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Sosososososo it's a 7-year-old's fault that she never got but one meal for the day??!!???!!

Andandandand if she never told you that she was'd just never feed her? SERIOUSLY??!!

I cannot wait to get the f*ck out of here. I simply cannot do this sh*t anymore. I swear to God.

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Searching for a home has been frustrating in regards to pets. I'd say for every 10 rental postings I look at, one may take pets, but THIS listing made my day!

It reads like this:
People crack me up.

Byron,GA> Charleston, SC> Jacksonville, FL> Guilford, CT> Rohnert Park, CA! A southern drawl in sunny Cali! .
The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.
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watermelon chucks soaked in Soju = YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Watermelon chucks? Is that a new fake meat? Or did you grill some pinkish sneakers?

YouTube - Anthony Weiner KILLS At Congressional Correspondents' Dinner

I love Anthony Weiner.
Check the J-Crew thread a few threads down. Spot the turtles. She's a lot cattier now.
Originally Posted by Saria
I see! thanks for the 'cattier' tip
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

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Bah bah bah...too much soju!!! watermelon!!
More watermelon, less soju for you from now on.
Got fitted for new work shoes before work today. My right foot feels better already. I shouldn't go such a long time between work shoes. I never heard of Alegria, but they felt great at the end of the night, and my arch isn't beat to hell.

Sometimes having flatter feet is sucky.

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Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I wonder if Number 1 is going to turn up to work today after Number 2's birthday party last night?

Please excuse errors, I'm psoting on my phone
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.
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I love Alegria shoes. Utterly comfortable, and great patterns.
I'm infuriated. And $50 poorer.

Today was the day that I put everything in perspective!
I fell asleep, when I woke up, everything changed.*--
I'm starting to think this "great" new poster is a troll. Does that make me paranoid?

I am the new Black.

"Hope the Mail are saving space tomorrow for Samantha Brick's reaction piece on the reactions to her piece about the reactions to her piece." ~ Tweet reposted by Rou.
I'm starting to think this "great" new poster is a troll. Does that make me paranoid?
Originally Posted by Phoenix
No. I thought the same thing initially.
It's too coherent to be a troll though, don't you think? And it's kind of a boring, inoffensive, and civilized thread, I find.
But you know, that thread reminded me of something pretty great.
YouTube - big rock

(Classic episode in which they all take turns telling stories of how they "almost got 'im)

Next time you make a thread about a bad situation, you better be cheating on your husband and now you don't know which man is the father of your unborn baby!
I love Alegria shoes. Utterly comfortable, and great patterns.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
They do feel good. They feel like they took the Dansko/Sanita model and improved on it.

I'm glad I got fitted in person though. I usually take a 10 and needed the equivalent of a 9 in these.

It was a strange feeling to spend the day noticing that I wasn't overpronating as I stood. My whole lower body felt different in a good way. The rocker sole feels nice too.

They had many positive reviews from nurses, which makes me feel better about long term potential for a shoe. I can't mess with people who spend 12 hours a day on concrete.

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Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
OMG RCC I hate you! I think you just gave me a new obsession. I LOVE those shoes! *stalks off muttering*
Southern Colorado Curly
Mix of 2s med-low porosity, med-fine texture, lots of hair
Proof that this was one of the greatest shows ever:
YouTube - Batman: TAS - Baby Doll ending

And just for laughs:

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