Have you ever met with someone from a forum?

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Just throwing this one out there. Has anyone here ever arranged a meeting with a person/people they've meet through forums and whatnot?

I only have once, about a year ago or so. I got to chatting with another girl on another support forum I'm on, we skyped a few times, and what do you know, she was going to be in my area (across the country) for a family event. We met up, had coffee, chatted for hours and it was great!

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We had a curly meetup in Boston some years back. When I was on Nutrisystem I met several people. One of them became one of my closest friends and we went to London together. We talk everyday even though she's is San Francisco and I'm in Massachusetts.

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I've met some folks from this board and another board but, except for Gekko, most of them don't post here anymore.
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i've been meeting people off the internet for about 20 years!
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NetG and I almost met up. We really need to try harder. She's in Tucson and I'm in Scottsdale. Not that far from each other. I haven't met Wile, but we keep in touch by phone. Maybe one day. We're both Texas girls.
I went to three meetups with people from the only other forum I'm a member of. It was a long time ago and most of the others were much younger than me so it felt a bit weird. Ok though, I'd do it again if I knew I had more in common with the people I was meeting.
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I've met 4 people from this board
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not yet, but i would like to. I feel more connected adn closer to some folks on here than people i met in real life.
Yep, once.

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I have. all the pictures are somewhere in "non-hair thread"

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I think I have them all...
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I met my best friend via an online computer help forum. While we've only spent time together twice in person, we talk every single day and she's awesome. She's the only friend I've ever had that I felt truly comfortable sharing everything with and we have so much in common, yet are totally different. We've been friends about 6 years now.

We stayed overnight with them when we moved across country and our husbands even get along great. I'm looking forward to the day when we all live a little closer together so we can hang out more!
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No, but I'd like to! I know that at least one poster lives nearby *cough* Anna*cough*
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