Religion was created by man not god

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At first I thought the OP was a Jehovah's Witness.. which would make sense, maybe this was her field work for the day. But then all other religions are "worldly", so maybe not. I wonder what religion this is from, it kind of sounds like her own.
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Broad is the road that lead to destruction & many there be that go through it ... narrow is the gate that lead to life and few there be that find it (Matthew 7:13-14) ... this describes the lives of many in the world today ...

I keep hearing this ... ref. ... 'all religions are a path to god' (wide road) ... share truth but why debate with those who have come up with their own version of God - the sinful nature in each of us refuses to bow down to revealed truth (apostasy), unless we seek God & not the carnal mind, b/c it says 'that's not what i believe' (but really on the inside a voice is saying that's not what I want 2 believe or I think I like this or this works for me ...). Since when does not believing in something make it untrue? Or since something is not true to me, now truth has become a relativistic ideaology? Truth is truth whether or not we believe it, choose it, receive it, know it, understand it, accept it, refuse it, love it, hate it and/or live it. Our carnal senses & our inherent limitations will fool us into believing we're receiving from God not knowing that the 'god' we're really serving is a self erected idol created so that I can come to God on my own terms & so that I can have a god that accommodates 'me'. Hey a spade is a spade & u cannot come 2 God on ur own terms (wide road). We live in an information age where most of us google, wikipedia and youtube just about everything and we haven't even gotten on our knees and asked the Lord for divine revelation (wide road) . As time progresses what you will end up having is a lot of people touting off information with little to no revelation. I'm not against studying history and all that but the power that comes from my Father in heaven supersedes all. If all of what everyone else deems as true is true, look INTO their life & see where's the power? The giftings & callings of God cannot be emulated or duplicated. Read your Bible, look @ Jesus ' life - the life of a saint period. Even the comment about the Hagin guy is straight information ... no revelation. My ex tried to get me to believe in that nonsense and truth be told that man does not have all his facts straight - the blind leading the blind. Just another 'pastor' indoctrinating folks 4 his personal pursuits. Christ followers have 2 learn 2 think 4 themselves but most of us have been so tainted &/or brainwashed in church it's hard to believe in this Jesus that everyone talks about w/o either customizing their own personalized version void of revealed truth or just completely absolving themselves of a relationship w/ Christ altogether as a result of all the widespread falsities ... and this is a HUGE (note, not the only) reason why so many people invent a new path to God in these last days b/c u can get anybody to believe in new doctrine as long as it sounds good to ME (wide road). I've studied b/c I've had my own doubts about what was being taught in churches & by religious leaders & u know what most of my confusion was a result of lies, lies and more lies being taught which is why I hate most of what goes on in church but the more I studied, got on my knees and prayed there is an absolute point of convergence as it relates to proving & disproving the Bible or Jesus or whatever else naysayers come up with to create dissent (it's funny how a lot of the dissent @ Jesus & his life happened long after Jesus died - people want their own version of what appeals to ME (wide gate) )-TRUTH: Jesus was more than a prophet, more than a messenger, more than a great philosopher, more than an afrocentric god/idol (many black people I speak to, I'm black btw, love to use this as an argument for not coming to Christ in lieu of an oft inaccurately depicted european portrayal of Christ ... God is colorblind and heaven is 'colorful' - bickering about the color of Jesus ' skin does not get u in so STOP using that as an argument, it's weak & futile). Irregardless of this, where is ur power? He's a saviour - what did he save? Not only did he die but he rose from death ... died to carry our adamic nature/ our flesh to the cross w/ him; rose... he carried us through the cross to kill the sinful nature in us so that we would be resurrected with new life & a transformed mind by way of the Word of God (words of God recorded by witness accounts). If we're really dead to the flesh we will be alive in Spirit operating as spiritual agents in this world -operating outside of the flesh realm & inside of the spiritual realm. Most people today who call themselves Christians are not taking up their cross & dying daily, so hence since they're not following Christ & they have no power. Don't turn your back on Jesus or vary from the Word based upon what other people are doing - I have observed this so much & it's disheartening cuz if people don't repent & change they will perish right along with their false doctrine ... this life is @ a walk w/ Christ (& it's not going to be easy) so that that which we would instinctively want to do would be taken to the cross to DIE so that we can discover His will for our life. I know it goes against everything that makes sense to us here on earth in time & space but on the other side ur going2 hv 2 stand on ur own 2 feet b4 God's judgment & all this information we have at our fingertips will not get you in. Get 2 your Bible, study 4 yourself,fast, pray & obey daily & u will get revelation, the kind that this world will never be able to give ... evil is lurking & it has to be confronted. The angel of light & ministers of righteousness are deceiving the masses EVERYWHERE (including church) - been there done that. It's time to confront .... confrontation b/c people don't come to the truth lest they be reproved (narrow gate).

God help us all!!!


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Hilarious, Dedachan. +1000!
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I have a degree in theology and I still only understood bits and pieces of that
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much, probably......but I understood it perfectly. She's a sister in Christ.

Here's all I know....I have peace beyond peace that what I have found (Jesus) is the Truth. And, there was no creating that peace before, no matter how hard I tried and looked and wanted it. There is no more searching for me.
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Originally Posted by Dedachan
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I have a degree in theology and I still only understood bits and pieces of that
Originally Posted by AmyJeanne
I'm impressed you read it!
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