Cheerios commercial?

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I'm waiting for the day when this isn't a big deal.
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At least these are anonymous losers with nothing better to do than spew their bitter isht on a YouTube page. It's 1000 times worse when this same kind of stuff is spread openly by people in positions of power and authority.

Virginia school board member Herb Degroft says there was nothing racist about those emails he forwarded showing bare-breasted African women with the caption, “Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.”

Degroft says there was also nothing racist about the email he forwarded that claimed the First Lady was paid $50 to “model for National Geographic.”
VA school board member could lose job over Michelle Obama e-mail - - Richmond, VA News

This is just the latest in a series of disturbing incidents involving people who should know better - judges, politicians, party leaders etc. The Klan has really come out of the woodwork since Obama's election.
Originally Posted by yossarian
Very true. Not to trivialize, but I was not surprised by the comments in the slightest. I enjoy watching videos on YT, but have no idea why people even bother enabling the comments. I swear it is the breeding ground for trolls. It's where they hatch, and develop. You can find people attempting to start word wars about race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. under a video on how to care for a potted plant. It's ridiculous. I know that some ignorant a-holes out there actually have those views, but I believe most of what is said on YT is just done to get a reaction.

It is a very sweet family add.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

I love the sweet innocence of the little girl and the dad's reaction.
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Has anyone seen this?
Originally Posted by Always@night
That was awesome!

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I ♥♡ it

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Recently on my trip to Dubai a man from Iran asked me if I was Spanish and I said no, he then asked me if I was Indian "or something"...and I said no I'm Canadian and he said but Canadian's are white.f.
Originally Posted by Ericachristina
While in BC last week, we went into the Walmart in Squamish. We lost one of the girls we were with and another asked the greeter if she had seen a loud little South African. When we found her, we were leaving and my friend said to the greeter "This is the one we were looking for!" The greeter "But, but, uh....she's white?!?!"
Originally Posted by CurlyCanadian
People are sooo clueless! I guess not everyone is cultured or intelligent but it's pretty sad. I'm Canadian so I wasn't going to bother sitting down with that moron and telling him that my grandmother is white and my grandfather is Spanish and my other grandparents are Indian and on and I'm mixed with a bunch of things and I love it but I'm still Canadian born and raised.

That greeter and my guy from Iran should get together and read a book every once in a while.

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This is sad, sometimes I just can't believe there are still people who live on this planet that are so disgusting to other human beings.

I read about the story on Hollywood Gossip and they said that the problem people had with the ad was because of the fact that the little girl was African American and the mother was white. They were not negative about the commercial, but I had to write in telling them that the little girl was bi racial not just black. She is equally a part of each parent not just one and by labeling her they were still being a bit ignorant. They then changed the wording in the article.

I come from a very mixed family, there are many cultures and races represented and even different religions. I love being a part of a family that is so rich in culture and heritage.

I'm mixed, and my husband and I are of different races, cultures and religions, we embrace each other and learn from each other.

Recently on my trip to Dubai a man from Iran asked me if I was Spanish and I said no, he then asked me if I was Indian "or something"...and I said no I'm Canadian and he said but Canadian's are white.
I was a little taken back by that but I told him that NO Canadian's are ALL colors just like American's and unless you are Native Indian you aren't native to the country, everyone else moved to Canada from other places at one point in time. I couldn't believe people still thought that way and I didn't bother telling him that that I'm mixed I was just ticked off.
Originally Posted by Ericachristina
A coworker here was also recently surprised that there are Blacks in Canada...
Originally Posted by The New Black
Your coworker needs to get out more...
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You guys should check this out:

This is so touching, and a perfect response to the haters. What beautiful families.
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