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I wish none of this was happening. Can we just forget the past 2 months? You have a chance right now to come out ahead, please do it, for yourself, not for me or anyone else.

And I hope you know that I did come Friday and I am so sorry and mad and disappointed that I didn't get to see you. I can only imagine the pack of lies she imagined to explain that. And I'm so sorry I missed your call yesterday, please please try again today.

I miss you so much. This sucks.
I wish that you would stop talking to me and the rest of the lab about boundaries when you are one of the worst offenders. No, I do not want to call you by your first name, so stop asking me to. Stop inviting students out for dinner and asking them about their personal lives. If you want us to see you as our boss, then stop acting like you're our friend, and then turning around and telling us we need to be more professional. You know what's not professional to me? Making me put a countdown up on the board of your birthday and expecting us to throw you a party and buy you a present. You are our boss! If you want us to respect your boundaries than stop crossing ours.
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blah. I wish I had more family.
I wish I could have made it to adulthood before you died, mom.
I wish I could have talked to you about so many things that weren't even on my mind as a teenager. I wish I could have grown up some more before you died. I wish I could have experienced being an adult and coming home to my parents house...
I wish you could have met my husband. Although, it's funny... because you always said that I would marry someone who was exactly like me. And I did. We even resemble each other. lol. How did you know? I always wonder about that...
I miss you mom. I know I'll see you again.
But I wish you could have known me as an adult, and not just that 17 year old. I don't even know who that 17 year old was...? It's like you never knew the real me...
and that makes me feel sad.
Sometimes, when I get scared and say "oh, mommy... what am I going to do..." do you hear me?
Healing Women - Please help.
Yay, you're back!! And we're going to lunch, and I get to see you tonight too! Today is definitely a good day! You are so freaking cute!
Excedrin -- I took you to get rid of the headache. Work, dammit!
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

Im still buzzed from last night...and I have a hickey on my neck...and I REALLY want a cheeseburger...can I get one pretty please???
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

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:love5 :

This is me! You are too freaking good to be true. You call when you say you will, you do what you say you will. What did I do to deserve this?? I'm worried I'm not worthy of all this.
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I have to keep it together here...I know I can do this...
To Big C

We are almost to the end, and I truly can't wait. this has been a very long 4 years for me, (thats right Jan 01 was 4 years) I hope you are happy and you get all good things, but as long as I am free of you I have it ALL....... Unfortuately you will always have to be a part of my life but damn I' don't have to like you......or look at you $$$$$$ face anymore.

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It's like you never knew the real me...
She knew. You may not have, but she did.

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You know, I thought this whole situation would get better once you started talking, and that my strange dislike for you would suddenly just go away.

It didn't. Now that you've started talking, I find you even more annoying.

When will this be over again? Ugh...

"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.” - Tina Fey
I hate this place. I can't stand you. You are gross, arrogant, and I wish you would stop whistling. You have changed quite a bit since being promoted. Quit getting so close to me when you talk to me. I don't need to smell your coffee/cigarette breath. And please don't get so close to my kids face when you are talking to him. Not everyone likes having you in their personal space. Ugh, I wish I could tell you this, but I don't want to get fired.
I will NEVER get that way over you again. So, you have decided to start emailing me again?? Fine, but you won't get what you want from me EVER again. You dumped me, remember?? What did you expect??
I really want to be a ***** right now. After ALL that we went through last summer(from our breakup, and subsequent drama thereafter), you text me telling me you're boarding a plane heading for the desert. Not sure why you felt the need to tell me that, but whatever.

Then you call me today from a LOCAL number(not your cell), asking me to give you info on an APA manual, and for me to mail your resume book to you after you give me your address. Are you ****ing kidding me? While I'm over that mess, I find it kinda presumptuous of you to assume that I'd be that nice to just give you whatever info and items you seek. Not that I even have that book anymore, but you left it here over a year ago, and you find it appropriate to ask me to use my money to mail it back to you? Just buy another ****ing book!

Am I wrong for not really giving a **** about responding or even sending that book(should I even have it anymore)?

Why are you even in contact with me anymore? And why in the hell am I wasting bandwidth on this ****!?
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You're about 20 minutes away from the apartment, getting closer as I type. Dinner is almost ready. Cooking for you feels so domestic. I know you like it, too. A long weekend together... how perfect.
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Why do we have to live in the middle of frikkkin' nowhere?????? I love you but the thought of staying here another three years is seriously killing me!
This is going to sound really petty... but i don't care!!!!!

I have been with this department for over 3 years.. today is my last day with you all.... I worked for all of you like a mad woman and most of you are total pains!!

Great you get me a cake... um, hi can't have the filling (allergic to strawberries) and you also put all the other folks names on it who are leaving..

you get chips and dip (spinach dip) I can't stand spinach dip!

Sorry I know you did your best.. but come on!! know I got to go and buy something for lunch!!
Please just fill out the surveys!!!!!!! How hard is it to fill out a 20 minute survey ONLINE? Come on, we make it so easy for you AND you get money at the end of it! What's the problem? Why did you even bother to sign up for the program if you weren't going to follow through? Why didn't you just grow a set and say you weren't interested when I asked you? Am I that scary that you can't say no? Stop wasting my time and bringing my attrition rates down! I'm tired of emailing you polite reminders when all I really want to say is stop being a little ***** and fill out the damn survey!!!
3B that is no longer CG, but still endeavors to have healthy hair by not using sulfates.

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