Personal problem, opinions please!

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MC.....I'm not sure why you are offended and felt people were telling you to suck it up. People just gave their opinions which you asked for.

This seems to happen A LOT here. Need advice...don't like what they hear....get offended.

We all wish you luck and just gave you different view points to help you in your decision. Glad you decided and feel good with the decision. That must be a load off your mind.
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I wasn't offended in the least. I tried to diffuse that little joke/sarcasm with an lol so don't worry about it. And thanks for all the good lucks y'all! I appreciate it

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I guess I'm the only one on this board who actually likes living in OH, and I live in Dayton (suburb of) at that! I love the change of seasons, our snow isn't bad at all. Cost of living is good, it's a small enough city that you can get across town rather quickly.

If you do move to Dayton, please keep an open mind. It really isn't all bad! Every city has good and bad points.
Originally Posted by Andrea
Besides the cold, I like living in OHIO
Hey everyone,
I just wanted to get opinions on a big decision I am facing. Ok so I grew up in Charleston, SC, born and raised, still living here. I love it here! The beach, the history, everything. My fiance and I met here, and he is originally from Dayton, Ohio. We have been together 4 years now, lived together for 3. We love each other very much and are very close. He is my best friend yada yada....Anyway, We have been struggling financially. I havent been able to find good work as I am under qualified. I have a part time job for an after school program. I also only have two years of college so far, but I am currently working on finishing. My fiance has always done construction so hes never done any college. So work is hard to find right now. We are young, trying to get on our feet. So his family who is in Ohio presents him with this opportunity to move back there. His dad owns his own construction company and my fiance would work with him and would receive 16 an hour starting out, his dad offered to put a down payment on a home/apartment, and offered to pay for a new work truck for him (we are also in a terrible car situation, we have no car, I've been borrowing my parents for work). My fiance also has a great solid plan to get me a car when he goes up first and gets settled there, then comes back for me. That sounds like a great opportunity! It could really get us on our feet. The problem is, I do NOT want to move to Ohio. I've only visited there twice, and I didn't even like visiting. Its way too cold, Its way different than what im used to. I also feel like my fiance needs to be more independent from his family and we should try to figure things out on our own. Not only that but I'd be leaving everything and everyone I know to go 13 hours away from home. Its a big sacrifice and I'd be entirely dependent on that until I finished school. Its scary for me, and I don't know what I should do. I think about alot of what if's, such as if it didnt work out. Has anyone ever experienced a similar situation? Or been faced with a big decision like this? Am I in the wrong for not wanting this? UGH..
Originally Posted by MCoons91
I know you already made your decision but I wanted to give you my opinion.
I would go to Ohio, if I wanted to save the relationship, which it seems to be pretty serious. You two are in love but I don't see that lasting too much longer with the financial future that awaits you in NC. I know you are going to school so you seem to be in the right track. I guess he has a job, just not one that pays the bills?
He is getting an offer for a job, a downpayment on a house and a car. Who can turn that down? There are schools in OH, so your school would continue, weather you continue at your same school online or transfer.
You need to go to help him get started and to save the relationship.
It is going to suck for you, if you are close to your family. There probably is no going back is he is working for his dad's company. I mean, you can get used to it but it will suck for you. You might see your family once a year if you can afford it.
Yes,you can plan on going back to NC, but will he be able to?
Scrills, no joke! I read through this all offended about ohio. I live outside cincinnati and while its not the most fabulous city, geez! Why the hate? I don't think people are "leaving ohio in droves." Fox News might want you to think so...

Hope you enjoy it here. there's definitely no beach, no getting around that, but it has a lot of positives. It's clean, changing seasons can be fun and energizing, we have casinos (ha!) and we love to tailgate for any and all sports.
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i wish you the best in your decision. there will always be some sort of sacrifice in life and sometimes in relationships too. i believe this helps you grow. you never know how you will handle something until you actually handle it.
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Ohio has Cedar point and Kings Island Amusement parks. I would go just for those 2 things alone!
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