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Yes, I love you. Care a whole lot about you. But you ain't the only man on the planet. We had lots of potential, but the sex left a lot to be desired. I totally respected the fact that you "weren't ready" to start a relationship. I never sweated you, didn't call you ten times a day. Never, ever, ever. Never even broached the subject with you. You gave us the label "friends". Had you known better you would've found another word to describe us, cause to be my friend you have to rise above, my brotha! My friends (male and female) are the best people on earth. They take care of me, and I them. I love them. I tell them so. Yes, I am blessed to have this kind of love in my life. Too bad you can't be a part of this....

Does it make you feel good to be a man who only knows how to take and not give? I am a great person, and any moron on the street would be honored to be my man or date me, but not you. Are you slow? LOL. How dare you try to keep me on hold! I'll share my great cooking with someone else. I invite someone else to all the great shows I have access to. I can talk and hang out with any damn body.

Rest assured, I will gnaw my own hand off before I pick up the phone to EVER call you again. Don't hate you at all. But its got to be done. You have lots of admirers, I know. But the void will only be bigger without me in the equation. You admitted the rest of the h*es got on your nerves.

Your ex is somewhere giving he*d to somebody else. Get over it!
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"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"

I HATE you Helena Christensen and Christy Turlington!!!! Stop your filth flarn flarn filth *****ing about how much you hated modeling! Tell that to the 13 year old with her head down the toilet trying to be like you! Tell that to the poor kids who are inches too short or who are built like normal women and not stick creatures! If you hate it so damned much why don't you get a NORMAL job and stop monopolizing the fashion industry that spawned your spoiled brat non-behinds!!! How about turning that stupid Sundari company over to some real Indians? How about letting a real photography student photograph for Nylon? All you need to get rich in this country is a body like a concentration camp victim, straight hair and light eyes!!! BAAAHHHHH!!!!

I hate you because you've ruined my favorite band guys. I can't believe Bono wrote a frickin' poem to your tired behind! What is the world coming to when the bands you adored in high school, that meant something, sold out and became self-righteous celebrities? Where are those cute neo-punk guys from Ireland? I don't want to have to like The Pogues!

I HATE celebrities! All you non talent, selfish corporate spawn! All you do is moan and complain in public about your addictions and your expensive lifestyles! Bravo to the south park guys for making "Team America." How dare you get involved in politics as if you care about Americans! Go to a fashion show or something! And quit hawking products abroad that you don't have the balls to represent here in the states! God!

Go away, you and your ridiculously named kids! What's next? Carpet Douglas? Vanilla Martin and her sister Orange and Apple? Hearsay Moore Kutcher? AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!
Part II: And I'm tired of you obnoxious so called upper-class married broads! I'm sick of your highlights and your David Yurman and tired of tripping over your stupid expensive bags in yoga class! Get a life, save a cow (or goat or pig or whatever) and try not to shop so damned much! I'm sick of feeling like a reject because I'm not married, blonde and too thin for my own good!

I hate that every single frickin' man in the world who posts a listing only wants a thin white woman with red or blonde hair!! God! Even the brunettes are catching hell! And all of this because of stupid celebrities! Damn Jessica Simpson! Damn that hickety hick Britney!
I dislike Black women who think it's okay to be fat. Mainly that Mo'Nique women. Stop trying to promote the idea that being fat is okay. It's not.

Mo'Nique writes a book called "Skinny Bytches Are Evil" and spews her dislike of skinny women. She gets on talk shows and comedy stages and gets ignorant black women to clap and "Yeah gurl!!" her on being obese.

Your heart will give out and you will die Mo'Nique. Why? Not because skinny bytches are evil but because your fat.

Or you will lose 50 pounds and claim your doctor FORCED you to do it.(Missy Elliot) When deep down, your confidence is through the roof and you're dancing circles in your bra and thong at night because you can see your feet again without sitting down for the first time in longer than 9 months.

Damn I needed that.
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Natural breasts are not perfectly round, hard, they bounce, and yes even sag a bit. Getting over-sized implants not only puts you in unnecessary danger of complications, but only reinforces what society deems to be ideal breasts. If you want huge "natural" looking breasts, insist that the surgeon place the implants "above" the pectoralis muscle where breast tissue is supposed to be and put a five pound weight in each one. When your back ends up in a sling, they are hanging to your waist, and you can't find clothes that fit, then tell me how you like your DDs then.

Quit asking me when I'm going to give my only child a baby brother or sister. Infertility is traumatic enough without you rubbing it in my face with your stupid questions. It's extremely rude and insensitive to ask anyone this. If someone doesn't have children, A) they either can't or B) they don't want any, neither of which is any of your friggin business.

Just because I work at home, doesn't mean I don't have a job. I clock in just like you do, so quit calling and dropping by when you know I'm working and NO I can't/won't watch your sick kid so YOU can go to work.

Quit giving that out-of-control brat of yours idol threats. Either get off your lazy rump and bust their butt or keep your mouth shut.

There, I feel better.

1.) My pet-peeve is women that make it obvious that they are jealous of another womenís appearance and constantly put them down for no apparent reason. YES, she is better looking than you, and younger, and thinner.
So what! Is that all you equate to having some self-worth is your physical appearance only? How shallow is that. (FYI-she may look better than you, but keep in mind there is always someone better looking than her right around the corner. If that makes you feel better, lol). Besides, everyone has good and bad features, and good and bad qualities
about them.

2.) I hate when people ask for my advice or opinion but donít want to listen to what I have to say and/or donít even give me a chance to respond to their question-instead they drown on and on about their problems. They just like to hear the sound of their voice IMO.

3.) Another thing that annoys me is women that are so insecure and paranoid that they think every single woman out there is trying to get w/their man. Reality Check-Nobody wants your man but you, thatís why you have him because youíre the only one that wants him, lol. Maybe the problem is not the single woman, maybe itís you knowing full well that your man is a dog and is constantly checking out other women when he thinks you donít notice it. FYI- If he was a dog while you dated him and/or married him, heíll still be a dog after you guys get a divorce/dumped.

4.) I get irritated when people post threads in which they are fishing for compliments.
Unless Iím really impressed w/what I see, you will never get one from me, sorry!

5.) And last but not least is when people donít hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and decisions in life-instead they blame society and everyone else. For an example, that person that sued McDonaldís for making them ďfatĒ. HUH? You mean that the purple Grimace forced you to eat there at gunpoint? (I know this is a repeat in the above posts a few pages back butÖlol).
Basically what Iím saying is if you have issues (and we all do) and you want to change them for the better, YOU have to do something about it. Use common sense.
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment
to kevin at the gym: leave me the hell alone. it's none of your business where i've been or where i'm going. don't follow me into the weight room to chat. i think i can handle it. this is supposed to be a gym for women. do your job. you're supposed to be SHOWING the gym not looking for a sex show. **** off. :x

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.
"My precious!" SNORT

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Why bother?!

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This is more in line with the original post that started this thread:

For the people at my old job: There is no hierarchy here, you're retired from the military now, leave the rank system behind. Just because I am young, black (well, mixed, but I know you assume) and female doesn't mean that my talents amount to shredding papers, making copies and buying doughnuts for the big meeting tomorrow. That is why I left. Don't act like I am the disloyal one because I wanted more pay and more out of my job.

Person waiting for the subway: Let the people out FIRST, do not stand directly in the doorway when the other riders are trying to get off. I knocked you off balance when I passed you because you were blocking my exit. Maybe two wrongs don't make a right, but hopefully you will think next time you wait for a train.

People entering my work building--both doors open, don't stand in line waiting to get to the right sde door when you could reach over and open the other door.

People handing out flyers at the train station: Shoving your pamphlet at me doesn't make me interested in your cause. If you walk ten feet and look in the trash, you'll see how far your flyers got.

Woman who sells flowers at the subway station: Your selection is beautiful but I have only recently figured out you are a woman. Ambiguous people frighten me.

Movies, etc: Stop showing only round perky boobs with tiny nipples. It makes those of us who inherited "native" boobs and dinnerplates feel abnormal and self conscious about what we have.

People walking their dogs: Please clean up the poop. Looking the other way while your dog is dropping a duece isn't fooling anyone. The world is not a toilet for your pet.

In general: stop telling me to talk. I am shy and not talkative. why is there a problem with that?
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To my soon to be ex roommate:

I can't even post this from home because you're hacking my email account, you total wacko control freak.

You wanna know why you're a 40 year old man who isn't married? Look in the mirror! You're a total control freak, completely smothering and totally insecure! No wonder your g/f dumped you - I can't even stand to be around you!

If I have menstrual cramps and need to lie down, it does not mean I'm being anti-social. Why does everything have to be about you? Christ!

Get over yourself - you do not run your own company anymore. You are not the first person to get hit with financial difficulties. Don't tell me you aren't a liar, then mention you are months behind on rent and utilities. Is that supposed to make me feel better? Heck no! I'm getting out as soon as possible!

* $ % # You!
I am so SICK of seeing celebrities and athletes flaunt their expensive lifestyles. People who live paycheck to paycheck are spending their money on concert tickets, sporting events, cd's, movies, etc to support their lifestyle. They make more money in a year then I will ever see in my lifetime. I refuse to buy any of the above and I wish others would do the same. They act like they are better than us. They are just entertainers. More money should go to teachers, police officers, fire fighters, etc.

I wish there was special parking for the large vehicles some people think they have to drive. I have come so close to backing into another car because I can't see around the vans, etc parked next to me in parking lots.

Children please understand that your parents are people too and make mistakes. We may not make the same mistakes that our parents made, but we make our own mistakes, just like you will.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."
Hells yeah, Lotsawaves, ITA. What is with this celebrity worshipping thing? I go to read a magazine in the checkout and it's like, "Who spends how much on their cars" and well, I can't sympathize, oh poor Britney Spears only spends $134,000 on her car - I can't even AFFORD a car, to get a decent car I would need at least $3,000 and I don't have that kind of money to blow, in my house a $300 dollar purchase is a big deal! I don't believe in living on credit, in fact, I hate that I've accumulated any credit card debt at all but some places just don't take checks you know? And I'm going into hock for school, and so's my DH, and that scares me too! I just cannot feel sorry for these celebs when they have to declare bankruptcy because their lavish lifestyles cost more than they make! Nobody MAKES them buy million dollar homes, nobody MAKES them buy top of the line cars and private jets! I don't give a **** if they're broke, to me, it feels GOOD when I see them forced to live back on the same plane of existence on the rest of us - oh no! You're shopping at a COMMONER'S store again? Wiping your own butt? THE HORROR!

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
I need this release. Haven't posted in this thread in awhile!

Lets seeeee...........

History: One of my friends gets a lot of attention from guys because she has **** and ass. She takes full advantage of it. She went to a play I was in recently and did this....

Sure, guys spend a lot of their time checking girls out. But ya know what, when they're ACTING IN A PLAY, they like to concentrate on THE PLAY AND THEIR LINES!!! Don't sit in the ****ing audience giving a guy in the play "sex eyes" because you want to distract him. That is not fair to him, that is not fair to everyone in the show, that is not fair to ME, being your friend, IN THE SHOW. You have all the time in the world to give guys "sex eyes". Are you that desperate for attention?

Don't tell me you think my friend is hot. Honestly, I may not have her body, but I have so much more to offer than she does. Oh wait, guys don't care about sense of humor. Its all **** and ass. I forgot about that!

History: I attract creepy homeless people at gas stations. Someone comes up to me asking for money at least every three times I go to a gas station, any gas station. No, being homeless doesn't make them creepy. Being creepy makes them creepy!!!

Don't come up to me at a gas station and ask me for money. Thats so evil. You know I'm in a vulnerable situation (being stuck at the pump for a few minutes). Don't take advantage of me. Don't come up to me and butter me up with gross compliments about my legs and then expect me to give you money. When I say I only have a debit card, don't accuse me of lying. Don't STAND THERE AND STARE after I already told you no.

I appreciate that you care about my back, but stop asking me about it EVERY TIME YOU SEE ME. My last surgery was two years ago. My back is fine now. You can come up with something else to ask me. I really don't want to talk about my crooked spine with you!!

Your mom was depressed. She was given shock treatments for depression. There is a huge history of depression in our family. So why didn't you beleive that I was severely depressed last year? Oh, I only had to drop all my classes in school. I must've just been lazy. You blame everything on my being lazy.

Don't question me having Tourette Syndrome. I'm not lying about it! Why would I lie? If I didn't have it would I really want people to think I did?? Not everyone with Tourettes swears uncontrollably.

We hang out ALL THE TIME. We kiss eachother and we cuddle. You even made a comment that we are practically dating. So why don't we just date? Do you have ANY CLUE that I am interested in you?? How can you not notice? Why are you thinking of asking that one girl out on a date (especially when you have doubts about her) when theres something great right in front of you, or laying next to you in bed!!! You tell me I'm cute and funny and blah blah blah. Whats stopping you? You got offended when I told you that I've never noticed you hitting on me. ARE YOU INTERESTED OR WHAT??? Please, please, if you aren't, don't continue to lead me on by giving me good bye kisses and rubbing my face and cuddling with me and doing that cute chin rub thing that they do in movies. I don't want to get hurt again.
Don't gawk at an accident, rubbernecking only causes more accidents! Thank the maker for ABS brakes on my car, but curse the designer who put a curved exit off the highway which makes for a blind spot for people exiting!
I LOVE this thread, how awesome of an idea was this?!

Don't call my house and when I answer the phone say to me, "Who's this?"

You called MY number. Figure it out.

SERIOUSLY, i hate this so much. i live in phoenix.....and there are a LOT of non-english speaking mexicans. so i get these phone calls, and it's someone jabbering in spanish, then when i say hello again, they ask me "oo ezz zis?" i hang up at that point. which brings me to another one.............YOU ARE IN AMERICA. LEARN THE ENGLISH ****ING LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't like it, then go the hell back to where you came from. This applies to all mexicans, asians, iraqians, people who do not speak a lick of english.

to my roommate: :x I DO NOT LIKE YOU. :x It was a huge mistake to move in with you, and now im stuck for another 9 months until our lease is up. Tell your fat ass financee to get a JOB and pay rent if he is going to practically live with us. Buy your own cigarettes (and his too, since he has NO MONEY) i will not support 3 habits, thank you. Stop turning on the AC when it is f'ing 43 degrees outside. it's not my fault that you and your financee are both fat asses that start sweating when you take a step. :x

roommates financee: YOU ARE FAT. You will make a sandwich, sit down, eat that, when there's two bites left, you'll get up, make something else, sit down, eat that, two bites left, get back up, grab a bag of chips, eat those, when there's a couple left, you get BACK up, make somethin else....repeat repeat repeat. Is there a moment when you are NOT stuffing your face???? AND get work-out magazines with pictures of skinny muscle men on the cover, and moan and complain "why can't i look like this?!" TURNS OUT, constant eating and never working out, makes you fat. hmm, who would've known?!

on that same note.....i really don't like fat people. Especially when they complain about they're weight and don't do anything to change it. if they are cool about it and can joke, then that's fine, i have no problem with them. but what's up with the fat *****es that wear tweety bird/tazmanian devil/winnie the pooh/eeyore shirts?! and the shirts that say "its not easy being a princess" or "im so perfect im jealous of myself" what IS that?!

i am a server. i HATE HATE HATE rude people that do not have manners. i am bringing your food and drinks...have the decency to say THANK YOU. that's all i want. and don't act like you are better then me. i hate that. yes, i live off of my tips, yes i make $2.13 an hour, and yes, i do talk with my co-workers about your cheap ass when you leave me a 10% tip. Oh, and don't tell me "you are the BEST server we have ever had, thank you so much, this was so great, you did a really good job," and then leave me 10%. Note to everyone that reads this: BE KIND TO YOUR SERVERS!!!!! If you receive good service, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show your appreciation on the tip!!

and i agree with some of the other posts on here about bratty kids!!! leave them at home, or teach them manners!!! i want to be able to walk around a store without out of control bratty kids running into me because their parents don't discipline them.

wow, that felt really good, i feel a lot better!!

on a nicer really glad i found this site!! everyone here is awesome, i love you guys!
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Some of these have already been said, but ah-well...

I cannot STAND people who are rude. Say PLEASE, say THANK YOU and treat others with the respect that they deserve. If there's a problem don't treat me like scum when I'm trying to sort it out, I'm just doing my job and I have feelings too. If you feel the need to complain DO IT - but DON'T be RUDE.

Don't lie to me either. Don't tell me you can keep a secret when you can't. Don't tell me that you/your child is a capable and confident horserider when it's the first time you've/they've ever been on a horse. Have you ANY idea how DANGEROUS that is? And don't shout at me if you're kiddie isn't over the insurance age limit - for G**'* sake, I DIDN'T MAKE THE RULES!!!

On the subject of horses, don't kick your horse in the ribs, jab him in the mouth and bounce on his back and then expect them to work hard for you. Don't you dare beat that innocent scared animal, don't keep it in a cage. And if I see you punch his face again damn you'll know it (that's for a specific person)!

If you're fat, deal with it. Don't complain to others about how fat people are portrayed in the media, don't spout out all the ''Fat Rights'' b******t. If you can't fit into an aeroplane seat don't blame the airline for your fat behind. Don't ask me to accept your body size, or call me ''sizest''. Don't tell me that you're happy the way you are, 'cause I don't care - I hope your happy when you eat yourself into an early grave, in that case.

If you live in my country then you speak my language. Don't come pleading asylum yet don't bother to learn English. It's common courtesy: I'd do the same for you.

TO A SO-CALLED FRIEND OFF MINE: Thanks for making me feel good about myself. Thanks for calling me ugly and thanks for calling me frizz head. Thanks for touting yourself as the model of perfection and beauty, and thanks for being a b**** when I needed you the most. Thanks for talking about me behind my back, and thanks for getting stroppy with me for not knowing what's wrong when you won't tell me. Thanks for everything.

Man, I feel better now!
To the person a few cubicles away. STOP cracking your freaking gum!!! You are driving me insane. What farm animal are you trying to imitate anyway?
There is no need to be rude to me when I'm being polite, smiley and doing my job perfectly. Don't act offended when I've done nothing to offend you. Don't come to the tills expecting to return something 3 years old and then have a hissy fit when you can't.

It's a silent area. Therefore, do not talk on your mobile. Do not keep sniffing, tapping, talking or eating. Listening to a personal stereo is fine so long as I can't hear it. In short, understand the concept of silence.

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