I need help making a slide show!!

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CALLING ALL CURLIES CALLING ALL CURLIES!!!!! My sis and I wants to put together a slide slow of my grandma and grandpa with the song a Thousand Years by Christina Perry. I NEED HELP!!! I have no clue how to do that. I have old pics and even their wedding invitation. Any one with expertise in this field and can help me accomplish this, I would be greatly appreciative.

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Do you have a Mac? This is super easy to do with imovie. Then you can burn it to a dvd. You need to have jpegs off all the pics you want, scan the invite to a jpeg. Then import all to imovie. If you have the song in your itunes library, you just add that in, its a simple click and drag.
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You can do this is powerpoint. Do you have that program?
You can do this is powerpoint. Do you have that program?
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You can't sync it up to music in PowerPoint, though, right? There's gotta be some software for this. I'm interested, too!
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Does your pc have windows movie maker? If you do, you can just upload the pics and song into it. It lets you add transitions, etc and you can burn it on a dvd. Very easy, and there are lots of tutorials online if you need help with it.

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i have never done anyof that fancy stuff with powerpoint or movie maker (i dont know if i have that i will have to check), but i am going to try it once i get all the pics scanned onto my computer. I will let you know how it goes.
Once you get the pics scanned. From the menu, you select INSERT--> Picture and it will allow you to search for the picture on your computer. Once there, you can resize.
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You can definitely do this in PowerPoint as Scrills said. I have done it for a school project.
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