Copper peptide serum from skin biology - anyone use?

I ordered it yesterday, the 2x strength. I am just wondering id anyone here uses this, and if you are pleased with your outcome.

It seemed like a skin panacea when I first heard and read about it. BUt then tonight I discovered the skin biology forum. Many peeps over there are complaining of "uglies" surfacing from this. Uglies as in larger pores and breakouts.


Customer service suggested that I use the 2x strength. I have large pores, and fine lines appearing in the nasolabial and eye area.

I hope I didn't waste my money.
I use them all. The Super Cop 2X does sometimes cause breakouts for those that are breakout prone. The expert at the skin board usually recommended the serums (CP Serum and Super CP Serum) for those prone to breakouts. The Super Cop 2X is stronger though and gives better results...if one can tolerate it.

That said, I am a breakout prone person and I tolerate 2X just fine without breakouts. Probably because I really have my skin under control and keep my acid barrier in top shape by not using detergents.

As for the "uglies"...that appears to be a nebulous symptom. What does it mean? No one's ever been able to define it. I never experienced any "uglies" fact, my skin got much better and "pretty" from copper peptides.

If your 2X is bothering your skin, back off for a bit and space out your applications and work your way back up. There are lots of actives that need that approach. They're strong stuff and not everyone can use high strengths right away, but they can often get up to high strengths over time.

I've never been to the Skin Biology board, so I don't know what the advice and experiences are like over there. I used to go to this board:

The expert has left the board (typical internet board personality explosion), but there is lots of info in the archives on copper peptides that you might find helpful.
I just started using the Super Cop 2X this week thanks to RCW's suggestions. I didn't know about the uglies when I ordered it, but I'm going to give it a shot. My skin stings a bit when I first put it on and I had a little itching later, but nothing I can't handle.

For some reason the product I can't seem to handle is Avon's Anew Vitamin C Serum. That stuff actually burns and turns my skin red.

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