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The word "media" is plural!! Stop using a singular verb!! Examples: The media ARE, not the media IS. The media HAVE, not the media HAS. TV is a medium, radio is a medium, internet is a medium...all together, they are media.
Originally Posted by Isabeau

The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
You're still a ding dong!

I love that commercial.
My father found out at 66 years old, that he has the sickle cell trait. Which most likely means I have it.

I'm not worried, but I'm not elated either since I have relatives on my mother's side who have sickle cell anemia, not the trait. Hopefully my mother doesn't have this trait because if they both do......wowzers. Guess at some point soon I'll be paying a visit to the doctor to find out definitively.

I just find it interesting that NO one picked up on this. Especially with all of the bloodwork he's had over the last 12 years; being in and out of hospitals for various ailments and heath issues. He thinks he's always had the trait and they just never realized it.

On a lighter note....classes start back up tomorrow. And I get to hang out with my new favorite person who's leaving next Friday. We're going to have SO much fun this Friday at that party. Catered food, a bartender(open bar) AND music. Yup. AND we apparently had the same idea for clothing. We're going to be dressed in the same cute. LOL!
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"You see, when it comes to language competence, a true patriot must hit that sweet spot between "job-stealing immigrant" and "liberal elitist." ~Eilonwy

Wanna have access to the top names in fashion and luxury at up to 70% off retail? Sure you do.

DC metro area
Um, Hot Guy? Im very happy you got my phone number and I am even more happy that you actually used it to call me But you forgot the main part...YOUR number so I can call you back. See, when it goes straight to voice mail that means that I have no reception so I dont have a log of a missed you need to leave your number. Just a thought...

Luckly we have a 3rd person playing cupid so I can get your number from her and call you back...

BTW, you are FINE!!! And Im smiling all stupid...and Im thinking about those gym-arms that you have perfected...and your perfectly sculped back. Oh goodness, I need to take my mind off you now, I am getting NO work done.

Oh and THANK YOU T! I still think you are scum but Im pretty happy that we went out Friday so I could bump into this guy...
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

The horse is dead. Stop beating it.
"And politically correct is the worst term, not just because it’s dismissive, but because it narrows down the whole social justice spectrum to this idea that it’s about being polite instead of about dismantling the oppressive social structure of power.
Fun Fact: When you actively avoid being “PC,” you’re not being forward-thinking or unique. You’re buying into systems of oppression that have existed since before you were even born, and you’re keeping those systems in place."
I wish it didn't bother me like it does. And I don't know how to fix it. But I hate the way it makes me feel sick, physically and mentally.
Under construction.
Its so wierd how it always just works out. I am broke as hell but I find an extra 40 bucks in a random box while unpacking. Then we find CHEAP plane tickets so I can spend the extra money I had saved for that. Someone finally wants to buy my laptop so thats an extra 100 bucks. My aunt is coming to stay with me this weekend and she always leaves me 60 bucks without me asking...damn. Im just not sure how it works out this way. I can be neck deep in **** and slowly but surely it finds a way to work out. I may be broke as hell living on my own..but Im making it!! Guess I CAN afford toilet paper this week

OHMYGOD. I started swimming again yesterday. 45 minutes of torture! My arms started giving out after one 200. My legs where jiggling to high heaven while I gave my arms a break and kicked for about 500. I know its for the best and it wont take too long to get my body back into the swimming 5 days a week routine but yesterday I felt so so so crappy and fat! But it is the first night that I have slept a full 8 hours straight since moving into my apartment! Yea for that!

J- you call me 'babe' I love it. Im thinking I am falling hard for you...and its WAY soon...but its ok, because damnit its about time I fall again
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

I'm kind of scared to think I may be getting put on a lot of ignore lists due to all this political stuff. I'm not a genuinely mean person, and I don't mean to put people off personally. I just like to debate sometimes and get a little passionate when I get all caught up in it. I hope no one's feelings are hurt, I meant nothing personal and don't want to resort to personal digs.
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pigs and dogs don't wear lipstick.
I feel like smashing my head into a wall whenever I deal with you and your backwards logic. A very hard, brick wall.

Why doesn't anyone notice me? Am I invisible? If I am, I hope I can utilize this skill more often, like when that stalker guy starts talking to me. I could reeeeeally use it then.



made up of 98.822% silliness!!

ebay, you suck.

hope your buyers like the fact that you are going to be a second-rate and clone full of counterfeit crap.

keep kicking off the good sellers, brainiac.
1. Yay The Vines!! Gonna be fun
2. Why will I always have a teeny weeny infatuation with you? Will you ever have a teeny weeny infatuation with me? Just give it a shot?
3. Why doesn't someone else walk into my life to make me forget about the unattainable? Seriously.
4. Gotta stop procastinating and finish this friggingg assessment!!! Double seriously. Make that triple. :@
Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys.

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I feel guilty calling in sick for work...sorry...I'm just not willing to fly TO Houston today!!
You need to quit wasting your time on B. She will never respect you for you, she'll never love you the way you deserve. You deserve so much more than what she'll give you. I know there's something there. You really don't hide it very well. You're a little too interested to be uninterested. Maybe this winter you will come to the cabin and we'll get snowed in. I really don't want you to go to Iraq. I'd rather have you, and poor, than not have you with lots of money...I'm scared you won't come home. Please don't go. I know you've wanted to for years-please give it up. For me.

I miss you already.
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ok, that nutrisystem commercial really bugs me. the one with the girl who says, "i'm not your average girl" and then says she loves football, proceeds to CATCH a football and asks how many girls can do that?

um, how about MOST girls. i'm pretty sure MOST girls, most people, of ALL ages can catch a slowly thrown football aimed within an easy catching range. it's not that hard. let's see you THROW that football, huh?

and i hate how she makes it seem like she's the ONLY girl in the world who likes football. where has she been????? does she live under a ****ing rock? seriously. LOTS LOTS LOTS of girls like sports. it's normal. just cuz you can catch a football that was granny tossed to you, doesn't make you some great athlete.

come on. for f**** sake.
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master quigley and queen ruby, my puppy loves <3
Sheesh...I'm glad I got gas yesterday!!

You know what? The more I think about what you said, that was really rude. I'd never say that about your home.

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