Name Changing (again)

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I got married in 1972. I didn't realize it was required. It's just that it seemed all women were doing it. I didn't really give it any thought at the time.
My parents married in the US in 77 shortly after both moved here. My mom didn't change her last name since its not customary in her culture but eventually changed because she felt she had to.

It seems like changing to husbands last name is not that common worldwide.
When I got married I changed my name. The excitement of that lasted about 2 years before I wanted my nsme back. I felt like I had totally lost my identity.

I have made it clear that if I got married again I would keep my last name. I know a lot of people who got divorced and kept their married name. Thats interesting. Maybe to keep the same last name as their children?

My last name is currently my middle name so I didn't drop it completely, but I'll be relieved when its legally my last name again.

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I wouldn't. I like my name and I feel like I'd confuse my kids, but I think you and your fiance have a child already (or am I thinking of another poster?) so it wouldn't be as weird to change your last name if that's the case.
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