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Wow. I haven't had KFC in forever
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Wow. I haven't had KFC in forever
Originally Posted by helloitsio
I am boycotting ours. They stopped serving baked beans!!!!! I can't have fried chicken without baked beans! It's blasphemy! It was the best side they had!
I want to change my name, but I don't want to seem like I'm copying BW. Which I totally am. Which got me thinking how self-absorbed I am. Learn there is a world larger than the one that you exist in, me. Nobody will care.

The voices in my head are gone. I feel sad. I miss them. Weirdly enough, any writing talents I had have gone. I watched a news story saying that creativity and mental illness are linked.

Some days I wonder who I'm putting on an act for.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is just a really bad teen movie. Some days I'm sure of it.
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Wow, I stayed up late on a work night! Does this mean that I actually have a life now?

My back hurts pretty bad. Not sciatic yet but the pain in the butt cheek right before the sciatic starts Why oh why cant my back just get better?? And my hips dont like to adjust right away. Standing up takes a minute because I have to sweet talk my hips into straightening...BLAH!! My hip bones hurt because of the muscles pulling and spasming and thats where they connect to the bone (or so my chiropractor says, but he is pretty smart so I believe him most the time)

J- you are amazing. Im a huge fan of everything you do...including your kisses, and when you sing to me infront of a crowd. And when you hold my hand make everyone else disapear...until we look up and everyone at the table is gagging over how sickningly cute we are

10 days until my cruise!!

I think I have to give up my thoughts of being a Surgical Tech. I dont think my back can handle all that standing...but I think I could really enjoy Vet Tech...thoughts?

I havent been homesick in a LONG time. Maybe I finally got comfortable with California being home now

Ok, random rants over...
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

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good evening, clarice
"Dogs stink too, but I like dog stink." ~ rileyb
I feel like crap. On ice. Really slippery ice. Sniff. I want to crawl under my blankie with a heating pad and watch Project Runway. Is that too much to ask?
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

You've got to be kidding yourself if you think your staff and the RPs you've sent the evaluation to are going to say anything good about you. I have absolutely NO respect for you.
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Today would be our 3rd anniversary.

We broke up a YEAR ago. I am perfectly fine and over you, and HAPPY being alone (FINALLY!)

And then this stupid date rolled around and had to go make me feel all lonely and mushy again.

Boys suck.
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Well,Mom,you've did it again and now I know you really don't love me.Now,if I can find a way to put my big girl pants on and tell you not to fly out here and visit me at my house.Oh,why don't I listen to my children and my BFF??? I'm just a fool thinking that I would actually get you to love me for once in my life,what an idiot I am!!!
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I can't believe I ate the whole pint of ice cream and about 5.5 inches of 6-inch sub. Ugh. Tummy no feel good.

I had such a WONDERFUL time today. We spent the entire time just talking, and I loved that. Seven whole hours of talking and eating and eventually cuddling.......

You're smart, talented, a big ole teddy bear AND you have it going on. No baggage. An open book willing to let me in. But at the same time being honest that you don't know what you want in the long-term but willing to learn how to just enjoy the moment. Not stressing about expectations and just being. I'm glad you realize that that type of pressure on yourself is unnecessary as you have enough responsibilities. I can't wait until you move into your new place.

I was nervous about seeing you, and being attracted to you. But the difference between you and everyone else, I was attracted to your mind, your intellect, before the physical. You're definitely attractive, but I just love a man that's a thinker. Goodness.

I look forward to just having fun; enjoying your company and just seeing where this could possibly lead. Not going to get used to this(although I could).
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i wanna put my hands over my ears and pretend i can't hear any of it. when did it start to hurt? i refuse to let other people control my life anymore...starting tomorrow. today i want to pretend. just today.
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

I am addicted to my blackberry

I'm amazed at how my body is transforming. The pilates, kickboxing, step, and strength training is paying off!
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I am still angry with you. YOU did not order the MRI on the patient. I was giving a heparin bolus, starting a heparin drip, giving metoprolol and getting that other patient ready for transfer to the cath lab. I am one stinking person! I am so sorry I was too busy saving someone's life to make sure you did YOUR job! You have the title of MD, not me. What were you doing ordering an MRI anyways??? The CT was negative. She needed to be sent to neurology asap, not sitting around here getting worse! There were 3 other nurses sitting at the desk with their thumbs up their butts, did you think to ask one of them to check on the MRI.... no you didn't. Don't tell me I am incompetent because you failed to do your job.

And Mom, I love you but because my sisters have both screwed up their lives is not my problem. I am not here, nor are you, to fix it. They are adults and need to figure it out themselves. If Sarah chooses to stay with that sperm donor and get treated like sh#@ that is her choice. She knows she can pack those kids and come move in with us at anytime, but she chooses to stay.

And to my Father in law, you are a mean horrible man. You have a wonderful son and don't know it. By the way, if you are going to act like you are better than others, then live up to it. You are a drunk and so is your younger son. You treat your son like he is dirt and that is why he doesn't speak to you. As for not liking me, I don't care. You can't deal with the fact that I am a women and I am going to speak my mind. Guess what your son loves me and the fact that I am strong!

Wow that really made me feel better!

One more thing.... to my neighbor. I have two dogs at times they bark, they are dogs, get over it. And no they are not barking all night long, they sleep at the end of my bed! And also if you are going to stand on the property line and stare at them, yes they will bark at you. Don't tell me you don't do this, I have watched you when you didn't think I was home. And one more thing, if I want to occasionally have a cigarette, bite me. I am 31 years old.

The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be- Konrad Lorenz
Do you ever find yourself getting really involved in other people's "say it, I dare you" 's ?

BrewCrew's "say it, I dare you" had me all:

Take that!
ya no good, lousy ba$tards!
Healing Women - Please help.
This ignorance and hatred needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

Why must people continue on doing things from the past, base their views on what happened in the past but only for negativity. It's ok to learn from the past and change but to look at what happened in the past and continue to have a negative mentality towards others isn't ok. "Minorities" as we are called aren't evil, we are humans just like whites, WE ARE EQUALS. There is no reason to fear a "minority" in power, we can do things just as good as any white person, if not better.
I'm tired of it all, and deeply sadden by thoughts of some whites. Can some of them ever get past the color of someone's skin? Can they accept that we are their fellow human being. What is in a color? What is in a name? Absolutely nothing!
I hope my generation and future generations can break out of this mental slavery that we are in, we can no longer live in this twilight zone and let our fellow human being suffer at the hands of another.
One day, just one day I hope it will change, and I hope I will be a part of that change.
Turtles: omg please don't put that in your moo moo

Nej: too late... moo moo has been infiltrated.
The "Yes to Prop 8" signs disgust me and the people who support it sadden me. What happened to tolerance? Civil rights? Heck, even "loving thy neighbor"? Is this what it means to be Christian? It's disgusting and hypocritical.
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