The Place Beyond The Pines

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I saw this last night and I loved it! It was so NOT what I thought! I am still haunted by the story this morning. Go and see it if you can!
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Saw it last week! The kid who played Bradley coopers son was so annoying!!!! Liked it a lot!
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I made up my mind that I was watching it the moment I saw Ryan Gosling in the preview. It has been a little while since I saw him in a truly shady role. He is great in those.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Ryan Gosling is the cover boy on the current edition of the travel magazine put out by Via Rail.

i stole the copy that was at my seat on Thursday!

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I have to admit, he is actually a really good actor. At least I really enjoyed him in Drive and Blue Valentine. The Notebook made me ill.

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Thank you for the rec! I think I may take myself on a date to see them tomorrow.

I loved RG in Crazy, Stupid Love. And you add Bradley Cooper into the mix.... and it's a must-see for me!

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