Stir fry help

So...I know ingredients are supposed to be dry when dropping into oil on a pan or in a wok for stir fry. But what happens if you want to add some kind of sauce?

For Asian-style stir fry, I drop sugar snap peas, green onions, broccoli, peppers, bamboo shoots and tofu squares into hot seasame oil. But i also want t flavor it w/ a soy sauce, rice vinegar and honey mixture for taste.

When I do, the once crisp veggies turn wet and soggy. It mainly affects the broccoli and peppers. Is there ayway around it? Just use less soy sauce?

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You're supposed to use a slurry.
You're also probably suffering from American stir-fry problems --- too many ingredients. This equals cooled down wok. Do things in steps.
Very helpful! Thaank you. It never would have occurred to me to cook in steps.

And a corn starch and cold water slurry? Good tip!

If you don't have a wok just cook everything separately on a normal frying pan (on high) and take each item out onto a bowl.
Also, lightly salt everything too. It helps with even flavor and it helps some vegetables release some water (carrots for example).
If something is still too crunchy for your taste, add a little bit of water and let it evaporate, then repeat until it's cooked to your liking before taking it out.
After you're done with everything, make a mixture of whatever sauces you wanna use with water and cornstarch, thicken it in the same pan, then pour it over all the stuff you just cooked and mix.
Lot of work I know, but it's worth it.
Also, add the sesame oil in the end if you're using it for flavor. If you do it while cooking the flavor just goes away.
I used the above suggestions and made my sauce separately and w/ corn starch (and cooking the meat and vegetables separately). And it was so the bomb. OMG! I'm glad I just recently started doing Asian stir fry or I would be very mad at myself!

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