Humiliating moments!

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I can share one of my first loves most embarrassing moments. I was there.

We had not been dating long at all. I was hanging out at his house and he was showing off on the half pipe they had just built in his back yard. He was a really good skater. He was working on some tricks, went a little overboard, shot over the ramp and face planted on the ground. He turned bright red, stood up and the buttons on his pants had broken. He took a step and they fell off and took his boxers with them. He tripped, face planted again, and somehow managed to hit the metal part of a rake that was laying in his yard just perfectly. It shot up, and the handle came down and smacked him on the butt. I have no idea how it all managed to happen, but it was hysterical. The stars were aligned for perfect disaster.

Obviously, no harm no foul. Just a bit of humiliation.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

OK, one just happened, like 3 mins ago.

A nosey, blabbermouth coworker (used to be kinda good friends w/ her) just came over and handed me two cover sheets I had been attempting to fax last week from several work fax machines. We don't fax much anymore and several ppl told me not to waste my time, as the fax stations were likely not working.

But I guess they were, and they printed out confirmation sheets with a copy of the entire letter I wrote as a cover. It was to my dr's office nagging her to submit my paperwork so I get my office w/ a door back. (Offices are in short supply here now that we moved. I used to have one but it was taken from me and I am very serious about wanting it back. I asked for it back on the merits and was denied. So now i'm playing the disability card. Offices are a hot button issue here and if I do get approved for the reasonable accommodation, I didn't want everyone to know why I was able to get an office and no one else was.

OK, it's not quite the same as bare breasts or penis showing but it's one of those OMG I didn't want anyone to read that! LOL

And I just sent an email to my supervisor but sent it to All. It wasn't too bad. LOL I recalled it successfully from all but two.
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