Those wedge shoes that look like high-top sneakers: update last post

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I don't really understand the effect of these shoes. Do they give you lift with the heel, but not the toe? Are they comfortable? Are they elongating? They look a little strange to me, but also intriguing.

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They are HIDEOUS imo...but probably just like wearing any wedge heel shoe.
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I think most of them are ugly, too, so I posted a pair I kind of like. They're peculiar to me because they tend to resemble aerobics shoes from the 80s, which I think of as leg shortening. Does the height dispel that effect?

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I don't think any shoe that laces up to the ankle area would be elongating...unless you were wearing leggings in the same color. But they should give you a legitimate 3.5 - 4 inches, tho, whether or not it appears that way.

Perhaps it just another fashion trend that people wear because it's on trend, and not because it's attractive or flattering.

I like the heel detailing and the shine, but I don't like the overall shape. I'm ok with a clunky shoe for practical purposes, but that one seems clunky for no reason.
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All I know is that I really dislike them!

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They are clunky, aren't they?

I think I'll probably skip this trend. Leggings are less comfortable than I hoped, so I don't want to acquire shoes that really only look good with a same colored leg.

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I like them I don't always dress to be attractive to others sometimes I like something because its cool, interesting, or makes me feel a certain way. The pair I have makes me feel extra trendy. Some days I like to dress conservative or 'hipster' meh to anyone else. My Style has a point of view
They wouldn't be for me but I could see them on someone young and trendy. I can't see from the picture if those studs stick out on back. If they do, I would find it weird and uncomfortable if you happen to cross your foot over your knee. I don't find them ugly - I've seen lots of hideously, ugly shoes. These could be interesting on the right person.
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I'm waiting for someone to wear them to a gym and break an ankle. It will happen
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I think they're going to look fantastic with your muu muu, or your short shirt and leggings.
Hey, yeah!

I forgot I could wear them with a muu muu! Just right for evil older lady lounging- by-the-pool outfits.

But what hat would I need?

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
I have a similar type shoe, definitely no spikes! They are super comfy and cute to wear with my athletic/team shirts and more casual tops. I hate flat shoes so this is nice for a sporty type lift.
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Oversized foam novelty cowboy hat, duh. Or astronaut helmet, second choice.
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I like them! Don't know what I would wear them with though...shorts maybe? I would be afraid of hurting myself with those spikes though!
These pictured above are the best looking example of this trend...which, in general, I find hideous...tho this particular pair is less hideous.

Part of me loves the pictured pair, and part of me wants to stick them in the back of a closet.

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Hey, yeah!

I forgot I could wear them with a muu muu! Just right for evil older lady lounging- by-the-pool outfits.

But what hat would I need?
Originally Posted by claudine19
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Oversized foam cowboy hat! Old-school bathing cap! Motorcycle helmet!

These suggestions make me happy.

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
Well, I came across a pair today at Target, and I tried them on, just to see what they felt like......and the answer is: really weird. Not awful, but weird.
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