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So my coworkers all knit such cute things and I decided I wanted to learn. Everyone I've asked has told me that it is easy to learn and it's easy enough you can teach yourself. I thought it would be good for me because it would give me something to do and help me focus my engery into something and help keep my mind off things. Well I bought my supplies and I've been trying for like 3 hours and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm so frustrated! Anyone have any book/video recommendations?
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I can knit easily, but I was taught by someone, I'm not sure how easy I would have found it if I was learning from a book - can one of your co-workers not help? A colleague taught me when I was a student nurse on nights many years ago, after my mum and sister had both failed at the task! However I have just posted in the Over 40 forum about learning how to crochet so I'll be looking online for videos later and see how that goes. Not well I suspect!
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Look for yarn shops in your area. Some have cheap classes and most are staffed with people who knit or crochet themselves and can help you get started.
Look for yarn shops in your area. Some have cheap classes and most are staffed with people who knit or crochet themselves and can help you get started.
Originally Posted by cailin
Second this!

There is a great one here in Australia, but I think Australian and US terms can be different, Or maybe thats just crochet.

My mother taught me, but check out your local library too!
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I took knitting classes at a yarn shop. It is easy, but I think it's impossible to learn from a book. If you can have someone who can at least teach you the basics I think it would be helpful.

There are lots of videos on youtube. Youtube didn't exist when I leaned to knit, but I used it as a refresher for when I picked it up again after many years.

If you don't want to spend money on lessons, some libraries have knitting clubs. I'm sure someone there could help you.
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If knitting continues not working out maybe try crocheting. I've never knitted but i do like to crochet, and there is only one hook/needle so maybe it is easier to get the hang of?

Best wishes(:
I learned through vids. I found continental easier.
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What part are you having trouble with? are you able to cast on?

I mostly crochet, but I taught myself to arm knit so I might be able to help
Get someone - anyone to try and help you where you are stuck.

It will take you ages at first.
You Tube or (I've not done classes there but I've heard good things about them)
I totally second!! They have amazing videos, you can learn pretty much anything on there.

Get some help from the ladies you work with... spend an evening at a coffee shop or something knitting. My grandma taught me the very basics, but I taught myself more advanced techniques from talking with fellow knitters and searching online. It took me about 20 years, but am now able to make pretty much anything.

I love meeting fellow knitters. Message me anytime if you want to talk yarn
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My 8 year old granddaughter learned knitting at school. She loves it. I bought her some looms for Christmas. I always thought it was so hard, so I just did some crochetting. I may have her teach me. She is working on a purse right now.
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I always end up feeling like I really need a third hand when I knit lol But I'm really good at crochet.You may want to start out learning the basics of crochet just so you can get used to handling yarn and tension and all those fun things. gives really good explanations of the different crochet stitches, so I imagine they might be good for knitting, too.

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That's how I felt until I found continental knitting. Having started with crochet it was a MUCH more logical method to learn.
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