I have to confess!

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I am so glad im not the only one. I was beginning to feel lkie those people who only have "friends" through the internet. I found myself mentioning all you curlies more than the people i actually know.
Originally Posted by thelio
I do this too. Ya'll are more "real" to me than most of the people I "actually" know.
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I do this every now and then too. Nice to know I'm not crazy. I've shared things on here I've never told another soul and I have a BFF and couple of other close friends offline. That says something.
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I'm confessing that I'm sometimes not very good at dealing with never-ending drama. Not my own, I live my life trying to circumvent drama. But with friends, sometimes (like right now) I just want to tell them to shut up, buck up and quit dragging carp out.

Then I feel badly, it is serious life stuff, but don't park your car on the corner of wallowing and stagnation. Just. move. forward.

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I have to fight the urge to punch certain people I encounter. I have to walk away from them, ignore them, or avoid them. anything not to get in trouble with the law.

And i dont feel bad for these urges. I just feel bad i cant act on them. I cant tell people this because I'm the "violence is never the answer" hippy chick.
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I still get nervous when I have to lead a meeting. I've been with the company for a year.

I am the new Black.

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