What is your identity? With which group(s) do you identify?

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Any particular group?

For me, I'm Black 1st. A woman, 2nd. Christian, 3rd. Second and third places might switch at times. But my identities aren't all on equal footing.

What about you?

I am the new Black.

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This is a pretty open-ended question. I guess that makes it kind of interesting though.

I'd say Female, 20's/30's, Liberal, and Scientist/Academic.

For me I don't think of race as being an identifying group, but that's probably because I'm white.
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Female. Third world. Environmentalist.

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Woman. Mom. Christian. Gen X. American. Geek.

Does smartass count as a group? Because I definitely think I belong there.
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A Gen X Woman (and proud of it), Dispatcher, Freak, American (again, proud, but don't start singing Lee Greenwood), Spiritual and/or a believer in God that does not fully identify with organized religion.

ETA: Let me make that 'Appalachian' American. We are a different breed. Haha, hehe, hoho.
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1st: Woman
2nd: scientist
3rd: minority
4th: multiethnic
5th: american
I feel that i can fall into so many groups but here are the ones I think of first (in no particular order):

Female, mother, hispanic, american, catholic, wife, volunteer, good friend, fashionista, health conscious, party planner, scrap booker, book club member, and.....curl girl! Lol
Woman. Mom. Christian. Gen X. American. Geek.

Does smartass count as a group? Because I definitely think I belong there.
Originally Posted by nynaeve77
The bestest group of all!
Woman, Hispanic/immigrant/minority, American (because I can never fully relate to a lot of other Hispanics having spent most of my life here), geek.
I have so many identities! No wonder I'm always so tired.

Child of God would be first. Then mother. Then toss up btwn woman and African American. Then it gets dicey.

Human, Woman, Spiritual (and what Fifi said about not getting into organized religion), Wife/Step-Mom/Grandmother, Italian-American, Liberal
Liberal/Social Democrat
Seeker of knowledge
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Jewish (not very religious but ethnically/culturally strong)
New Yorker
Independent (politically)
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mom 1st, woman, american, black, christian
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1. Mom
2. Woman
3. Biracial
4. Student
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