Anyone up for a pre-swim suit season fitness challenge?

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I had one of those double chocolate muffins from SAMs for breakfast. Bad, Laura! No lunch for me today, and healthy chicken dinner tonight

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It's not "funny" funny, that's their goal and that's great.

But it's laughable me. And I'm laughing because it's sad (not pathetic, but it makes me sad so all I can do is laugh) It's like a sad laugh. You want to lose 5 lbs. hahahahahahahahha (*secretly cries because I need to lose 40 lbs)
Originally Posted by murrrcat
Exactly. Thats all.

I'm not laughing at the person who has a 3 lb goal, I'm just laughing because I think I gained, and lost, 3lbs twice this week.

Or maybe I plan on gaining 3 lbs today. Either way my sweatpants will feel the same.

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Originally Posted by murrrcat
Yup. Wear sweatpants.

I don't even pretend to care anymore.

I even bought Abercrombie sweatpants bc I figured I'm just gonna own it.


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I cracked up at 3lbs. 3. Lol. I have more than that in water retention.

One of my boobs weighs more than 3lbs.

Sorry. Good luck. One day of water and salad and you should be good to go

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Originally Posted by iroc

I know what you mean. I'll take what I can get.

5 lbs isn't a difference (for me, I fluctuate that in a day). I'm assuming the 5 lbers are below average height, because someone shorter losing 5lbs, I'd have to lose 10 lbs for it to be equivalent, maybe even 15. My one friend is 5'2 and lost 10 lbs once, very noticeable, I'd have to lose 20 lbs for it to be noticeable.

which is why I'm in this predicament in the first place, I still fit the same pants the same weigh(get it?? way...) I did 20 lbs ago. It makes no sense. NONE.

The body is magic.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
Its funny u say that because ive been wearing a size 7/9 since 7th grade and im 21, obviously my weight has changed drastically since then but I manage to wear the same size... But i can tell u some of my jeans that arent stretch, no bueno lol
I think no matter the intention, laughing at someone's fitness goals and making passive-agressive comments in other threads is disrespectful and unnecessary. Let's try to keep this a positive, safe space!
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

I posted this in the day it thread.

I've only said I'll aim for 3lbs in 10 weeks. Anything more than that will be a huge challenge for me.

And I'm aiming for fat loss, not just weight. The two are not the same thing.

Originally Posted by curlylaura
I didn't say I had only 3lbs to lose. I said I'd try to lose 3lbs in 10 weeks. If you want to lose more go for it.

Other than that: up yours
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Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

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Yeah, I think some are losing sight of the ten week part. Setting a low lb goal doesn't mean 5lbs down is your end all be all goal for your perfect body. It's a realistic, achievable, healthy goal for a defined time period.

I done 30 squats before every shower this week and my quads hurt!

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!
I re-started Couch to 5K today! I've started before and quit about 1/3 of the way through.
On another note: we seem to have so much shame and guilt and self-blame in this thread! (Calling ourselves "bad", assigning moral value to what we eat and how we look, etc.) I agree we should be positive - it should be about our health and confidence and satisfaction in reaching a goal.

I misread the part about losing 3 lbs or 5 lbs in 10 weeks, so I apologize for that. In 10 weeks, I'd want to do closer to 10, but 5 would be great!
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I apologize as well. I missed the 10 week part and took it as overall.

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My day off yesterday was glorious. Today I ran 3.9 miles in 35 minutes and swam 3,800 yards. I don't usually weigh myself but I am feeling good. I think my love handles = 5lbs so that's why 5lbs is my goal!

As far as food ... I am sticking to my goal of not eating junk. I'm not really watching portion sizes too much at this point. For example, for breakfast today I had a huge veggie omelet with two slices of whole grain toast spread with avocado, and a latte, and a bowl of fruit and yogurt. Then I had a smoothie and some pretzels for lunch and after my workouts, I chugged a small chocolate milk, had some Triscuits and hummus, and a KozyShack rice pudding. Then dinner will be a venison roast, potatoes, broccoli, beers, gin and tonics, and dessert. I don't even want to know how many calories that all might be!
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I've always thought that the last five pounds can be the hardest to lose. So, if your full goal is 5, then it's pretty much the same in difficulty, isn't it?

I went to the gym this morning, 49 minutes on the treadmill. Doing okay on the food. It's harder not so snack on the weekend, though!

I weighed myself this morning, no change.
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****Oops in 10 weeks I would like to lose 5-10 lbs

Although I am more concerned with toning not necessarily weightloss so if I only lose 5 lbs Im ok with that, I just want to feel healthier look great naked and maintain being conscience of my eating for example unecessary eating throughout the day and learning how to say no to a second or third plate
HEY!!! My goal is 5 lbs!!!!!!

I'm not offended at all. I'm 5 foot nothing. The 5 lbs is that I don't have to buy any more clothes or split another pair of pants. Splitting your pants when your 2 hours from home and with a coworker = NOT FUN

Apparently 5 lbs in either direction (taking my normal fluctuation into consideration) is noticeable on me. 5 down and ppl are concerned. 5 up and the BF is all "where did that butt come from"
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Okay sign me up!
My goals are:
-Drop 5lbs, or at least appear to have dropped 5lbs.
-Starting Monday, I'm starting Insanity. I will get through all of Insanity
-Clean up my diet

If my counting is right, week 10 for me will be starting May 20th, so that should be plenty of time to achieve those goals.
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Breakfast: Irish bar bomb cupcake.

Note to self, when trying to behave, don't buy cupcakes for someone else.

That was the best cupcake I've ever had in my life. It was amazing. I purposely didn't eat all the icing so that I could lick the wrapper later. It tasted like butter pecan ice cream. and you could taste the alcohol in it. So amazing.

I had sauteed vegetables for dinner even though all I wanted was to go back and get the blueberry pancake cupcake with maple frosting. OMG

Please don't tell Ninja that I went to Main Street cupcakes without her
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I'm in!

My friend and I have already been working out for 3 weeks. Tomorrow starts week 4.

We've been doing the Couch 2 5k program and strength training. I'm kind of shocked at how much I enjoy running! As a matter of fact, we decided today that we will actually sign up a for a 5k in May.

I had successfully lost and kept off 10 pounds in the past year. I am already down another 5 lbs. My goal is to lose 9 - 14 more. I'm flexible on the amount because I'm sure that I'll be building muscle along the way.

We did the Week 3 Day 2 run today. Came home and ate 2 hard boiled eggs with a half cup of quinoa and some sauteed red and green peppers on top and little sliver of avocado. Had coffee (black) and a banana for breakfast.
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Well, DH made donuts (baked) for breakfast, so we had those, BUT I was down to 128.8 this morning! I had been hovering around 130-132 for what seeemed like forever and I broke 130! WOOP WOOP!

Now I just need to keep it up (and keep it going down).

I forgot to say how much I weighed before, I'm working on post-pregnancy weight loss. I was up to 161 at my last doctor appointment. I don't know exactly how much I weighed before I got pregnant, but I was 138 at the 6-week appointment, so I'm well below that now. I'm thrilled with that, but I do want to lose a few more lbs. I'm almost 9 months postpartum, so I'm pretty pleased with where I am at the moment.
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Sounds like everyone is doing great!

Rubber Biscuit, I did the Couch to 5K program last year and it really worked for me. I remember the first time I had to run 20 minutes non-stop and I couldn't believe I actually did it! Now I'm doing my first triathlon in May, so watch out - that could happen to you

I lifted weights for half an hour today and then rode the bike for 45 minutes. That is all my workouts done for this week. Total 11.5 hours this week. Next week is a recovery week, yay!
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