Guy & Friendship problem (long)....

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Right? I met lots of dif looking women/wives/gfs in the military. Weird question.
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I'm not military but I did grow up a military brat! USAF...aim high...

Anyhow, here's the FB post that shocked me and told me something was going on..


JR: Drinking till 6am and our friends show up...(insert pic of deer)

ME: Wow! Where were you?

MARY: Need more meat for deer penis!

JR: Sitting outside...


I didn't reply anything else. I know Mary lives outside the city where deer are very present so I came to my conclusion.

You all have helped me so much!
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Now Mary keeps texting me...."missed you on the boat party"..."what u been up to?"... "Hey stranger, what u been doing?" I really have nothing to say and don't want to get in an argument so I've been ignoring her.

She didn't text me this much when we were in good graces. Lol.

Last night I got a text from a mutual friend saying, "Mary says she misses and loves you" WTF!!

I don't get her angle.
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered
It's totally fine to ignore or to send a simple reply. You don't have to be her buddy. A simple "things are great, busy summer!" Would be fine. And if you keep replies along those lines (don't ask her questions, that encourages dialogue) she'll stop soon enough.
I'm guessing she's involving other people because she's laying groundwork "in case" you tell people what really happened. By her telling people that she misses you it makes it seem like you just randomly drifted off.
Unless you want drama in your life, just let it go. I'm not saying to be rude, but you don't have to engage.
For me, I prefer a life with less mess.

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I agree with PerriP, but knowing me I'd probably say "Doing great! Busy Summer. Hanging out with my friends). If your mutual friends ask why you are ignoring her, just say you wonder why she is being so insecure and clingy lately. Insert innocent face then a little evil smile.
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It's weird that she has suddenly started texting you. I like Perri P's explanation. Or maybe the guy lost interest in her too and now she misses you or feels guilty for having excluded you from things.

I can't really tell how many times you think she excluded you from plans with him. Just the 6 am drinking bender and his bday celebration w/ her family? Or others? And is it possible that he asked that you not be included?

It's really hard to say what's going on here or if you might be projecting the ****tiness of him rejecting you and the possible ****tiness of Mary betraying her husband onto your situation w/ Mary.

The curious side of me would really want to understand what exactly went on and for that reason I wouldn't cut Mary off.

But it's understandable if you wouldn't want to.

I don't think she has an angle, she's just selfish(wants to have her cake and eat it too). She probably does miss you and liked you as a friend but you were in the way when she wanted the boy and his attention for herself. She's had enough of that for now it seems. I would ignore her because she's a bad friend.
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Thanks everyone. You all have really helped me. I feel like I'm back in the middle school. I'm going to just let it go and take the high road.
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