Segregation and racism

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I completely forgot how old my great uncle was until I started working on my term paper on the Black Panthers. When I asked my uncle about segregation when he was younger I expected horror stories but that's not what I got. He said yeah things we're segregated I went to an all black school but I never thought about it. When "radicals" would have rallies he would listen but he said in a sense he was already rebelling. Even though he was suppose to sit in the back of the bus they didn't they sat where they wanted. When I ask how he felt about white people then. All he said is that's how things were some had respect for me they showed it when the racist ones weren't around. This make me wish I would've asked my great grandmothers sister about these things before she passed earlier this year. I guess I'm wondering if other people hear or have been through similar things or was my uncle just obvious to it all.
I think a lot of people just accepted how things were for them. I know my older family members often say things that I find off color and out dated, but generally people accept the norms they grow up with.

Imagine that in 5 years they decided that it was wrong that people spoke different languages, and that the whole world had to learn to speak one new language. Then your grand daughter said one day "didn't you feel bad that you used to speak English and people who didn't coundlt understand what you were saying and were excluded". Well no, because you were brought up thinking that lots of languages were normal and just the way of the world, to someone who had grown up in a different society might think that that was as wrong as racism though.

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