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Why are people so full of hatred? Hatred isn't something to be proud of.
Originally Posted by Chocolate Curls
Neither is stupidity - that seems to be running rampant as well!
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.
No, you didn't! What are you trying to say?
No, you didn't! What are you trying to say?
Originally Posted by Chocolate Curls
Aside from calling you stupid? j/k

I was jumping on your bandwagon - hatred and stupidity are two things that irk me. Stop yur stoopid hatin!
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.
Due to a major investor buying my company and purchasing my stock options, I will be getting a big check in a few weeks.
It is big.
It is larger than my annual salary.
I am very excited and planning what I will do with this unexpected cash. But I don't want to talk about it because there is no possible way I can think of to discuss this without sounding unbelievably gauche. So I will continue to refer to it as 'just a little bonus'. Quit asking me about it.
To my teachers:

This is college, not a race. Please stop trying to cram 3 chapters into each class and then expect us to spend the rest of our waking moments trying to decipher what the hell you were talking about. Because all our other teachers are doing the same thing to us, and there's only so many hours in a day.
Originally Posted by agent compassion
I totally agree with this one.
A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. ~Thomas Jefferson
J: You are an idiot. How dare you imply I made it up that I have endo, so what if it didn't cause your mum a problem (besides how would she know she's got it if it didn't cause a problem?), it has caused me a problem - excruciating agony to be exact. The NHS don't do surgery or put 24 year olds through the menopause for nothing. Stupid *****. You're studying Radiography? Great you'll do ultrasounds too then, they're not just used for looking at babies, they're also used for looking at guess what - endometriosis. You also have ugly, over-processed hair.

To stupid endo: why me?
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
my exhusband:

you told me to quit my job because "women shouldn't work," wanted me to pop out babies we couldn't afford, told me that I was raised incorrectly, that because I wasn't baptized by getting dunked that it didn't matter, tried to turn my friends against me, accused me of cheating on you, tried complaining about how "horrible" I was to my mom, wouldn't take me to your parent's house (then told them I didn't want to go) and THREW OUT MY CAT.

But I'm the selfish one. Right. Have fun with that.

And you're a pathetic daddy's boy who's afraid of change. You're 27. Move out on your own and get your own car.

And while I'm thinking about it, stop complaining to people about me. It's been 3 1/2 years- time for you to move on.


I love you so much, but you need to let the past be the past. The future is what's important and what you can control. Move on.

Yes, you're smart. VERY smart. You're also articulate, knowledgeable and equipted with a decent amout of common sence. And guess what? So are other people. The fact that someone else might also know what they're doing is not a threat to you. You're just as capable with them around.

I had cats when we met and when we agreed to live together. Stop *****ing about them, kay?


stop trying to make up for being a crap dad by sucking up with material possesions.

Stop asking if "that guy" is still living with me.

Boss' Boss:

You're a self-serving, evil, woman-hating, insecure, overpaid, ignorant, racist, clueless a**hole. F**k off and die.

Stop bad-mouthing your wife, your kids and step kids.

Why do you work here? You have no CLUE what's going on half the time...

Stop taking so much preverse JOY in catching someone doing something "wrong." Everyone sees that you scour the place looking for a reason to write people up or yell at them. It's not out fault you're short, bald with a 1 inch d**k who feels he needs to prove something.

Give your employees some credit. We aren't the worthless morons you think we are.


your boss is an idiot. Yes, he saved you from getting fired over something dumb, but that doesn't mean you need to stand up for everything he wants.

occational horny trucker:

you've been in that truck for 6,000 miles and have showered twice in that amount of time. No, I'm not sleeping with you.

Everyone else:

-Yes, my hair's curly. No, I'm not black, jewish or any other ethinicity other that LILLY EFFING WHITE. And, yes I'm okay with this. Just because you have smooth blonde hair doesn't mean everyone else from northern europe should.

-No I'm not straightening it, either.

-And stop touching it. You're creepy.

-I'm tall too.

-I've noticed all of the above before you pointed them out to me. Shut. Up.

-Oh, and stop asking me to get stuff from the high up shelves. Get a dammed step-stool.

-Yes, I really am that pale. And I'd rather be pale than have skin cancer, so stop asking about tanning.

-Yes, I'm living with a man who's not my husband. I'm even having sex with him. If you knew the man that used to be my husband, you'd understand why. He's a good man and marriage is a moot point. Marriage is a peice of paper and an ancient form of currency, not a status symbol or a means to complete yourself.

-I've worked the same schedule for 5 years: wed-sat 7pm to 7am. LEARN IT and stop calling me at 3pm to "see if I'm up" then complain that I never answer the phone.

-Just because I actually eat my veggies doesn't mean I'm on a diet. It means I eat healthy. Put down the cheesesteak once in a while.
Sarah - 3B/C, CG since 11/25/05

DevaCurl and Jessicurl rock my hair care world.

My Hair Journal

To her:

You used me.
you didn't respect my other commitments.
You didn't respect my concerns.
You have a giant ego.
You just assumed that I'd always be there at your beck and call, and gave me the guilt trip when I wasn't able to be there anymore.
Is it any wonder I haven't called you back in 6 months?
Why is it that you never THINK about why people run away from you?
Why is it you never ask yourself what YOU might have done?

THAT'S why I haven't called you back in 6 months.
THAT'S why I 'lost' your number.
THAT'S why your project is in ruins 2 months after it was finished.

Have a nice life. Don't ever call me again.
I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
To my dad:

Just don't even start in on my weight this time. I wasn't 'too skinny' then and I won't get 'too skinny' now. The reason my spine sticks out is because it's friggin' CROOKED, not because I'm underweight.

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
To my DH:

Please, please, please stop asking me on a nightly basis how the problem is doing. It's still there. It didn't get here overnight and it won't disappear overnight. And every time you get on me about it, it makes it that much harder for me to find a reason to solve it.

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
To "friend"- You make me so angry. You are a hypocrit in the way you treat your "boyfriend". You have strung him along for 7 years, in case you found something better and you have cheated on him for much less than better. You get irrationally jealous and mad at him for things that are not one tenth as bad as the things you do. You are selfish. You constantly reassure yourself and want me to reassure you that you are gorgeous and perfect. You're not. You're conceited. I wish you didn't act as selfishly as you do. You could be mad like you usually are, only if it's because it's towards people doing things you'd never do. You get mad at people for doing things you do ALL THE TIME and you do worse. Sigh. I wish I had more friends to choose from.
Wow - I read all of these and they are amazing...sometimes it just helps to vent for no reason other than to get things off your chest.

So here goes:

To DH's father - I don't care that you are have cancer and could possibly die. I tried to like you and gave you many chances but you are such a selfish a$$ that I couldn't possibly keep it up. You were not a good father to DH, I know he forgives a lot more than I do - after all he is your son but frankly, just because you are sick doesn't change my mind about you. What goes around comes around. I know it is unChristian to say but I'm sure when your time finally comes you will rot in hell. To DH's family - DH is overseas dealing with his own issues. He knows that his father is sick. I have encouraged him to call him and even asked him multiple times if he has done so. He has not and is not sure he is going to. His father may die without speaking to him and I'm okay with that. His father never said goodbye or good luck either time he left for Iraq. DH could have died without speaking to his father and no one seemed to think there was anything wrong with that.

To the military wives (or husbands) who constantly complain about your "situation" - guess what - we are all in the same situation. Loved ones are gone for extended periods of time. You are not special. No one should put you on a pedastal because your spouse is deployed. And no one told you to have three screaming brats that you cannot control anyway. The wing commander does not care that you have kids and want your husband to come home from Iraq. Guess what? It's not happening. Also, you could every once in awhile try to discipline your children. I know a lot of you were really young when you had kids but you are still parents...act like it. And remember, people without children are not less important. We still constitute a family. We have issues too. And stop complaining about how healthcare sucks in the military - it doesn't. You would pay a ton for the same care if you were a civilian. Stop complaining about how you have no money when you don't work. You could get a job but you choose not to...don't look down on me because I work. I am not any less of a person because I am childless and choose to work. And how can you afford two brand new cars and new clothes without a job?

To all the people who want to know when we are going to have children - none of your f'ing business! Someday but not today.

To my crazy neighbor - Get a job. You say you cannot work because you are raising your grandkids. They are in HIGH SCHOOL! You live in gov't subsidized housing and do not pay anything to live there. It sickens me that you live in the same neighborhood as me for free when I actually have a mortgage that is due every month. You have plenty of money to purchase all of the Bud Light that I see in your trash can on trash day so I think you can chip in for your rent.
What an interesting and..... cathartic thread!

To my friend J: Sweetie, you know I love you. You have a good heart and a sense of humor that makes me giggle. But for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP throwing yourself at every guy who shows a remote bit of interest in you!! Half the time, they're just flirting idly with you-- after all, you are very pretty. And half the time, they're flirting with you because they know your reputation. They know you'll give them what they want because frankly, you have little or no self-respect. And then they break up with you because you get clingy and call them ten times a day. For crying out loud, have some self-respect and learn to be YOURSELF! Not "J, C's girlfriend" or "J, W's girlfriend" or "J, M's girlfriend." Just J! Be a person who enjoys living and being herself! I try to listen to your sob stories, hun, but it gets really old when you do the same things over and over, expecting each time that "this guy is different." Don't gripe to me about "it's not fair"-- because "fair" is exactly what it is. If you act like a 'ho, that's how guys will treat you. And you won't get much sympathy from girls who DON'T act that way.
Previously Joy4ever.
Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
To AR: I love you to death, you're like a sister to me, but you seriously need to re-evaluate how your handling this whole situation. Obviously it's not working. Try to think from her point of view- the fact that she got hurt over something stupid is a moot point because she got hurt. It doesn't matter how or why, just that she did, and that we need to do something to help her. Get used to the fact that she's easily hurt and doesn't take well to your style of communication.

To C: You're also like a sister to me, but listen up, and listen good:
- You need to tell us why you're upset. Don't try to say I'm fine, or I'm not angry, because you're a crappy liar. We can't help fix the problem if you won't tell us what it is. We're not going to purposefully hurt you, but don't try and make it all our fault if you won't tell us a thing.

- Congratulations, you're human; you have faults. You aren't perfect, and aren't who you want to be: the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can move on.

To M: Get a heart. I love you, but your head is taking over that wonderful soul that's beneath all the sarcasm and analyitcal-ness. Try to loosen up a little. E's helping with that, but please, try.

To AH: Don't let illusions you've created for yourself hold you back. There's a really neat person in there beneath the happy creation everyone thinks you are, and even beneath the dark waters that lie under that. If you ever need to talk, call me.

Just general ranting:

It's really hard to be friends to two people that currently hate each other. I'm sick and tired of being Switzerland in all this, but I'm also sick and tired of taking sides. I just want them to sit down, shut up, and listen to me. It's the control freak in me, but seriously- if they can't solve their problems by themselves, let me play Dr. Phil. I'd rather do that than try to talk to one person, then try not to ignore the other.
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No I don't have kids, never had kids, never wanted kids, never will have kids. I prefer cats.

And speaking of cats, if you are allergic to cats don't come to my house, if you don't like cats, don't come to my house. My cat lives here, this is her house.

Yes I smoke, I smoke alot, I smoke in my own car and my own house and will continue to do so til I die of lung cancer. If it bothers you, stay away.

Yes, I have piercings and tattoos. If you don't like them, don't look at me.

I go to work at 10am and have gone to work at 10am for the past 26 years. If you call my office at 8am I will not be there. No I am not running late, no I am not home sick, I just don't go to work til 10!

He divorced you 11 years ago. He is not going back to you because you are an evil, lazy, useless, psychopathic, lying, crazy, worthless b***ch. He hates you, I hate you, everybody hates you. And yes, you are the world's worst mother. If you crawl off somewhere and die the world will be a better place.

I have worked full time since I was 18, I buy my own houses and cars, I pay my own bills, balance my checkbook, give to charity, volunteer, I'm politically active, I take care of my parents, my boyfriend, my stepdaughter. Please don't tell me you can't work because your leg hurts everyday. That just pisses me off.

My last name has been the same for 49 years, when I was single, when I was married, when I was single again. It will always be the same. Don't call me Mrs. anybody. I will never be another person's property.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since 2-2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
[/quote="jeepcurlygurl"]My last name has been the same for 49 years, when I was single, when I was married, when I was single again. It will always be the same. Don't call me Mrs. anybody. I will never be another person's property.

I know I am not supposed to comment but AMEN Sister!!!!!!!!
To everyone stirring up this 'cartoon controversy':

To the media: Freedom of speech is sacred, I get that. The original cartoon was an expression of frustration with that particular religious custom. You were within your rights to print/reprint those things. HOWEVER, that doesn't excuse you of some responsibility for the fallout. It doesn't take a genius to realise that printing something potentially offensive will offend someone. You wouldn't print an anti-Christian cartoon, or a pornographic one, so don't play innocent now. You've gotten a lot of attention and new subscribers out of this, so stop pretending you're 'shocked' about the outcome.

To the protestors: Please remember that every time you protest and burn flags and get hot under the collar, you are reinforcing the Western stereotype that all Muslims are psychos. You are an ambassador for your religion when you protest in public. I realise that there will always be bigoted jerks and clueless people, but that isn't an excuse to be undignified. You look like jerks. If you want to be seen as a peaceful faith, then stop letting your lunatic fringe steal the show.

To the anti-Islamic folks: This has nothing to do with you. Your treating this as an opportunity to bash a faith you know NOTHING about is making things worse. Please put your head even further up your ass so that the world doesn't have to hear your uninformed opinions anymore.

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
To my obese, piggish coworker:

If you insist on eating those salt and fat laden Banquet microwave dinners please do so in your office. If for one more day I have to watch you devour your lunch like a starving hyena who's afraid someone's going to steal it away, I might just lose MY lunch.

The second reason behind my request: If I can somehow manage to keep myself from hurling there is also the possibility of me snickering uncontrollably when you keel over at the table from a heart attack. I am afraid that this would give me an unsavory reputation with the rest of the staff.

Do you think you are in a competition to be the fattest person in the office? If so, congratulations you won. You will be getting your trophy any day now.

[Insert puking smily here.]

To be noted: This post may stem from the fact that I am jealous that this man-beast has a bigger rack than me.

Disclaimer: I do not feel this way about all overweight people. Just the sweaty, smelly one I work with. I truly feel compassion for anyone who struggles with their weight.
Location: Bluffton, SC
You know what [name] I am tired of trying with you. I am really sorry that you have let your life become so crappy. In the five plus years that I have known you, closely, and tried to be your friend I have extended myself above and beyond what regular friends do. I know you don't understand that since you have no friends. When I told you to get out, I wasn't being hurtful, I was being helpful. I didn't lie about my past to make you feel better or worse, I told you so that you would see there is a life after that type of ordeal. But you are choosing to continue to lie in the bed that you've made, this renags any RIGHT you have to complain. For the last time LEAVE. Although you have been a completely insensitive, selfish, dishonest and underhanded friend, no one should be in the situation that you have allowed yourself to be in. I am loosing pateience. I have no sympathy for the self inflicted. I offered you a a way out and you passivly spat in my face. I am done. Do not come to me when it is too late. Becasue I am not strong enough to shut the door on you. You need to grow up, get a brain and stop treating people like crap just becasue that is how you are treated.

I am sorry but somone had to tell you, and your don't actually hear it when it comes from me in a nice way. Why do I have to be brutal for you to pay attention?

PS. It is NOT going to get any better! How many times do oyu have to "Start Over" before you get that?

ETA: wow, that sounds so Harsh. Good thing I don't say what I think without thining about how the other person hears it. I would never talk to someone like this, but I sure do think it about this one. I am evil.
To be noted: This post may stem from the fact that I am jealous that this man-beast has a bigger rack than me.
Originally Posted by aptheislandgirl

On the same subject....To the costume designer at the opera... If you're designing an outfit for someone with man boobs, you should design an outfit which can fit around them, without hugging them and showing off their shape. You should be fired for that. No one puts on weight *that* quickly that you can come up with a legitimate excuse.

To him. If you're not honest with me, you'll lose me before you even had me. We both know what your feelings are, but if you won't admit them, I'm going to pretend they don't exist, because you're asking me to by refusing to let me in on them. If you're honest....we can deal. I know right now isn't the right time for many things, but openness and honesty? It is the right time for those.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!

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