Anyone Dealing With Chronic Pain?

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I have Arthritis in my hips and back and have spells of sciatica. I'm always in pain.
How do you cope? I'm only 35.

I take Mobic and Ultram for my pain, but it doesn't kill all the pain.

How do you deal?
Keeping mobile. I have an auto immune disease that attacks my joints and lots of rest, and keeping moving has helped a lot. I do yoga several times a week but when I started, it was once a week, I had to build up to it.

For me a huge part of this is planning and respecting my body. I can't do everything I want to do or everything I used to be able to do, I have to pace myself, plan resting time, and keep ahead of the mental side when I do have a bad day.

I know there is a fibro thread that has a lot of information that was helpful, too. I'll see if I can find it when I get off my phone and on a computer

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here's that other thread - I realize you don't have fibro but some of the pain mgmt stuff may help
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I have a TENS unit, I stretch and get massage therapy, soak in warm water, I take magnesium malate, listen to binaural beats and take Flexeril as needed.

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I have episodes of pain from recurrent problems. I find that meditating on the pain really helps. This may sound stupid, but for me I find the mental anguish from being in pain makes everything worse. If I accept the pain, then all that's left is the pain itself, and not my mind also raging against the pain and any things it makes me unable to do. That's where meditation comes in. It doesn't help take away any of the pain, but it makes me feel better about it, if that makes sense.
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Yes, I do. 24/7. I have Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease, Fibromyalgia, sciatic pain, and various other issues that cause constant pain. I take each day as it comes. I rest when I need to. I can't take anything stronger than muscle relaxants (they make me ill). It is hard, but you do what you can.

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Middle and lower back pain. Hurts when I lean forward. The move this weekend killed me. Even my hips were hurting. I exercise to build up my back and use the hot tub in the evenings. Not taking any medications.
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Sorry you all have to deal with so much pain and I hope you find some relief.

I feel like I lost out on a lot of life over the years due to chronic migraines. They've eaten up about 60% of my life for nearly 50 years. I have tried and will continue to try nearly anything to help, legal, illegal, new age, holistic, modern day drugs, ancient herbs, etc. You just gotta keep trying to find something.
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I have chronic neck and back issues (no full herniations, but multiple bulges and protrusions with some narrowing of the spinal canal in my neck. I'm lucky that most of my low back pain can be controlled with radiofrequency ablation of two facet nerves- one uncomfortable trip to the OR for about 20 minutes (uncomfortable because procedure requires that they bring me out of anesthesia for part of it), one uncomfortable week or so and I'm almost pain-free for almost two and a half years. Unfortunately, I'm not as lucky with my neck. My pain management doctor flat out told me that I will have some baseline pain for the rest of my life (I'm also 35). I have a TENS unit for bad days, and recently caved and accepted a prescription for flexeril (10mg at bedtime). I've had very bad experiences with muscle relaxers in the past (mood swings, exacerbated depression, etc), but I've been lucky this time. My plan is to try the healthy neck and back program at my gym within the next few weeks, and I already decided that next year's tax refund is going to go to cover 3-4 months of weekly chiropractic and acupuncture sessions (most of my pain is due to a muscle knot, but I've had it so long that it needs serious treatment- even weekly massage therapy did nothing).

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I have progressing scoliosis with severe S curvatures between T10 and L2 and moderately severe curve around T4. I've been told that a spinal fusion is in my future. I disagree! For me, staying as active as I can is what helps. Sort of that "use it or lose it" philosophy. I practice yoga and pilates, lift weights and walk. I go to a chiropractor, a massage therapist or to PT when the pain gets especially bad. I avoid pain meds, other than an occasional aleve.
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I have lupus, fibro, etc. not sure what type of arthritis you have but there is so much you can for chronic pain. Magnesium, high doses of fish oil, various supplements depending on the type of pain, system enzymes, tens unit, binaural beats, yoga, melt method, eating a clean diet, trying gluten free for several months, various herbs, chiropractic, massage, acupressure, feldenkrais, music therapy, meditation, guided visualization, biofeedback, etc etc

Pain has to be treated using multiple modalities. No quick fix unfortunately. It's critical to get ahead of the pain and not wait until you're in a high level of pain.

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Wow. So many. I'm glad others understand. But I'm sad so many are suffering.

I normally push through the pain, but I'm hearing about joint damage. I've always been one to push through. Wonder if I'm making it worse, but at 35 I'm not trying to be disabled! LoL!

I just posted this to see if my curlies also have these issues too.

Love y'all so much. (((Curlies)))
I have scoliosis and fibromyalgia. Although my fibromyalgia is not as bad as some ppl that i know of. Mine tends to flare up when the weather is going to bring lots of thunder and lighting, or cold weather or if im just way too active.

Nothing really helps but to take a HOT shower, take some kind of pain reliever and lay down....sometimes i have to drop any plans i have and lay down.

I don't always have flare ups....but i have lately. As i speak right now...i am so exhausted and my neck and back are achy, all of my limbs are tingly. And its so hard when u are around ppl who don't understand and listen to you when the pain hits.
I hate life very often. Not everyday...but very often.

I have yet to try magnesium maleate.

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