Should I change oral surgeons?

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I had my wisdom teeth pulled a year ago at a dental school. I healed nicely and the surgeon who performed the procedure has actually graduated and was a dentist and everything. i went to my regular dentist a couple weeks ago adn she did a bitewing. she found a piece of tooth that was left behind. it is causing some funny business to go on with the tooth next to it and the root. but the dentist cant really tell because the piece of tooth is in the way. i made an appointment to go back to the dental school to have it removed. But now i'm second guessing it. it will be hard for them to screw up that one piece of tooth, but who knows.

Should i keep the appointment and have the piece of thooth removed or should i go else where?

If you return to the school to have it done, insist that the most senior dentist perform the procedure. Free of charge. Bring the xrays. Ask for more xrays to confrm that it was done correctly.
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If you return to the school to have it done, insist that the most senior dentist perform the procedure. Free of charge. Bring the xrays. Ask for more xrays to confrm that it was done correctly.
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
that's what my dentist says. she gave my copies of the xray to show them. she says its their resposibilty to fix their mistake.

I will most definetly ask for the top dentist in charge.
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I'd go elsewhere. But Spidey gave good advice also.
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I'd go back to the school as long as they correct the problem for free.
What are the financial ramifications? Will your insurance cover it at 100%?

Also were there any disclosures or waivers or whatever you had to sign before you had it done?

When I was 22, I got my wisdom teeth out and I signed something that said loss of sensation in my mouth, chin, cheeks, face, lips, etc., was a risk I was knowingly taking by agreeing to have this done. Well, it's 17 years later and there are small areas on my chin that are still slightly numb. What can I do?

Maybe tooth fragments left behind was a risk you consented to and now have no grounds to be mad? Like caveat emptor? IDK. Just wondering.

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When i went in the first time my insurance covered 80% of everything. I made less then 200 out of pocket. which is why i wwen tot a dental school. i still have to pay a portion and this was the cheapest option. The upcoming appointment is just consultation and my insurance pays 100%.

i signed finacial papers saying that i will cover everything if my insurance doesnt. but i dont remember signing anything else. i will check when i get there.

my dentist says that the surgeon did a good job, except for the one piece. it is on my right side and he was sitting on my left, so i could see how it could had missed it i guess. but the dental assistant was on my right and missed it as well. i was high on laughing gas so i dont know. i still have all feeling in my face.

even if the tooth fragment is a caveat emptor moment and i signed a waiver, would they be responsible for my next tooth getting messed up because of the piece of tooth? they wont have to remove that peice, but fix the tooth next to it if it needs it. the tooth fragment is right next to my tooth, touching it. my dentist thinks foods particles are geeting in there and of course i cant get them out, so something bad is going on with my root of the tooth. sometimes when i chew back there it hurts. but not unbarable. and i didnt even notice it, because i was so use to the pain from my wisdom teeth when they were still back them and impacted
I'm sure they will remove the fragment for you...but you might be SOL if you tried to sue...assuming you signed a waiver.

If another tooth is being affected, IDK. Your insurance company would probably need pictures and a detailed narrative to reach a conclusion.

I would think to just remove the tooth particle wouldn't cost you anything. Insurance probably wouldn't cover it. As far as the problems with the tooth next to the extraction site this will need to be discussed at your consultation. I have a form in my office that I have my patients sign before their extractions. Here's a list of some of the risks:

Dry socket
Loss or loosening of dental restorations
Loss or injury to adjacent teeth and soft tissues
Jaw fractures
Sinus exposure (upper teeth)

The bolded is iffy. If the tooth was injured due to the process of the extraction then the dr may not be liable. I kind of see it as it was an oversight for him as far as the tooth particle, so he should be liable.

I'll be interested to know the outcome of this.
i'll go to the original place and see what happens. we have a health advocate program through my job, so if i have any issues, i can also call them and they can deal with it. I'll keep all posted.
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I worked for an oral surgeon for years, and this happens sometimes. But I sure wouln't go back to the dental school if I had insurance!
I've had several oral surgeries with several different surgeons and sometimes accidents like that can happen (although I feel your pain, it sucks when it happens). So procedure-wise, I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss them. However, it never hurts to shop around for a place that could do it for cheaper if the school won't do it for free.
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Everything work out. The piece was actually two pieces. they got the top piece but the lower piece would had to involve them cutting me to get to it. the dentist said it will work its way up then i can come back and have it taken out as well. i didnt have to pay for anything yesterday and if i have to go back for the second piece i wont have to pay.

Sidenote: I go to the dental school because I still have to pay 20% for all surgery procedures. To have all four wisdom teeth removed where 2 were impacted, and the gas (oh the lovely wonderful gas!) was less then 900$. Anywhere else would had been that per tooth. the dental school is actually very good. i know several folks who goes there and even my dentist suggested going there as an alternative, because of the percentage i still had to pay. There's also options to see dentists. they are also really nice and make you feel super comfortable. Not to mention there are some hotties at the dental school! Humina, Humina!!
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I'm glad it worked out for you!
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