How was YOUR First Time? (Adult-kinda)

This is kinda "adult" I suppose, but a couple of gfs and I were talking about our first "time". This whole discussion was inspired by my little sister's curiosity as to whether the first time "hurt". It seems a lot of women (or the ones that I know of) all have these horrific first time sexual experiences! It's a shame that this is the case because I know when I was younger I FEARED sex based off of the horrible experiences that I had heard. My friend from 7th grade (who was older) told me that the first time you have sex it feels like a hanger and you bleed. This had me terrified so much that I was probably OVERLY obsessed with my virginity. In fact I think that amongst women a lot of us are told at some point that you "will bleed" much so that you almost expect it.

My younger sister has been asking me about this, and whether it "hurts" the first time. I honestly had no pain my first time having sex, but am surprised to hear that many women did not have a pleasant "first time" experience.

Anyway, hopefully this thread can be informative to younger people with similar concerns. REAL woman experiences, ya know? Anyway, did you "hurt" your first time? Was it unpleasant? Just curious as to whether the majority of women actually have had bad or good first time experiences.
Well, my first "attempts" were with my current husband.

We were at his mom's house after I graduated high school and came back down south (I spent my Sr yr in Illinois). I say attempts because when we tried before we could NOT get it in. My stuff was a straight up brick wall. And he didn't want to just jam it in so it took a while. Once we did do it. It didn't really hurt, just kinda uncomfortable. From what I remember, it was really unpleasant. I was actually numb on the inside. I could feel it but not major pleasure or anything. It was special though because he made me feel very loved and comfortable Afterward there was a little blood on the sheet, nothing to cry about lol.

After the first time it got much easier and my insides were like "Oh ok, this is supposed to feel good!!" And it did :-). I think I was lucky because I never had a stigma growing up about sex. I just never did it until I was almost 18 because for one I didn't like anyone enough before him and two I didn't wana get pregnant. I didn't really care about being a virgin all through high school, and nobody else did either lol.

Also, I wanted to add that I was TOTALLY READY lol. And I mean, I was already taking BC, we had both been tested, even though we didn't need it. Condoms. Totally prepared. I think most horror stories come when girls aren't prepared, a-hole boyfriends, and preconceptions/fears.
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There probably is a forum for those particular questions, however is not one of them. Therefore this thread will be closed.

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While this thread will remained locked, feel free to start a new thread to discuss your experiences. Please, no graphic descriptions.

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