Good news and bad news

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Well, the judge just continued my ****ing divorce trial! No idea when it will be rescheduled. My mother came out to testify and spent $4,000 for her plane ticket, her rental car and for someone to stay w/ my father...and now she will have to come back. So I have to listen to her mouth, the guy I'm sort of dating's mouth, I can't finish the renovations I need to do on my house and I'm going to continue obsessing about this crap for who knows how much longer to the exclusion of everything else in my life. And for every month this **** drags on, he is entitled to that much more of my retirement and I am responsible for that much more of his bills.

That was the bad news. Now the good news...


I can't think of any.....

I guess I will come out of this a more patient and cautious person.
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I'm so sorry, I wish I had something wise and inspirational to say, but all I really have is "I'm sorry, that sucks"

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Good news -

Me and bf good our applications approved for our new fabulous apartment and we are moving!

Bad news -

No real bad news, except that I still haven't lost any weight this summer.
Good news: I have a job interview at a gas station. Seems like it will work with my "open, but don't wana work too much" schedule.
Got an 86 on my RT test today. My birthday is Friday.

Bad news: I will actually have to schedule my time once I get this job so I can sleep, study, spend time with my baby, and spend time with my hubby when he comes home on the weekends

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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Good news:

Today's meetings have been postponed.

Bad news:

They'll either happen tomorrow, or next week, when the nice boss is out of town.


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Good news, I figured out a problem I was having with one of my new plants.

Bad news, I no longer have an excuse to get out and talk to someone.
Bad news - I overslept and didnt get in until 11:30am.

Good news - I'm full of energy and much more productive.
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Good news: My neighbors are moving! The guy is awful, and they've done a lot of damage to the property: cutting trees (mine included), zapping good bugs, tearing up the yard, etc. They even put up dead bird heads for a while (I had to get the DNR to get them to take them down, and pay for both a surveyor and a lawyer to keep them away from my property, period). They do have a nice dog, though. I know everyone will miss her.

Bad news: this is my second Sunday without water due to a leaky pipe, and the bathroom light switch broke. No one is available to fix anything today, and the repairs I attempted myself were unsuccessful and a waste of time and money.


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Good news: My son's mentor from last summer's internship wants him to apply to the graduate program at his university.

Bad news: It's in Chicago, and I'm afraid of flying.
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Good news! My bday, the 26th was awesome! I got perfume, a purse, and a new wedding ring. And BABY BABY that thing is the bomb. Going to post pics when its ready.

Bad news. I got a headache lol. And I still haven't stopped smoking like I said I would

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
BC- May 16, 2010
Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!
Good news: My dr. doesn't think the lump on my leg was anything to worry about.

Bad news: I have to wait 2 weeks for the biopsy results to find out for sure.
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Good News - I got my weight back under 130!

Bad News - I've got a couple of social events coming up where I'll be tempted to overeat. I'm considering skipping one or both. That would be wrong and sad to avoid socializing just to save a pound or two.
Good News: #1. I am alive, and that's quite good. I woke up this morning, went outside, and strolled around in the rain and mist. It was just me and the good snakes, who were too busy finding dry spots to care about me. I love mornings of heavy mist. They calm me.

Bad News: I now have to go inside and clean, which really isn't all that bad. Aside from being worried about a list of things, I'm alright.
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