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my caramels are sort-of set, but they have officially and thoroughly FUSED with the wax paper. I know I should have used parchment. Is there anything I can do to get the wax paper off?
Originally Posted by CurlyEyes
Not much to do but peel it away as well as you can manage. Then cut like a boss!
I'd send you some parchment sheets if you had permission to receive things from strangers on the Internet.
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I thought I'd miss sugar more than I do.

Of course, I'm still getting some, but nothing like I used to.

I never imagined myself walking past what seems like a solid block of Valentine's Day chocolate with drooling.

How things change.
Ninja, you've gotten replies on the thread you started. You should check them out - they include a question for you!

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Yes I get it... I'm almost a foot taller than you... you don't have to stare. Geez haven't you ever seen a tall girl... just cause I'm taller than most of the guys in my classes doesn't mean I'm THAT WEIRD. And yes I get it... no guy wants to date a chic taller than him. At least I can see past the collarbone of a tall guy. You short people think you got it all bad.. but really guys think short girls are cute. And you with your funsized quotes... like geez we get it short is good! Thanks for estranging all us tall people!!!!!

... sorry if I offended people.. not an attack on short people or anything just an attack on people that think that the stares can't be seen from a downward angle.... yeh I'm 5'11.... and only... 15 :/

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It's official, my shop is a success Jesus himself bought a book from me this weekend.
Originally Posted by scrills
so... where's the picture?

Originally Posted by rouquinne

Jesus is busy. He purchased online
I haven't been counting but I think I just ate over 20 Lifesavers.

I think I may have to take tomorrow off work to work on my paper. There is no hope for me.
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in case anyone was waiting with bated breath about my caramels:

I heated up a cookie sheet, put the wax paper side down onto the sheet for a minute, then flipped it over and peeled the paper off pretty easily! I lost some caramel, but I think it'll make a full recovery. in my stomach.

hehe, thanks for the offer Saria, but I get the feeling my parents would be a little weirded out with me getting packages from an adult they don't know. can't imagine why
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

My friends are a lot more traditionally girly in their communication styles, and it makes me feel all scrunchy and weird inside when I get the "you never tell me things anymore!" comments or the guilt for not bonding through sharing secrets about myself. I'm trying to understand them and meet them halfway, but I'd really like them to accept somewhat that that's not how I naturally operate, and it doesn't mean I don't like you.
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Yes I get it... I'm almost a foot taller than you... yeh I'm 5'11.... and only... 15 :/
Originally Posted by TangledTorii
Tall is good. (Short is good too).
I'm in between, but I'd rather be taller than shorter.

Don't let other people's insecurities/jealousies get you down.

You only have 1 you; love her.
I also love that Korra's physical strength is so emphasized, especially with Aang's point of contrast - I am so in love with Avatar's creative team for their refusal to cling to nonsensical TV gender roles.

But hey just remember: at least you get to keep Dawn.

By the way, for some reason I was mixing up Warren and Andrew. Warren does actually manage to stay dead (by the way, he managed to keep his pants on when flayed). It's annoying little twerp Andrew who shows up on Angel. Because clearly we couldn't get enough of him.

I hope you get some ultra-cute, comfortable glasses so you can see better. And go away, heartburn!
Originally Posted by Saria

I seriously did a little fist pump over the fact that Warren stays dead. Hey, maybe even in her whacked-out state and knowing she was going to rip all the fleshy things away, Willow was disgusted enough by the idea of a pantsless Warren to keep them on. He was a remarkably disgusting character. Blondie is a whiny little twerp who I flat-out refuse to call by name, but at least he isn't Warren. Ugh. (Have you noticed the people rot13-ing on Mark Watches about how much they love the twerp? I see so many things in those comments that I just don't understand.)

Thank you for wishing me no more heartburn and cute, comfy glasses! I've been thinking about styles of frames and getting more into the idea.

One, I love that Lindsay likes Jessica Rabbit, because I do adore her for those exact reasons.

Wait . . . Aladdin?! Que the hell? Aladdin is so not hot as far as I'm concerned.

I cracked up at Frollo being on the list so much.

You know who needs to be on this list? Zuko. He's got all the necessary qualifications AND a sexy voice. Not quite Goliath level, but very nice nonetheless.

And now reading the comments: uh-uh Seto Kaiba and yep Mozenrath over Aladdin. Can definitely get behind Xanatos being on this list, too.
Originally Posted by Saria
I agree about Jessica Rabbit and pretty much all of your comments, especially what I bolded. I totally had a Nella moment over Mozenrath on here awhile back when I rewatched a couple of episodes on youtube. I was like, "Why does Aladdin have to win all the time, he's so stupid in the series and brains should win over brawn and Mozenrath has to go through having his hand eaten down to the bones for the power of the gauntlet and he's just so cool and complex and his voice is so hot and he's so much better!" I so love Nella's fansplosion for Thomas! That part cracked me up. She said everyone hates him, though. Is he generally disliked? I liked him when I watched Pocahontas.

Oh man, I was so not expecting Frollo. "A guy who'll blackmail you sexually..." I cosign Lindsay's "I'm kinda worried about you guys."
Originally Posted by wild_sasparilla
I barely remember Thomas in Pocahontas. Baby Christian Bale!
I think I was fairly indifferent.

Yeah, the Frollo thing is disturbing. I liked the comment that stated that the real life equivalent of Frollo would be Pat Robertson or the pope, and would any woman want to hit that? It's so true!

I do not get the Andrew love. I can sort of get Jonathan because he's like a Buffy Easter egg. Once you've watched you realize how often he was in episodes and it's kind of nifty. Plus he was the least despicable of the trio.
I'm anxious for you to get to the next episode. You will soon get some answers! And encounter people you don't like. And I may smile a little at how unprepared you are.

"Are you promoting fornication?"
Poor, virginal Todd.

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Ninj go get another tattoo!

My fat thumb will make mistakes.
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I'm baking cupcakes for my son's class Valentine's Day party tomorrow (yes, I know, it's almost 11 here lol). I'm making them with Ener-G egg replacer because of food allergies in the class. Theyre baking up light, fluffy, and moist, and taste great--a bit like a sugar cookie but less sweet because I always cut back on the sugar. I should be happy, right? They're perfect, after all! But I'm not. I just can't get over the fact that they just DON'T BROWN. Vanilla cupcakes are SUPPOSED TO get a beautiful golden brown color. It's not right I tell you!

Ah, well. A bunch of kindergartners won't care. I do, though. A LOT. I can't help it. I take pride in the things I bake and these cupcakes are sitting on the rack taunting me with their whiteness.
"...just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face." ~Harry Dresden

I really need to make some cupcakes.

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I think I might be late to this party but I love Hilary duff!!!! Lol
Grant me the patience and strength to get through my son's teen years! Hormones, tempers, aaarrrgghh!

Where's the "pulling hair out" emoticon?!

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I can sort of get Jonathan because he's like a Buffy Easter egg. Once you've watched you realize how often he was in episodes and it's kind of nifty. Plus he was the least despicable of the trio.
I'm anxious for you to get to the next episode. You will soon get some answers! And encounter people you don't like. And I may smile a little at how unprepared you are.

Just a Kiss

"Are you promoting fornication?"
Poor, virginal Todd.
Originally Posted by Saria
He really is! He was even that guy standing by the punch bowl at the loud, obnoxious party the Scoobies threw to avoid talking to Buffy. He's everywhere, so when his issue with being ignored comes to a head, you really get it. It's almost like you're one of those classmates seeing his face every day but never bothering to say hi. I really liked the character before his maturity and morality got a major downgrade to make him fit into the trio, and I can see people continuing to like him more than I can see finding Blondie charming.

I'm gonna watch the next episode after I watch Lupa's Subspecies 3 review. There are vampires in both, so...thematic? Maybe I'll be less afraid for my favorites' lives if I narrate things in her Radu voice.

Todd referenced "Goodbye Earl"! That is the only Dixie Chicks song I know besides "Landslide" and "Not Ready to Make Nice," and I found it on someone's imeem playlist back when that site existed. It's the funnest song about wife beating and homicidal vengeance I know!

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Downton Abbey seasons are too short!

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Kiva! Microfinance works.

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"Hey, check it out, this is fabulous!" "Give me that." "Aw, Mom! For reals!"

This review is hilarious. That is all. Gonna go back to watching it now.

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THE FLYING RADU IS THE BEST THING EVER okay I'm done, I'm going back.

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Warning: this is a recap. There's only about half a season left of this and then they'll no longer be in here.

Previously on Buffy, Jonathan's bad CGI blood, blah blah stuff SHOW ME A NON-BEHEADED GILES. Why are you cutting to the Scoobies? Quit toying with me! Ooh, just noticed that this episode is called "Never Leave Me" - more involvement from "Early One Morning"! Ugh, why is Blondie dressing like Spike and failing to be cool? Nice of the Big Bad to switch from Warren to Jonathan, though. Hee, I <3 you, Principal Wood! When Snyder threatened students, it was creepy because he really seemed to want to get them in trouble., if Flutie ever threatened students (I only remember how he died), no way could anyone take him seriously. When you threaten students, it's both effective and totally adorable. Dawn, ew. Stop saying gross things about stuff coming out of your sister's body to the principal. You know you didn't need to make up anything beyond "she's sick," you're just being nasty. Now, is tying a vampire, who are generally stronger than humans, to an ordinary wooden chair really the best thing you guys could think to do in this situation? Ah, I see, Buffy's there, too, in case he starts cracking the chair apart. Willow, your joke about killing Anya just reminds me that your evil self nearly did, so no more of that.

Ohhhhh, Blondie bumped into Willow! Willow is not happy to see him! Can we have some sort of loophole with that evil stuff? Or can he be so scared he runs into traffic and gets clobbered? Pretty pretty please?? EEE! He ran into an alley! There would be no witnesses! But of course she can't do it, because she's good now. Ugh, make him stop his fail monologue, Willow. Thank you! Also, I like the monologue you've given him in return. It would've really soared if your power could've manifested physically, maybe in just a little glowing or voice changing or anime hair wind, but I get that you're worried badassery will lead to bad deeds, so whatever. Yay, keep tying those ropes too tight, Xander! I like this no-more-nice-guy-because-you're-a-douche interrogation style you've got going. Anya wins, though, because she gave him the backhand! Awesome! It's great seeing you two jubilant that your good cop/bad cop thing worked. Buffy's conversation with Spike just now was nice but I had no comment on it, but oh, the continued interrogation of Blondie. Oh, how it pleases me! I feel like he totally knew that Xander's bit about Anya replacing "this guy's" heart with darkness was just a metaphor for his sadness about losing her because he left her at the altar like a dolt and was just humoring him by saying it was awful, though. Xander seems to have realized it, too: "And then she tore out his intestines and rubbed them on his face and took pictures." "Oh GOD!" Bwahahahaha, Anya got too into it and slapped Xander in the face! He's so shocked! She's mouthing she's sorry, and now she's beating up Blondie again! He is so funny when he's getting hurt, I swear this would be almost as amusing to me if I'd never had to deal with his character before. Aaaahahahaha!! Buffy walked in all "Everything okay?" and Anya smiles and looks up from her preparation-for-punching pose and says, "Fine," and Buffy just nods and says "Okay" and leaves.

Yup, more of the song, so Spike is not okay. The line about "keeping himself company" is a nice little pun. It's cool how this villain's control over dead people's images and knowledge lets it torment the already-dead character wearing the character's own face. Aaand he breaks the chair. I knew this would happen. WHOA, I didn't know this would happen! Blondie's in the middle of spilling his guts to Anya and Xander, and Spike just reaches straight through the wall and pulls him in and starts chomping! Ouch, then Spike becomes lucid again and sees he's done something wrong and then gets kicked in the head. The line about him not seeming to want anything to do with her and just charging at the wall brings up a really funny image out of context. Now Xander is explaining how the song must be a trigger, saying that that's a mechanism the military uses in the brainwashing of sleeper agents. I've never seen Dollhouse, but I know its premise, and I am totally seeing subtext where there is none. Evidence that Whedon likes to talk about brainwashing? Principal Wood, there is ominous music and eerie lighting in that hallway! Be on your guard, man! Wait, what did you just narrow your eyes an think about? Why are you going down to the basement? What's going on? Should I fear for your safety or your apparent goodness? You know exactly where you're going, and you just sort of see the dead guy on the odd symbol and nod and sigh. ??? What emotion are you feeling?

Spike's chained up in the basement now. I guess the tying him to a chair thing was just to be nice, or a passive way to get rid of a chair they didn't want. Hm, we will never truly know if Spike's just saying stuff to try in vain to make Buffy want to kill him or if he really did do all those things, but since he was a demon, I think he totally did. Not sure if I can say "he" did it, though, judging by the Angel/Angelus dichotomy. Anyway, I freaking love that Spike doesn't get to define what Buffy is feeling. She refuses to grant him that right, takes back the reins of her own narrative and tells him exactly what she's really thinking and feeling, because she is the one who actually knows. She doesn't have to let him tell her that she "needs" men who hurt her; she shuts him down and informs him that she's keeping him alive because she saw that he's penitent and truly changed. James Marsters truly sells the moment when she tells him, "I believe in you, Spike," which coupled with SMG's delivery keeps the line from being corny, but that still doesn't stop her from being immediately bludgeoned for it. In bust the robed men to club all the Scoobies! Um, Principal Wood? A-are you burying Jonathan? Did you seriously just sense a dead body under your school and then drive it to this sketchy location and bury it under cover of night? It is clearly your apparent goodness I should fear for. Fight, Scoobies, fight! Oh snap, more robey dudes! Fight harder! Dawn's actually a pretty competent fighter now - until it's time for a dramatic pause and a rescue from Xander. I like that Buffy gets to be the one who knows how all this connects and what they're fighting: The First.

Whoa, what - what just happened? The head Watcher guy was all, time to go to the Hellmouth! And he quoted some stuff and was being all epic, and then an outside shot of what seems to be the building they're in and then a rather shoddy explosion of said building. Did - did the Watchers Council just go boom? Are they all dead now? How did this come to pass? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Now Spike's getting strapped up and bled over some metal contraption that opens a pit, releasing what I assumed is The First. His makeup is far better than Radu's, he's got lots of spiky teeth rather than Nosferatu-like front fangs and he's got animal eyes and his head's all bulbous and stuff, but since he's all gray and icky and claw-fingered, I'm not gonna lie, I see a resemblance. Also, his roar of triumph at his return sounds kind of like a loud, grumbling "YEEEAAAAHHHHH" to me, so...I'm not laughing out loud, but this is not giving me the "oh crap" reaction it probably should. I'm still scratching my head at all the questions the show just brought up.

Also, I didn't get to see Giles live. I want to see Giles live.

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