her right foot? How long before you could drive and how long before you were cleared to drive by your surgeon?

eta - Clarification: driving w/ your left foot in automatic transmission.

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My dad did for a while when he broke his right ankle. He adjusted pretty quickly and got the hang of it. I don't think it's illegal, so I don't see how you could be cited.
I have a broken right ankle right now, but I haven't tried driving with the left foot.

TBH, the aircast on my right foot is so bulky I'm not sure how I'd even get my left foot over to the pedals.
When I broke my right ankle and was in a cast for 8 weeks, I did not feel safe driving with my left foot. It was terribly inconvenient for our family to have me unable to drive. We had to endure EIGHT.LONG.WEEKS of my parents staying with us, so they could do the driving for my kids, who are very involved in lots of things. It was a terrible ordeal, but there's no way I could have driven left footed.

I don't think it's technically, but if you cause an accident and get out of the car with a right foot in a cast, you're going to have some explaining to do...and will probably get sued pretty good.
because i drive for a living my right foot aches by the end of the week so i sometimes use my left foot to brake
My dad has driven with his left foot, but not instead of his right. He drove with his right foot controlling the gas and his left the brake. He had totally bum knees it hurt for him to try and turn his foot around to touch the brake with his right foot (like excruciating pain in his right knee). Turns out he had no cartilage in his right knee and the bone had worn down enough there was no ball on the knee socket, so I can understand why he drove with two feet.

He never had a problem and if you're driving okay with your left foot, there would be no reason to be cited because you wouldn't have to be pulled over. The end! Anyway, I don't think it's illegal to drive with your left foot instead of your right.

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