Gift for a baker

She's not a professional baker or anything but she cooks and bakes A LOT.

She invited me to a NYE get together at her house. I wasn't going to go bc I have other plans but I just realized this morning it starts at 7 pm so I think I can make it.

I'm not going to stay long and I don't have much time to shop beforehand. Will a $10 bag of fresh, "gournet" brownies from here be Ok as a gift to bring? They are actually brownie bites; the store sells its brownies cut into large circles and then they sell the edges in a bag tied w/ a satin ribbon. I actually like these bites better than buying the big round brownies bc the pieces are smaller but different sized and shaped and you can just freestyle it. They are the equavalent of 5 big brownies.

Is this a crappy gift? I don't have time to shop around and I never know what to get. Plz advise!

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I think it's a cute idea and a gracious host would accept them no matter what. I like to pair brownie crusts with ice cream. If you wanted you could suggest that or bring some interesting flavor.

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Go Red Wings!

I'd like them. Or just bring a nice beverage.

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