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Freaking A I'm so giddy! I can't help it. I can't believe you asked me to that banquet thing. I am so thrilled. Out of all the girls, you want me to go with you!!!!!! I have a hard time believing you're real. Yes and I'm the weirdo singing "We're going to the chapel" in the convenient store, but I will never tell you that!!! God, please don't let the other shoe drop this time!!!
A- Seriously, Can I just watch you work out?? Your biceps are so amazing, I drool whenever I see them And they are all mine...for now

J--You make me so so so mad when you pee in my house!!! You are a bad bad dog!!! But its pry my fault. Im just not in the mood to act nice to you when you are misbehaving for my attention. Ill take you for a walk after work if its not raining...Ill be a better mom...but you are not going to be peeing in my house ever again!!!!
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

Well, at least now you have an excuse for being late every single day.
I can't wait to see you again! Tonight can't come soon enough.
English III students--

Proofread your damn papers before turning them in... and learn the difference between there, their, and they're! You're 16 years old, for God's sake! You been in school for 10 years now!
"Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest."--Linus, A Charlie Brown Christmas
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Hmm... Have I ever told you that you have amazing teeth? Probably not...
I don't know why I just now noticed that. But you do. They're very white, too...

I'm kind of jealous.

"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.” - Tina Fey
Yahoo! Answers annoys me.

People say the most moronic things.

And there is always someone who starts off their answer with the phrase "well, yes..". That really irks me.

Well, yes..

I can imagine the little funk attitude look on your face as you are typing that.. "well, yes."

Well, shut-up.

Maybe it's just the little attitudinal looking avatars on there that make me think they all have attitudes. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Maybe they're just trying to be helpful.
Maybe I'm just a jerk.

well, yes..
Healing Women - Please help.
It feels like I will never see you again......
"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"

I've never fallen this hard for anyone so quickly. It feels like I've know you forever, and not just 3 months. You are freakin' amazing! Gah I hope this works out. I REALLY REALLY want this to work out. And I wish you lived closer, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and everyday I'm finding no words truer.

I <3 you.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
PW: curlyhair

I have a blog now. Follow meeeee!

"You see, when it comes to language competence, a true patriot must hit that sweet spot between "job-stealing immigrant" and "liberal elitist." ~Eilonwy

Wanna have access to the top names in fashion and luxury at up to 70% off retail? Sure you do.

DC metro area
Come back from Virginia, I'm ready to see you again! It's only been 11hrs since I last saw you and it feels like a lifetime.
Dear God,

Please give me patience and keep me slow to anger. If I pray for strength right now I'm gonna beat someone!!

Geez! Get off her back why don't you! What's the saying let he who has no sin cast the first stone. You are not perfect! Leave her alone and let her do it the way she wants. She doesn't need a bunch of ignorant witches jumping down her back for everything.

It's her business she can do what she wants and doesn't have to justify anything to you. You make me sick. Stop being so damned judgmental. Who died and appointed your gang the moral police. Get a life, mind your own business and stop beating a damned dead horse. Good grief.

C, I liked the way you handled things. You're a class act. I don't think I could have bitten my tongue like that. Keep it up and don't let those beasts get you down. Their sad miserable things I don't know what their problems is. I got your back. From now on just don't say much about it you know how they can be. Damn I'm so pissed now I could just hurt somebody GRRRRRR!!!!
You don't have to blow out my flame to make yours burn brighter.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
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(to my abusive grandmother)

You were a miserable old ***** who hurt me and tore my self-esteem apart. You're dead, I'm not. I'm not glad that you're dead but I'm not sad either. You can't hurt me anymore and I refuse to further hurt myself by holding on to the feelings of worthlessness.

My sweet sleeping angel -- I love to hear you breathe as you snooze on the couch. You are a miracle.
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.


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I can't wait to see you baby. You are the complete opposite of what I generally go for, but winds up being "perfect" for me. Atleast, I hope so. Wow.........

A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
PW: curlyhair

I have a blog now. Follow meeeee!

"You see, when it comes to language competence, a true patriot must hit that sweet spot between "job-stealing immigrant" and "liberal elitist." ~Eilonwy

Wanna have access to the top names in fashion and luxury at up to 70% off retail? Sure you do.

DC metro area
You all never bothered to hear my side, never bothered to know a damn thing about me. Just thought of me as some slut. I don't know why I bothered with any of it, shoulda just stayed in the EP at my parents an never gone through college meeting any of you damn losers that are STILL there living in that stupid little town doing nothing but getting stoned and fat. You all think you are the only "free thinkers" in Las Cruces, yet you all join on each others bandwagon.

Marc and Vic, **** you you think you are such hot **** being from New Jesery. Here's a news flash, no one outside of Cruces cares.

Emma and Lucas, you guys enjoy milking your talent, cause outside of the safe realm of academia, no one cares.

Gerritt, I liked you, a lot. But you had to be in with the in crowd didn't you. You're a phony, theres a reason the girls liked Nick and not you.

Nick, your are a genius and you were too stubborn to let yourself see it. I gave it all up for one night with you, and you'll never know, you'll never know how beautiful one girl thought you were. Now your are a loser raising a kid thats not even yours, but your (probably ex)bestfriend's. Have fun being trash.

Judith, being rail thin doesn't make you hot, and I know you ate in class just to hide your eating disorder.

Steve, oh Steve, how someone can "be" with someone, share her body with someone for 6 months and come out a total stranger to them is fascinating. I was just a character to you, you never loved me. I tried to love you, but in the end I didn't even know you. The good that I saw still haunts me...that is until I remember that you are a ****ing thief. My brother should've kicked your ass when he had the chance, I would gladly pinned you to the floor for him. No wonder random people hate you. But you get off on it, don't you. More material for you to write about. Screw you and your fat girlfriend. I can't believe she's dumb enough to still be with you, she must be the same delusional loser you are, either that or the fact that your family who steals from the dying and doesn't insure their employees are filthy rich and she sees you a nice future wallet. You used to talk about your first future divorce. Have fun when she takes all your future inheritance.
Have several allergies and sensitivities.
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Low Poo/Cowash: Rio Grande Herb Co Negrita and Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate, Magick Botanicals (MB) Shampoo (diluted)
Rinse out/Leave in: MB with apricot kernel and jojoba oils added
Protein Treatment: MB Conditioner for Thinning Hair, IAgirl's protien treatment
Style: MB Gel mixed with LOTD Aloe Vera Gelly

2b-c, need lots of moisture, likes protein in moderation.
Do you know what you're doing to me?

Do you even get that you're stealing all hope for my future from me?

Do you get how incredibly selfish and unfair that is of you?
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
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I am trying not to panic here & I know lots of folks have it way worse, but I can't help myself...

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