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Sum of beach! Self. Listen up. You do NOT need any more personal care products! Stay away from the hair care & makeup/skin care forums! [I]And 'stray threads' on unrelated forums!
Originally Posted by lazy loops
Hey!! Why you lookin' at me when you say that?
I'm cranky and I don't want to do any more work. Too bad I have to teach until 8 tonight!
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now, we just have to wait 9 mos...
1.) i am running out of money. i need a job soon, but wouldn't it be nice if i could have a job related to my field, rather than have to settle for whatever dead-end minimum wage job is hiring around here just because i stupidly decided to come live in this city with you? sometimes i wonder why i even went to college.

2.) i hope i get the results soon, so i can figure out what happens next.
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now, we just have to wait 9 mos...
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
Is this code for Baby Wile #2 is on the way?????
God doesn't give special kids to special parents. He takes ordinary, imperfect people, and gifts them with his greatest treasures. And therein, he creates special parents.

A, you cannot keep me and B away from each other. If something is going to happen between us YOU CANNOT STOP IT! Just because you don't like him is no reason I'm not going to date him. You've tried to come in between us for years. We may be friends, but that does not mean I have to date who you think I should. I do not want to date K and I never will. I am not attracted to him like that and you know it. I don't appreciate you giving him my phone number and then claiming he just wanted to say hi. ********! Like you said yourself B has always liked me and I have always liked him, and if you're truly my friend you'll back off.

C-don't call me and ask me to call you back, then when I do and offer to let you go because I can tell you are with other people say no, and then 5 minutes later rush me off the phone. I'm sick, not drunk, don't try to act like I sound like I've been drinking. You are not as great of a person as you think you are. You knowingly lead people on, with these "friendships" which are actually pseudo relationships because you "don't want to be selfish." That's the biggest load of horse crap I've ever heard. Grow up and be a man.

S, P and all the others. I can't believe that because I miss a few events because I am really literally sick, everyone acts like I'm no longer part of the group. Oh yeah, y'all are SO great! I do have other friends, I'm not dependent on you for my social life. And S stop lying about having run track in high school, you didn't.
I'm nervous......I'm meeting your parents next month. Ay yi yi. Talk about pressure. And you haven't met mine yet. You and my father will get along JUST fine, but my mom........hmmmm. She'll learn to love you as I have, but she has seen me go through ALOT of drama concerning my past relationships. I'm sure she'd prefer that I just focus on me, but you coming into my life, and being who you are to me is/was a surprise.

I just hope that she will be supportive.

And I'm missing you like crazy. I know it has only been just a day or so since we last spoke, but you've spoiled me. LOL! Hopefully we'll get to talk tonight.
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Ugh, when I get it through my thick skull, no matter how good of a hiding place I think it might be, it does no good if I can't remember where I put it when I need it!!!
When I say I work from 8-5 Monday thru Friday that doesn't mean I work on Saturdays EVER!!! Also 8-5 would imply for you to only call my cell phone either before 8 or after 5. I'm getting damn sick and tired of people called me at 4:40-4:45 and acting p.oed that I didn't answer your phone call. Also calling back to back, if I didn't answer the first time you called, what makes you think I'll answer the second? And if you don't leave a message I don't feel it's important to call you back. If your call was important you'd leave a message.
now, we just have to wait 9 mos...
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
Is this code for Baby Wile #2 is on the way?????
Originally Posted by PhDCow

Inquiring minds want to know.
No, I don't think that it's artsy or cool that you're having an affair. Get material for your so-called "poetry" somewhere else - and leave us out of it.
Variation of 3B/3C curls.

Amazed that I finally found a method that works for my hair! Diffuse until 60-70% dry, then let air dry for about an hour. Scrunch and leave it alone!

I'm going to come clean and tell you the truth. I lied to you when you asked me how I felt. It's been eating me up ever since then that I lied to you. I just know that whatever happens now that you know the truth can't be as bad as living with a lie.
I NEED TIME ALONE, NOT LATER, NOW. There has been far too much crap happen today for me to deal with anyone today

PLEASE let the rest of the day go by fast.
Im so distracted by you! I told myself that from now on (about August) I was going to allow myself to 'let go'. I was going to allow myself to really feel things. Not worry about how bad it might hurt if the feelings arent mutual. Not worry about all the expectations. I dont need labels anymore, who cares if its called Dating or 'Going out'. I call it hanging out with someone who makes me smile all day just thinking about him...I call it enjoying myself without care of the consequences, if something bigger comes of it then so be it...if we end up freinds than great!! Im really really enjoying myself here Plus we have this little secret and its such fun to tease and flirt infront of everyone without them knowing whats really going on...who knows how it will end, who knows where I will be in a few months...its just for us, just right now. Right now, things are good.
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

just because i dont fit into size 2 and i sometimes make mistakes doesnt mean im fat and dumb, and and fyi your a fake ***** and wear wayyy to much purple eyeliner , hun you look like a clown
UGH, frustration! It's not that I want just someone, I want "the one". I don't want a guy, I want "the guy".
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Why don't you make sense? Do you not even try? Is it against your religion or something?
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Don't act like you didn't know what time it was...
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Get off the stupid computer and live your life. You'll be old, fat, and lonely before you look around and wonder where everyone is.

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