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If you want to check up on your FF team, do it yourself. And don't shout in my ear if you want me to help! Grrr.
There's no such thing as global warming. Chuck Norris was cold so he turned up the sun.
I feel so honored. This is the second time someone is in a way naming their kid after me. A friend of my mom's from work is having her third baby, finally a girl and is going to name her Adyson Leann, Leann being my middle name, and her initials will be the same as mine. They said they think I'm a really good person and that they wanted to name their daughter after me. My cousin also did it with her daughter Brittnay, used my middle name as hers. It's kinda fun when someone does that!
You were so sweet to do my laundry as a surprise when you were here. But it was even nicer to wake up and realize my shirt smells like you and your car and your old apartment, and everywhere you've kept those silly dryer sheets. It's the little things.
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Whoa, I'm so overly dramatic. Gah. I gotta work on that.

Now, my rant for the day: popcorn. Why is popcorn so damn expensive at the movies? It costs more than the ticket! And it's so good! How do you expect me to stop eating the empty and overpriced calories when they taste so good? Gah.

Now for a bonus rant: My feet are so wide and big. I found the cutest shoes, but they were so. narrow. I couldn't fit into them. Even in my size! Why? Is it cuz I'm tall? Are the shoe gods really short or something? I'm sorry! I'll go to Jupiter for you.
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

You make no sense whatsoever. And that's what I love about you. there was a time when I wanted to throw you a dictionary, I am so glad I didn't. The ridiculous arguments and misused words that come out of your mouth are just way too priceless.
I can't stand stupid people. Get this, our town is having to get rid of these new digital billboards because too many people are having wrecks watching them. The problem is not the billboards, it's the idiots out there driving! I hate when big changes have to be made to accomodate the stupidity of people. That's not something that can't be helped either, it's just called having your head up your ass.
Now, my rant for the day: popcorn. Why is popcorn so damn expensive at the movies? It costs more than the ticket! And it's so good! How do you expect me to stop eating the empty and overpriced calories when they taste so good? Gah.
Originally Posted by CurlyEyes
I used to work in a theatre. I started out as a concessionist and worked my way up to a manager. The simple answer is that the concession stand pays the bills and the paychecks. The money from the tickets go back to the studios, so the concession stand prices are jacked up to pay for the theatre.
Oooooh. Okay, I feel less angry now at those corrupt movie-makers.

Hmm. Now I don't have an excuse to stay away from the popcorn. I might have to go in, buy the popcorn, leave, and rent a movie.
Originally Posted by yagottaloveyacurls

Me too.

My little rant RE: lack of brainpower in the Palin-McCain ticket. Palin and McCain both can't seem to open their mouths without telling a lie about Obama - is it because they're deliberately lying or because they simply lack the brainpower to see both sides of an issue at the same time? and Palin can't seem to open her mouth without sounding completely vacant and ditzy. Sometimes I wonder if McCain picked her on purpose so that he wouldn't feel intimidated by a running mate who's smarter than him - and trust me it would NOT TAKE MUCH to be smarter than him. He graduated 894th out of 899 in his college class. When smart people slack off, they end up in the middle. When stupid people slack off, they end up at the bottom. And that is the LAST THING I NEED, another stupid lazy president who slacks off. Seriously.

I want a president whose brain is large enough to handle two, or even three, opposing thoughts at the same time.

I have a serious weakness for bald men, slightly built/bulky, and apparently, with authority. And cops often fit this description (though I did have this professor once...). And the cops that asked me if I was OK tonight, and then said with a smile, "Be safe, all right?" in that concerned way... And the damn cops on MTV's "Busted"? Ugh. Hot.

Thankfully SO is patient with my fancying said men.
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Man, I get this fantastic blow out, and have crazy long straight hair rubbing on my elbows. It was sleek and different. So, what happens 6 hours later? It gets sticky. humid. gross. It has been cool and dry for about two weeks, and now this? Blech. I had light socket head at my own birthday party, lol. I had to bust out the pomade.

Stupid humidity. It's fall. Go away.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
Why tell me that this guy is bad for you, and then leave a message saying you are going steady with him? Well, do whatever you want, but don't expect me to act happy!

J-Are you ****ING kidding me? Relationships are supposed to make you feel good in general. Not worried and angry ALL THE TIME. If you spend more time upset or mad or just kinda questioning him and the relationship then you need to get out! Dont waste your breathe on this LOSER. I have no good words to say about him anymore. He lost all respect that I had for him in just one night. Amazing huh, how I can NOT give second chances to **** me over. You should try it. He is NOT invited back into my life. He is NOT welcome in my home. You wanna go be with him and forgive him everytime he treats you like **** then go for it. Ill be here for you when you cry about him but I cant watch him do this to you. You made your choice on Saturday and obviously it was him and not me. Good luck. Cant wait to see how bad it hurts NEXT time he ****s up. Cant wait to see what other drama he can cause you and how low he can bring you down before you learn your lesson, open your damned eyes and see him for who he really is. Im taking myself out of the game. Good luck though...hope someday you find someone who makes you genuinly happy.

J- I HEART you You are amazing and in the last few days you have proven that you are here for the long haul My family is drooling over you, you make me so so so happy. Thank you thank you thank you for being DRAMA FREE!! I will never have to worry about you getting drunk and acting a fool, getting in a physical fight, hitting on-touching other girls right in front of me. You are amazing.
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

I hate it when you're not in the office.

I'm excited to look at that new development this weekend!!
2 b/c :: slight protein sensitivity :: med/coarse texture :: normal porosity

Location: SoCal
The world needs a four-star vegan restaurant, along the lines of Le Bec Fin but totally vegan.
People, there is a difference between local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. THEY ARE NOT ONE BIG AGENCY. And please, learn some grammar. Run on sentences or punctuation in places that do not make the least bit of sense are extremely frustrating.
2 b/c :: slight protein sensitivity :: med/coarse texture :: normal porosity

Location: SoCal
No, just because I'm a teenager does not make me irresponsible, stupid, or a shoplifter, nor does it make me a pot head, or a drunk, or easy.

Just because you're stupid, and you think you're funny doesn't mean I think you're funny, or that I think you're hot. It just means I think you're an idiot. And no, just because you think you're clever when you make a stupid, sexist joke does not make it so.

To my friend's roommate: you're an inconsiderate little bugger, you should learn some manners, and get that sour look off your face, maybe try cleaning up after yourself every once in awhile, or at least cleaning up after all the guys you have over.
Having piercings does not make me crazy or a freak or Frankenstein. YOU, lady, are the certifiable one for asking me what size I was and threatening to look in my skirt -- the one I was WEARING -- if I wouldn't tell you.
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