Feeling really down

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Well that's an understatement. The guy I've been dating since last August doesn't want to be with me anymore. We have some differences but I thought he was fine with our compromises. When we fought, the fights were really bad so I figured we wouldn't last if we couldn't stop that. When we are happy which is most of the time, it was perfect. I've never felt that way about anyone else. And I know he felt the same way.

Things are complicated now. I was looking to move and he was going to move with me. Now we are somewhat together until I do I suppose. I just keep wondering when all this came into his head since everything was so different a month ago. And I keep wondering what I could've done differently. I know I have some faults. I know deep down he's probably not the guy for me but everything else was so perfect that it hurts to know that it's gone. This is what really sucks about falling in love.
Just saw your post after I was trying to find the "Let's share happy things" thread and wished I could make you feel better, but I know we can't control other people's feelings. I hope it helps a little to know that I read your post and really hope things get better for you. When I was younger and in love it often hurt terribly, so I feel for you. Sometimes, I think about trying to find a love/companion at my age but other times I'm glad I'm not involved with anyone any more because love can hurt so badly. Take care of yourself, sweetie.{{{Josephine}}}
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I have no advice, no words of wisdom. I am so sorry you are going through this. (((HUGS)))
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Damn I'm sorry Jo...
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I'm so sorry J. Are you making a big move? Maybe it will bring a fresh start. ((Hugs))
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Big hugs

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I'm so sorry Josephine. Having your heart broken is painful and it sux, but it will heal. Hang in there.

To where are you moving?
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I'm so sorry, Josephine. I hope things get better. Like mad scientist said, I hope the move will allow you to make a fresh start.
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I am really sorry to hear that, Josephine. Do you think it's perhaps a matter of him having a case of (for lack of a better term) "cold feet" about such a large commitment as moving away (and possible in?) together? That's definitely been known to happen to 1 or 2 (or eleventy billion!) men throughout history...

I'm definitely not trying to blow sunshine or cast false hope, but your posts about him did always seem to happy and positive, and this seems very abrupt or something on his part, ya know? (at least from what I know from reading on a message board)
I'm so sorry, Josephine. {{{{{hugs}}}}}
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{{{hugs}}} to you. hope you feel better.
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I'm really sorry Josephine ((hugs))

I know how hard that is.
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(((((Josephine)))))I'm so sorry.
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I'm sorry you were hurt. I hope you find a better match...good relationships really don't have "big fights". It's easy for me to say, but it really will feel better in a few months. I hope that times goes quickly and productively for you. Lean on your friends when you have to.
I know it is sad to break up, hang in there.
If you are saying he isn't the guy for you, then he isn't the guy for you.
It is also really sad to struggle to "make things work". Imagine he does move in with you, you will still have the same issues, the same fights. It's better to move on now.

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