"Black" names and double standards

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I don't know what they mean, I just would not use a surname for a girl's (or even a boy's) first name. I wouldn't be happy if my first name was "Rodriguez" or "Lopez", those are surnames.

It might be that I'm not into "unique names"...I prefer plain, simple names that a person can have all his/her life without confusion or bullying.
My BFF and I often disagree on what's a good name. Recently saw Peter Dinklage's daughter is named Zelig which I thought was pretty and she hated.
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Most parents of Indian descent (like myself) give their kids ethnic Indian names, but ones that are shorter and easier to pronounce. Its funny because many of those names (including my children's names) are considered boring and old-fashioned by Indians IN India who are giving their own kids interesting and possibly made up names.

I always thought it was interesting that in my own family, the only cousin whose kids have long hard to pronounce Indian names is married to a white American woman (who apparently picked the names). I wonder if its white privilege that their kids, who really could pass as white, can rock the uber-ethnic names while mine probably couldn't.

I do think that "black" names fall into a different category to other ethnic names because the sense I get is that many people feel those names are just made up. There is a general lack of appreciation for the fact that AA culture is its own ethnic group, separate from African ancestry and of mainstream colonial American culture and as such is "entitled" to have its own ethnic names.
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This is a touchy subject.. My father named his children Eastern hemisphere names(Arabic, Swahili, Igbo etc) because he didn't want us to forget our heritage or hide behind assimilation. People mispronouncing or misspelling my name never bothered me, correcting someone isn't that hard.

I believe I have experienced discrimination professionally because of it but I also have natural hair which is another thing that has caused discrimination but not enough for me to hate my name or want to change it because the fact is I live in a majority Hispanic area. So even though I'm half Cuban my skin is not fare and I don't speak fluent Spanish so job hunting sucks no matter what. There will always be something for someone else to discriminate against(consciously or subconsciously).

In fact, I'm expecting right now and if I were to name her she'd get an Eastern name as well but SO is naming her so it'll probably be something simple and very American. He won the coin toss lol. I just don't feel like I should have to hide my heritage because it might be deemed "too black". I have the name of an Ethiopian empress so for people to call it weird or ghetto means nothing to me, I'm way too proud.

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