McDonald's Guide to Living on Minimum Wage: Two Full-Time Jobs, No Food

McDonald’s has partnered with Visa to make a website dedicated to showing its employees how to properly budget their meager peasant salaries. However, what it actually does is illustrate the fact that it is nearly impossible to get by on minimum wage ...

Read article here, and view the budget guide here.

Note that after the article was published, McDonald's added $50 for heat to the PDF's budget. However, food and fuel (for the car they assume you have) are still conspicuously missing.

It looks like Visa is involved with the PDF budget because they offer a payroll card to McDonald's employees. Payroll cards save employers money by charging employees for all the payroll costs, and some even pay employers money for each employee who uses one. The cards charge users exorbitantly for every transaction or service (including looking at billing statements), and charge steep fees for not spending money!
Can't read the article right now, but those payroll cards are a joke. Some companies won't even let you get a check or direct deposit in your own account. A lot of low income workers think they can't get bank accounts because of poor credit or poor checking history, but there are legit bank accounts they can get without exorbitant fees. United Way is a good resource for finding financial information.
I think the budget lesson is a good idea since schools rarely teach budgeting. I never knew how to budget until I got married. Had to learn it on my own.

As for McDonald's pay, payroll cards, etc that's another story.
Speaking of my job has a wack paycard. Why is it wack?The logos are Maestro and Cirrus. Who has really used those companies since 1992. Straight joke. I keep forgetting to set up my DD.
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I think the budget lesson is a good idea since schools rarely teach budgeting.
Originally Posted by crimsonshedemon
But it's not a budget lesson at all. A real lesson would tell people to budget money for food! Instead it's just duping employees into thinking they're paid reasonable wages, with $25 of "spending money" per day and opportunities to save and invest.

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