Does anyone know of a lavender perfume

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that actually lasts? I love the scent, but it fades so quickly.

I like Crabtree and Evelyn's Lavender, but it dissipates within minutes. Thus far Jicky is the best thing I've found, but lavender is not the predominant scent.

Yardley is my penultimate attempt. I've tried everything else but The Thymes. After that, I'm giving up and sticking with Jicky.

A very minor quandary, but I'd like to hear about any lasting lavender scent someone else might have found.

(And yes, I've tried "layering." No luck.)


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You've probably already tried it, but my favorite was Moonlit Path fine fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works. It was still noticeable after about 16 hours for me. Just don't get the body spray or shimmer mist, they don't last at all. I don't buy expensive perfumes at all, so that's really the only help I can be.

Oops, I meant the eau de toilette was what lasted the longest. Sorry, I was looking at what I have in my cabinet right now, which is the ffm, but it doesn't last as long.
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What about a lavender essential oil?

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What about a lavender essential oil?
Originally Posted by The New Black
I was going to suggest this. They last forever and you only need a drop.
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I hate the feel of oil on my skin. Face and scalp, excepted.

Good idea, though.

And I hadn't heard of the "Moonlit Path." Is it still available?

Thanks, curlies!


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Yep! I just bought the mist not too long ago, because it was cheaper than the perfume, but I'm regretting that decision. I've used that for ... uh, about 5 years now? Oh, and I got the name wrong. It's MoonLIGHT Path. Moonlit makes more sense, but oh well.
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Mostly 2C (?), fine and thin, high porosity. Dry climate + hard water.

Started CG 9/6/13 (gave up)

2nd attempt (mod CG) 2/12/16

Shampoo (if I absolutely have to): VO5 Pomegranate & Grapeseed, diluted 1:1
Low poo: NYM Kinky Moves shampoo
CO wash: VO5 Pomegranate & Grapeseed
Stylers: KCCC, Curls Unleashed jelly, Vital Care Mega Hold gel, NYM Kinky Moves curl creme, HE TT/TMS mousse
Damn, I opened this thread expecting to recommend Jicky! Finding a lasting lavender scent is tricky because it's usually a fleeting top note (ie, the various ingredients that produce a lavender scent evaporate quickly). You may have more luck if you're open to wearing decidedly masculine fragrances: lavender is an essential element of the classic fougere.

If you don't mind reapplying, the original Stetson scent (yes, from the drugstore) has a strong lavender note and is cheap enough to splash on throughout the day. It's actually very good quality, the company just chose to distribute it at drugstores.

That's my only specific recommendations, but here's where you can read about a whole lotta lavender scents:

This is approaching an exhaustive list, with 100+ lavender fragrances. Most entries have user reviews.

Here are the posts tagged "lavender" at an extremely informative blog (although the writers have weird ideas about what the US is like).

And if you need a list that narrows it down, here you'll find a selection of lavender/fougere fragrances sorted into sampler sets.
L'occitane has a lavender line...not sure if there's a perfume.
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Just a thought, since you don't like the way an oil would feel (an EO was what I came in here to suggest)...

How about getting Lavendar essential oil and a neutrally sented lotion and scenting it yourself?
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Just a thought, since you don't like the way an oil would feel (an EO was what I came in here to suggest)...

How about getting Lavendar essential oil and a neutrally sented lotion and scenting it yourself?
Originally Posted by TRBL

That would have been my suggestion. (Or buying both at a naturopatic store and having them mix it for you.) Or cutting it w/ distilled water or alcohol and spritzing w/ it.

But you don't need a large amount of essential or fragrance oils to get the fragrance benefit. Just a pea sized drop massaged onto a tiny area of skin would work. It's not like it would need to be all over a large area of your body.

I add bath salts to my bath water most days and the scent really does linger. Lavender isn't my personal choice but it is very available. (The loose bath salts at Giant Eagle are really good...if you have that chain up there. Only the nicer locations sell them. Lavender is one of the fragrances.)

You can also put lavender sachets/potpouri, etc. where you store you clothes and in your pockets.

E provided an excellent list, and I was going to suggest something similar to TRBL & SL. My friend uses lavender as aromatherapy for his headaches. He mixes a little of the oil with lotion, or with water and sprays himself with it. Seems to help him relax, and he smells pretty too.
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I keep Yardley Lavender soap in my clothes drawers, and my body lotion is lavender, but I have always found lavender itself to be an almost entirely ephemeral scent.

I think I'll probably stick with Jicky (though it's expensive, dammit!), but I like the ideas about mixing the oil with alcohol and creating a spray. And I have always wanted one of those atomizers with the net-covered squeeze pump. So ladylike!

spider, we do have Giant Beagle here, but I'm too impatient to take baths. Even when I read, I feel so restless in the tub. I used to be able to sit in a bath for hours, but somehow, I lost the ability. Otherwise, I'd try your idea for certain.

Thank you, everyone!


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Have you tried Demeter's Lavender perfume?
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I've missed you SOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!

Tell us all your news: swimming, school, etc.

Yay, Kenzie!!!!!!!

p.s. No I haven't, but now I will

Update: read a review; a user says it fades very quickly. But thank you anyway.


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Um, hi! I don't swim anymore, although I was thisclose to rowing for a D1 school. It was a little bit too much of a time commitment (40 hours a week in practices!!!!)

I'm in college at KU, which is only like....20 hours away from home. No big.(:
I'm engaged which is exciting (for me, at least!) but we're not even beginning to plan a wedding until after we both graduate. I love him a whole lot, though(:
I'm really not doing all that much!

It looks like a lot of stuff went down here. WileE's banned? ND has a new name? What happened to the Ask the Next Person Anything thread?

(Sorry for the threadjack, by the way!!)
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Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.
Oh, hijack away. I don't care.

A lot of people left for FB after some new rules were instituted. A few of them check in sometimes. Wile was banned, but kept sneaking back. ND became Claudine after a "time out." Some people find the changes restrictive, and some people enjoy the greater peace and fewer arguments. I'm sure you'd be welcome on FB if you want to check it out.

Congrats on everything! I'm very happy for you. Take it slow — as the song says, you've got "all kinds of time."

What's your major at school?

Oh, and I don't know what happened to the Ask Anything thread. Start another and stick around, eh?
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Ask Anything thread has been bumped.
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YAY! That's my favorite thread of all time!

I'm working towards my BSN--unfortunately, since I'm way far out of state and on a really big scholarship that makes things really complicated. I'll only be here for two years, and then I'll have to apply to and attend a nursing school. KUMC is the obvious choice, but I don't think I'll get instate tuition, and my scholarship only works if I'm enrolled at KU. So I'm looking at schools back in NC, but they're done a little bit differently, and I expect to spend several hours on the phone in a few weeks trying to sort out how their applications and whatnot work. Ugh.

And as for taking it slow, I promise we are! We've been together for well over two years already, and it'll be between 7 and 8 years by the time we finally tie the knot.
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Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.

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