Chores and bores

Like Tree3Likes

Shopping for clothes, shoes, anything.
Grocery shopping
Going out
Having a massage/spa day
Having my hair done
Wearing makeup
Working out

Do not like:
Spending a whole weekend vegetating
Watching a bad movie/TV show
Oh yeah, I do my own acrylic overlays (nails). It's kind of a PITA but I love the look (short and squoval) and I do a better job than the nail salons in my area. Best part is that I don't have to blow my entire Saturday afternoon at the salon; I can do them on my own time, like when the kids are in bed or while watching tv.

But I get professional pedicures bc those are RELAXING. I don't enjoy doing pedis.

I love meal planning, cooking, and I actually like doing dishes. I HATE washing clothes and shoveling.

I hate clothes shopping. If I could just buy them online I would. I also hate makeup. I never use it and wouldn't even know where to begin lol.
Originally Posted by sKorpio1190
This is totally me (along with CP's dislike of mani/pedicures). Try as I might, I can't get into the fashionista thing, even though I know what a difference it makes in one's public image. Whenever I see the pics of celebs with & without makeup, I'm tempted to run to Ulta to buy a cosmetics kit, but like you I'd need a course on what to do with it

I don't mind dishes, vacuuming etc, but I loathe cooking (despite the fact that I love eating) and cleaning the shower tile.

My perfect life would be spent with my kids when they're home, and reading nonfiction books on the beach when they're not. I'm easy to please!
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. - Jimi
2c/3a, BSL, medium, low porosity
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I hate clothes shopping. If I could just buy them online I would. I also hate makeup. I never use it and wouldn't even know where to begin lol.
Originally Posted by sKorpio1190
I buy both online. I have one go-to place where I know I can get pants and shirts that fit, and my dresses can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

I've even bought toothpaste and toilet paper online.

I love vegetables, especially the dark green ones like spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli....

Ironing makes me feel accomplished so I don't mind doing it.

I don't mind grocery shopping - I go so much because I eat a lot of fresh foods so it's just something I do a couple of times a week, not a chore at all

I hate sweeping or mopping the floor
I hate washing my hair. I have locs so I only have to do it once a month but I have to psych myself into it.
I Like:
Getting a pedicure
Getting my hair done
Paying bills
Budgeting money
Giving the dog a bath

I Dislike:
Scrubbing the bathroom
Grocery shopping

3B, fine, normal porosity, high density, medium width and length
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