sequins by day?

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I think if the shirt is all sequins, it's not work appropriate, but maybe it could work if it's just a few ornamenting details.
Originally Posted by Dedachan
I think that type of minor, low-key embellishment is fine for business casual. IMO it's equivalent to wearing a necklace.
I don't wear it to work, but somoene else has and it is ALL OVER the hallays. Everytime I walk out, I think of this thread
I wouldn't wear sequins at work, for the most part. Maybe if there were just a few sequins on a top or something. I have a coworker who wore a heavily sequined dress to work. Actually she's done it a few times. She even wore an ornate flapper-style headpiece once. Um, that was too much. Way too much.

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I have a couple of sequined shirts. Not heavily sequined, just accents. We are business casual and its fine.

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Would this be heavily sequined or sequin accented? And tasteful for work or no?

i would wear that to work SL, under a jacket.
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^^ me too

and I'd say that leans more toward sequined than just accented.
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Me, too.
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