SURVIVOR: Blood vs Water thread ** SPOILERS **

I wonder if I'll be the only one watching this season. I certainly hope not, it would make for a very boring thread

My thoughts:

I knew in advance that two people would be voted off after spending the night, but I thought it would be a team (a loved one and a survivor), not the way it was done.

I also knew that Redemption Island was back (which I really don't like), and that a player could replace their loved one if necessary.

But, I didn't know that the Redemption Island thing would take place NOW, I assumed it'd be after the first tribal.

Gervase needs to: a. learn to swim - really dude, you have had THIRTEEN YEARS TO LEARN; b. STFU
I don't recall liking him then. I don't like him now.

His niece, I didn't like her attitude at camp before Gervase acted like a fool at the challenge - so I'm not sorry she left. My DVR cut off her parting comments - anything interesting??

Colton is still a jerk, and I'm sorry to say that I kind of laughed when he broke down crying at his camp. And, you see how long his new and improved self lasted? He told Bacon Girl (I call her this bc in her season, she got the BLT during the food auction and exclaimed 'OMG IT HAS BACON ON IT', I don't remember her real name) - anyway, he told Bacon Girl that he would hit her with a paddle.

Gervase - WTF with that challenge - really??? and then the hollering afterwards. Really, I wanted to punch him.

Culpepper is playing too hard too soon and I think that won't work well for him. I also didn't like his "we have 5 guys, well 4 guys and a gay guy" dude, shut up - please.

I probably would have voted for Rupert's wife, too - bc Rupert is annoying (if memory serves, I usually like him for the first few episodes then I just want him to go away) - but if she's married to him, I can understand the assumption that she may be equally as annoying. And, she is probably the most well known loved-one.

Rupert made a bad, bad call taking her place, ESPECIALLY when his team told him not to do it. He's now tossed his wife to the wolves, he's made his tribe mad - unless he does something spectacular and gets back in the game, this was bad (and really, it was a bad move even if he does get back in the game, the gamble was really a lot)

I feel badly for the Dr lady (I"m horrible with names .. candice?) - apparently she and her loved one were flown out last minute because RC and her dad had to be pulled from the game right before filming started (his blood pressure was too high, they couldn't let him play) - so any "getting to know you" time was not something she had the luxury of
She's seems pretty tough, though (I don't know her from her season, perhaps I didn't watch that one). I hope she beats both Rupert and Marissa.
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here's a recap that I read, it's usually pretty funny and there is footage at the end of the article of something that wasn't shown

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' premiere recap | Season 27 Episode 01 |

there's a link in that article to a Probst Q&A he does each week.
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