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I had a set of parents who decided my son wasn't fit to play with their kid after my son said the word "penis" as a kindergartener. Apparently, they thought I should have washed his mouth out with soap or something, because I just shrugged it off and then they they shunned him. Oh well...I think they were the deviants...because PENIS isn't a dirty word. Sweetgasm isn't a dirty word either. Neither is orgasm. Or prostate. People are kinda nuts...I'm not into filtering my cake choices because someone might go nuts about it.
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Orgasm & sweetgasm aren't dirty words but hardly appropriate conversation topics for kids young enough to want Sesame St characters on their bday cake.

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this has me thinking of a situation that happened as a kid. My brother and I found a porno in the garage. Now, we were climbing on stuff and getting into things WAY THE **** UP THERE. It was a video tape that said Butterflies or something on it. We put it in and all the kids in the neighborhood got our first view at a porno. Two brothers that were there went home and somehow told their parents. Their parents called my parents and those kids never played at our house again. They were still friends with my brother, but they didn't play at our house again.

I wonder how my parents dealt with that. I think I might have to work through my embarrassment and ask them.

To be clear: the video was hidden well. My bro and I were just better and finding then my parents were at hiding.
Originally Posted by Curlyminx
Yep, some parents are really funny about that kinda thing.

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