Say It. I Dare You.

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i'm cooler than you.

i'm smarter than you.

don't hate just because i can talk on my cell phone, apply makeup, and drive all at the same time. i've got insurance, so chill.

Seriously, being kind and pleasant takes A LOT less energy than being nasty and rude all the time. Life is too short!

And be kind to your retail workers this holiday season. Be nice to us and we'll go out of our way more for you. Thank you
To my mother-in-law. I swear to God, I would not have married your son if I knew what a pain in the ass you would be. You stress me out big time. Your son is 38. You need to cut the umbilical cord! Accept the fact that he is not calling you every single day and stop bothering me at work to tell me you got his voicemail when you called him. Leave him a message and leave me alone. Do your own Christmas shopping. There is no reason you can't. Stop making your problems mine. Stop being so needy and stop with the guilt trips. They don't work, drama queen.
yes, i've been eating easy cheese and crackers for midnight meal for the last three days. god save me. final day of work, i swear....
To one of my best girlfriends...

I can't believe that at age 27, you have been giving me the eversofamous silent treatment for the past 2 weeks b/c I had a somewhat negative opinion about how you are handling this break up with your boy toy. If you don't want opinions, don't ask.

I have supported you through this entire 2 year ordeal and told you time and time again that your happiness is most important and you are entitled to feel however you feel. Now you say "poor boy" b/c he is in complete love with you and wants to marry you. You string him along and bring him to "couples" events, and then say that you are being honest with him. You even indirectly solicted to him that he pay some of your rent. YOU ARE NOT TOGETHER WITH HIM AND YOU ARE NOT BEING HONEST WITH HIM. Not to mention, you'll never meet anyone that great again who will take such great care of you. You are dumb for letting him go - no other man will put up with your bull. It's evident that you don't belong together yet you want to keep him around to pay for everything. Everyone knows it and everyone talks about it - they say it's a character flaw on your part, and they are right.

If the roles were reversed, he was stringing YOU along and you asked me for advice, I would tell you to run far, as fast as possible.

It's your private life so do what you want, but all you are doing at this point is wasting time and hurting feelings.

I'm going to go ahead and move into my new home, our other best friend is going to go ahead and have her baby in a we'll basically continue moving forward with real life things. When your brat attack is over, give me a call.
To the as of now, ex best friend:

How DARE you, due your own insecurity and jealousy, after EVERYTHING i have done for you, try to mangle, pick apart, and destroy my relationship. Yes, you are his cousin, but no, that gives you no right to pry into our business, and state your very, VERY, false facts about me, or our relationship to him. You are self centered, and very clearly only care about yourself. This is the reason every other person in your life, including the majority of your family has alienated you.
And once you do this, and I get so mad that it feels like I should be tied up, don't call me back EIGHTEEN times after i have SCREAMED at you.
I know I am your only friend (for a reason), but no, I do not want to listen to what you have to say, and I dont want you to say you did anything for my own good. I want you to leave me the hell alone. Which includes not phoning me at my place of work, to first beg me to talk, and then five minutes later to tell me you don't have anything to say and be cold and rude.
You are 28 godamn years old, act like it. The level of your common sense is compared to that of a goose, and your maturity to that of a 6 year old. You have 2 children, and responsiblities.

WHICH, brings me to another issue. You DO have 2 kids. These kids don't have a father. This means, it is solely your responsibility to provide for these children. Bread and milk is more important than diet coke and a pack of smokes, and having heat and hot water in your house definitely is more important than new underwear to impress your immature, ******* boyfriend. I'm sure your child doesnt want to go to school and tell his friends that his mother had to boil water on the stove so he could bathe last night. You selfish *****.
And don't take mushrooms and get yourself high as a kite in the house, with said boyfriend and his idiot friends, while your kids are asleep 3 feet away.
Grow up. You have already torn apart my boyfriends family with your childish games, as well as ruined this years Christmas dinner. Get a life, and leave me, and everything to do with me the HELL out of it.
Sooner or later you will realize how ****ing ridiculous you are, and why every, single person in your life has gotten your toxic being out of their lives. I only wish I would've realized it sooner.
"Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got." - Janis Joplin

but you don't hear about bird hoarders or gerbil hoarders or whatever. just the cats. Must be something about those felines.
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
To my brother,

Oh, your upset because I don't call you? You think I am talking about you? I am.

I found out last weekend you are planning to baptize your second child and once again, neither I nor our mother has been told. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. God, it's so damn frustrating!

Answer me this - how did you expect me to react when a COMPLETE STRANGER told me you asked her son to be the godfather of your child? Did you expect me to lie and act like I knew all the details all along? No, I answered honestly and directly: that I had NO IDEA, again, that you and P were baptizing kid #2. That you and I don't really talk anymore because of things EXACTLY LIKE THIS. And that P is a piece of crap and I can't understand what the hell is wrong with you AT ALL.

So, yeah, I was totally talking about you - guilty as charged.

You NEVER want to discuss any of these things (you say you don't want to get in the middle - whatever that means), you and P want to do and say WHATEVER you feel like and you want mom and I to just put up with it and if you FEEL like including us, well, we should just fall all over ourselves with happiness and if you don't then we need to get over it. Then you accuse mom of only wanting to be around my daughter and not your sons. I can't even begin to address the stupidity of that comment. You and P made it so that those kids don't know us and don't want to know us. There is no relationship between your kids and us because YOU AND P MADE IT THAT WAY.

You're happy with P? Great. Even though mom and I can't stand her it is YOUR responsibility to take YOUR KIDS to see YOUR FAMILY. But you don't. Because you are whipped and P runs the show and you think that's fine.

You can't understand why my husband can't take you either? That's a laugh, like he is supposed think you are the greatest after everything you and P pulled (accusing me of calling Child Services, keeping the kids from me, not inviting me to events in their lives etc. etc.).

Don't make it seem like we are ignoring your children. You have a lot of nerve acting like the injured party here. When we were begging to see the children you couldn't have been more nonchalant about saying "no" and giving lame excuses. Now that we CLEARLY couldn't care less, you are insulted.

I love you because you are my brother but I won't have you making my life miserable. And don't think you can do all these things and we aren't supposed to have an opinion. You don't want to discuss ANYTHING. You just want to pretend it's all fine and it's not.

Grow up.

Sincerely, your sister
HG: Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (always and forever)
Cantu Naturals s & c (shampoo 1x a week), use conditioner as a co-wash every day and LI under my gel.

Air dry then diffuse canapy layers only for volume
Coconut oil before/after coloring grays and on ends.

2b/c mix waves/curls - coarse, frizz prone, med. thick, porous, at-home color, protein sensitive but I still need it sometimes, glycerin-sensitive (I think) in high humidity. After 16 years on I FINALLY figured it out..

To my little sister...(whom I love dearly)
The fact that you let your husband control your life disgusts me. Grow a backbone and stick up for yourself. It saddens me that you have continuously brushed your own family, friends, and religion aside to keep him happy. We would love to see you for thanksgiving or for more than 2 hours at xmas, but we've grown to accept that you'll spend most of the holidays with him and his family. The fact that you weren't allowed to come to our cousin's wedding because his xmas party took precedence is sickening to me, especially since I knew how much you wanted to come. In fact we made plans for that weekend and you pretty much bailed out on me without an apology. Going to Beth's bachlorette party in vegas would have been fun too, but we all changes our plans because he wouldn't let you go. And stop crying everytime we talk about it! If the situation makes you cry do something about it! I'm tired of listening to you and try to talk you through this! He's driving us apart and I've pretty much given up on trying to maintain our relationship. I've accepted that I've pretty much lost you as a friend. Your husband drives me nuts 99% of the time...he's controlling, doesn't respect your opinions, and forces his conservative republican lutheran beliefs down your throat. He is not God, everything he says is not the get a mind of your own and stand up to him for once!
Do you ever stop and look at the fact that your life is total misery, look at the fact that you're one of the biggest witches on the planet, and realize maybe there's a correlation?

Try a little self awareness, you self-centered idiot.

(As I was typing, I realized it actually sounds like more than one person I am currently trying to get out of my life completely.... I'm tired of unhappy people!)
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
Just because it sounds nice and makes people feel good, doesn't necessarily make it ture.
The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics - Thomas Sowell
Stop wearing so much dang cologne in a doctor's office or I will hurl!

Stop complaining about having to make a dish to bring to a large christmas gathering you are invited to-----be glad you are invited!

Stop returning every %$#%@ thing I buy for you and then complain about paying the postage for it.

People who milk the freakin' system.

Insurance companies who like to put the screws to disabled people when they don't have the money to fight back.

Fat parents who fight to have cupcakes brought into school and who don't care about the kids with diabetes, food allergies, celiac disease, etc.. They just want to stuff the sugar into their fat kid's faces and disregard others.

Bible thumpers drive me CRAZY

Jehovah's witness--Stop knocking on my door and NO I don't want your things to read!!

People teach your kids to hear the word NO and to deal with it.

Parents---practice saying NO in the mirror every day so you can work up the freakin' toughness to say it to your rotten kids.
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL
To my step-mom Vic. You think you can waltz into this family and think everyone is going to fall all over you in love and adoration. When from the time you started dating my dad all you did was try to shove quixtar down our throats, in your very sickening Im SOOOOOOO happy, and everyone deserves a hug attitude. Your a wack-job and everyone knows it.
I HATE that you think that just because you married my dad you atomatically become grandma. You have to earn that term of endearment!!! And you certainly have not! My kids do not need another grandma. The two they have are the best grandmas a kid could ask for. It makes me cringe everytime you say "come here and give grandma vic a hug". My kids don't know what to think. I'm pretty sure they are scared of you, and wish you would just leave them alone.
To put it bluntly I can't stand you. Your personality is so fake. Who are you really? I don't think we know you at all, and honestly I don't really care to find out. I wish you and my dad would just move away so we don't have deal with the two of you, and your "if we don't get all the attention we want then we are going to throw a fit and pout" guilt trips. You guys have caused me so much stress in the passed couple of years. I'm so sick of trying to live up your expectations of what good kids should be. You two don't deserve ALL the attention you think you should get.
I'm sick of all the things you guys say behind my back to my other siblings. Which by the way we kids stick together, and when you say it to one you say it to all. Though I have a feeling you know this, and want it to get back to me or whoever you are gossiping about at the time. And to this I say whatever!!! I'm sick of letting it stress me out. Im done!!! I don't care anymore!!! I'll just leave you two to your pity party. It's your fault if your not happy!!! I will not not let you bring me down anymore!!!!!!

Awwwww that felt so good to vent. Guess I have a lot of baggage. Thanks to whoever started this post.
Women: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a beautiful, smart, funny, kind, well-employed, got her **** together, 33-year old SINGLE woman. If I wanted to be married, I could be married. Don't ask me why I'm single. There are far worse things than being single. Trust me - I know your husband.

Men: Yes, I want to get married and yes, I want to have kids. It is even possible that I have pictured the wedding and named the kids. However, this does not necessarily mean that I want to marry YOU or have YOUR kids. Neither my biological clock nor my neurotic Jewish mother control my social life. Meeting me for a drink or (gasp!) hooking up with me will not necessarily result in holy matrimony.
I am not blah. I'm a hoot.
No I will not translate the ****ing form!!! If you need a translator bring your own. I will NOT help you on your application!!! YOU want the job, you kiss MY @$$!!! If you dont remember where you've worked go to the SS office and they'll help you out. There are NO PRESCRIPTIONS for cocaine or cocaine metabolites, especially in the amounts you tested positive for, so don't even start that bulls hit with me. If you're applying for a job don't show up wearing wrinkled clothes and smelling like piss.

I barely have enough time to finish my work, so quit giving out projects. And learn to close the door behind you when you leave.

I won't give money to the homeless, I work HARD for what I earn.

I learned English from the TV box when i was a kid. You've been here 6 years, don't expect my sympathy if you don't know any.

You're out of high school, do you still feel a need to shop at hot topic and live the stereotype?
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins
I'm tired of unhappy people!)
Originally Posted by NetG
As am I. I feel sorry for them. Life is way too short to spread your misery.
This isn't the real world where things can slip out of your mouth...if you feel the need to post something intentionally hurtful to anyone, take your fingers away from the freaking keys. It's not too hard. And don't tell me I'm too sensitive...maybe I AM very sensitive, but that doesn't give you the greenlight to be nasty and insulting.

To the 18 people a day who ask me, "Do you work here?" YES OF COURSE I DO. Why else would I be walking around in this nametag, shelving books and answering the phones in a store that I DID NOT work at???????
He was only 2 years old.
He had an easily curable illness.
You were tired of "dealing" with him.
And tell me about it after the fact.
Yes, I know how incredibly inseperable we all were in high school...they didn't call us "the chain gang" for nothing. I still love you all...very dearly, but you cannot have truly expected us to have stayed EXACTLY the same closeness when all nine of us went to different colleges and universities. I had a wonderful time with you all last evening, and I look forward to our next mass rendez-vous...but I miss my college buddies, as I'm sure you do. Some things among us will always be the same...and some things will inevitably change. I love you all for who you are and the memories that I have with you...being away and meeting new people will not change that. That being's impossible to get back the exact dynamic that we had before, because we're not technically the same people anymore. Fundamentally, yes...but we've had different experiences in the past five months that have had subtle yet profound impacts on us. Cherish our gatherings together for what they are, and what we share with one another.
One more: mothers, please do not leave your five year old in sitting in the sanctuary during a candlelight service while you take your 10 month old to the nursery. If you do, please make sure that someone does NOT allow the kid to find and light a candle in the ceremony while unattended. Horror waiting to happen.


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