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I hate my skin! I think it tries to sabotage me. I'm so freaking glad I get a zit right next to my lip that makes it look like I have a cold sore. Love it!
You can call me whatever name you want asshat, but it doesn't mean I'll answer. My first name is Amanda, no matter what my middle name is, you will not refer to me as that. Your first name is generally a woman's name, how about I just change the first vowel and call you Donna? Would you like that? I like my middle name, but you're not going to call me that. I get sick of you and your stupid attempts at trying to be funny. Get used to it, you are not the funny one!
yah *****, i know ya dont like me. stop pretending - it's really obvious now. too bad so many things are going well for you, but you wanna spend negative energy on being a ***** to me.
I wish I could be smart like all the other people around me, but I'm not and I'm worried that one day everyone will see that.

I really wish I didn't see you today. All it did was make me feel bad about myself. I have a feeling you really didn't even know it was me. I was feeling so pretty today and then I see you and it makes me feel like I'm not good enough, since you didn't seem to notice. And I don't even know why I care. I ignored you when you wrote me for a reason. Why do I let you and the other men I have had in my life dictate the way I feel about myself?

P.S. You don't look as good as I once thought you did.
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i don't care what anyone else says, HARRISON FORD IS STILL SEXY!!!
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It's going to be really hard for me to keep my mouth shut all w/e...grr
oh wow.

what on earth am I going to do now???

I have no idea what to do.
haha! I win!
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WOW!! Some of these brats on Dr. Phil are real pieces of work!!

Raspberry Mint gum...bleck...tastes like cough syrup.
I know I'm annoying you with my Doors obsession but I can't help it. I'm just "feeling" this music so much right now. You listen to a lot of crap that I hate. Leave it alone.
Oh, Vertigo is on TCM! Screw vacuuming and washing the dishes. Both have already waited this long. What is another couple of days???
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Someone asked me if I were with a college group today! Yippee! But I'm 35! tee hee hee
when is my flexi-8 going to get here?
I ordered it like a MILLION years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Healing Women - Please help.
How long can i go on pretending I'm something I'm not???

It's pulling me down and apart...
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You cannot get mad at your ex for cheating on you if before y'all broke up you were getting other girl's phone numbers. I'm sorry, you can't have the double standard!
I feel like a boy crazy many men, so little time. LMAO!

But seriously, I'm SO not accustomed to the attention and men just wanting to go out with me like they have. Then I see a guy that has had a crush on me FOREVER, and after 4 years of not seeing him....he still feels the same way. And I gotta was nice seeing him too. Nice to catch up. And wow does he look good. Brought back ALOT of memories from when we worked together. He even wants me to come back just so he can see me when he comes in. LOL! How cute.

Oh, and I'm being treated to my first MLB game! Wohoo! Even though I'm all achy and tired and literally just running on adrenaline right now, I'm SO excited. I've just been having so much fun lately.

THW? THW who?......LMAO! You done screwed up, buddy boy! bwahahahaha
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You jerk. I missed ONE class because you scheduled it on the Saturday of exam week (very much against university policy) and you gave me an AB even though I got 95% on each of the papers I turned in. I know if I confront you about it you'll tell me that my final paper was the problem, but I'm sure it was because you were pissed that I would put a good friend's wedding above "the last class" which was a glorified BBQ at your house.
badgercurls - I've had almost the exact same thing happen to me. sometimes being a grad student = the suck.
badgercurls - I've had almost the exact same thing happen to me. sometimes being a grad student = the suck.
Originally Posted by goldilocks777
I'm sorry it happened to you, too! At least this was one of my non-major classes, so I don't ever have to deal with this prof again.
Do not come round to my blind friend's house and loudly complain that HIS doves are crapping on your washing. They are NOT his doves, they are wild and like to sit on YOUR roof because you have a wood burning stove and your roof is warm. And they feel safe in your garden because it is overgrown more than any jungle and the seeds from your weeds blow over and grow in my friends garden - do you have any idea how hard it is for him to pull them up when he can't see?

And do something about your hair, I can't understand how you can go out with that giant frizzy fuzzy poof on your head, don't you know there are web sites that can help you? Unless it's a wig, of course.

Thank you, I feel better now. All I have to do now is pluck up the courage to say it to her face - and she's bigger than me.
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