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My goodness, it's been a while since I last checked in! Seems like things are going well around here

Question for resume guru people: I have a resume that I used when I applied for my first professional job... I think it has a nice layout and am generally happy with it. Now, however, I have been working in my professional career for about a year and need to change my resume to reflect my growth as a professional person (and to apply for other opportunities...).

On my old resume, I have several college jobs listed under "Employment" (aka not relevant to being a physical therapist) and some college-years accomplishments listed under "Honors and Memberships." Do I need to get rid of these completely? If so, my Employment section will only have my current job.

What else needs to change about my resume from being a fresh graduate from a professional doctoral program to a professional with ~1 year of experience in the field?

Also, does anyone know of any resources out there which might be helpful?

TIA for your help!
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I don't think you need to change it completely. Obviously you have to add your current job. You could just do that under "experience". Or you could create 2 experience sections and label them appropriately. Professional experience, relevant experience, other experience, etc. I would also de-emphasize your college honors and awards.
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Since you only have had one job using your degree you can list your clinical/school experiences. Remove the jobs you held in college that are completely unrelated to PT.

My resume once read:
Name/personal info/college info
Employment experience
Clinical experience
Relevant awards/honors
Relevant certifications (ie CPR, etc)
License information

It may have been in a slightly different order and titled differently, I think professional experience were actual jobs I held whereas clinical experience were just clinicals. My clinicals are no longer on my resume and it now reads professional experience & professional activities, for my other jobs which are not specific to my license/degree but related - like teaching nursing.

Hope this helps
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My resume says

Name contact info
licenses and certifications

I never dropped anything until this year. Generally your resume should not have jobs greater than 10 years old. However I never worked outside my field, so all experiences I have had are relevant.

If you can't fill a at least 3/4 a page I would be hesitant to drop anything off. My unofficial opinion.

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If you google "physical therapist resume," you'll find some good ones for people without a ton of experience. Remove anything completely unrelated (e.g. retail, restaurant work, etc) but keep all your internships and part time work that is even remotely related.

I would keep the college-level accomplishments on there until you have a good 5+ years of work experience under your belt. If you made the deans list and have a 3.8 GPA, you'll definitely want to tout that until your work experience speaks for itself.
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Many of the jobs you had in college may be relevant to PT, what's important is that you highlight the skills you gained that can be applied to your new career when describing these jobs, for instance if you worked retail or hospitality jobs you can say how they helped you with dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds and creating a great customer/client experience. Those kinds of skills are directly transferable.

1 year relevant experience plus other broader experiences can only help give you an edge over other one year experience people who may never have done anything else

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