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To K:
Yes, I had fun with you and we were great friends, but it was when you were available and when you wanted to hang out. I'm sorry you felt "left out" when I had cancer, but guess what?? You're too high-maintenance!! You have massive mood swings and want the world to bow at your feet. I'm sorry if I'm "too busy" to be at your beck and call, but I have a life. Lying to your 6-year-old daughter and telling her we were "too busy" to come to her birthday party without even asking us is evil and will karmically bite you in the ass one day.

To D:
I don't know how it happened, but I find it awfully odd that you got pregnant a month after your husband told my husband he didn't want children and after you told a mutual friend that you're the one taking birth control, so it's all in your power. I find you incredibly creepy to be around now.

To B:
Stop making conversation with me. I find you weird and creepy and don't like talking to you because you weird me out.

To L:
Stop making everything a competition. I can't talk to you about anything now without you going on and on and on about every gig you get. I can't even share with you which gigs I do now because I feel weird about it. You're the one who decided to have children knowing your husband wouldn't help with them, so don't complain that you can't make as many gigs because of them. And people tell me they like my playing better than yours, nyah.

To J: Please stop touching my hair. You make me very uncomfortable.

*Whew* This is like getting a really good massage!
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Why yes, this is a book on Tudor history. Black folks, there is nothing wrong with being smart. It can be a good thing. There's nothing wrong with actually (gasp!) liking to read. I hated Waiting to Exhale and I hate Terry McMillan's other books, too. There seems to be nothing that raises a Black woman's ire (besides seeing a Black guy with a White/other race girl, nother topic altogether) than seeing another Black woman who's really smart. And no, it's not like I go around spouting useless facts and being a bratty nerd, so it's NOT my problem, it's yours. To quote Huey from the Boondocks comic, "READ, DUMMY!!!"


Remember the lecture Tyra Banks gave YaYa about "not being so smart all the time"? Do you think she'd have said that to a White person? NO!!!

Black folks, it's OKAY to be from somewhere else other than the ghetto or the 'hood--and to be proud of it. I grew up in the backwoods of VA, surrounded by forests, creeks, and good ol' VA peanut fields. I grew up running wild in the woods, fishing the lakes and creeks, deer-hunting with my dad, and piling in the pack of the pickup truck with aaaalllll my cousins and riding down country roads. I trapped crayfish, caught frogs and bugs, and could shoot a 30-ought-six pretty well, back in the day. I know how to husk corn, plant a garden, hull peas, shell butterbeans, and hoe crops. My family drank water from a natural spring down the road whenever drought dried up our well.

Every Black person is NOT from the 'hood/urban area/projects. We weren't rich, but we had everything we needed. Yes, I KNOW every single image and song about people of color ever made shows urban Black people. Yes, I KNOW that we're supposed to hate all things "country" and to aspire to big-brand labels and Louis Vuitton bags. But you know what? I MISS the sweet smell of springtime back home, when every damn thing was in bloom. I miss fishing. I miss the taste of the water from the natural spring down the road at Spring Church. I miss the sound the trees in the forest made when the wind would blow. I LOVE THE COUNTRY, I AM AN INTELLIGENT BLACK CHICK FROM THE COUNTRY, AND I AM DAMNED PROUD OF IT!
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To all women, especially those without kids:

Try being without a man. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Live a year on your own (six months, even!) either by yourself or with a female roommate. Don't even bring a guy home. Go out and do stuff. Experience the sheer bliss of mixing cookie dough at 3 a.m. and deciding, "hell, I'll just eat all the dough, right now, and not even wash the dishes afterwards."

Go see a movie, by yourself. Go to another town for the weekend. Just do it without a man. Pump your own gas, pay your own bills, buy your own stuff. Take that road that you always drove by and wondered, "I wonder where that road goes?"

If a guy shows some interest, just tell him, "I'm really not looking for a relationship right now. I'm just enjoying being on my own."

You'll be amazed at what you discover. And by the way, stop showing shock when you find that I pump my own gas and buy my own stuff.
To 'E':

You need to grow up or shut up. Nobody thinks you're funny or smart or important. Every time we get together as a group you have to be the centre of attention. Even when it's someone else's special day, you have to do something to derail it.

If I EVER see you pull a stunt again like the one you did today, I will cut you out of my life for good. That was shameful, disgraceful, and completely lacking in compassion.

Piss off.

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
So you finally realized you're a troll and that the world doesn't revolve around you. That's nice, but I don't think you really understand the whole concept. Otherwise you wouldn't be wanting kudos because you realized you're a troll and the world doesn't revolve around you
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins
I am sorry I ruined your life. I am sorry I wasn't what you hoped I'd be after everything you sacrificed.
In Other Worlds, they Call me Taliska
my exhusband:

you told me to quit my job because "women shouldn't work," wanted me to pop out babies we couldn't afford, told me that I was raised incorrectly, that because I wasn't baptized by getting dunked that it didn't matter, tried to turn my friends against me, accused me of cheating on you, tried complaining about how "horrible" I was to my mom, wouldn't take me to your parent's house (then told them I didn't want to go) and THREW OUT MY CAT.

But I'm the selfish one. Right. Have fun with that.

And you're a pathetic daddy's boy who's afraid of change. You're 27. Move out on your own and get your own car.

And while I'm thinking about it, stop complaining to people about me. It's been 3 1/2 years- time for you to move on.


I love you so much, but you need to let the past be the past. The future is what's important and what you can control. Move on.

Yes, you're smart. VERY smart. You're also articulate, knowledgeable and equipted with a decent amout of common sence. And guess what? So are other people. The fact that someone else might also know what they're doing is not a threat to you. You're just as capable with them around.

I had cats when we met and when we agreed to live together. Stop &%$@#! about them, kay?


stop trying to make up for being a crap dad by sucking up with material possesions.

Stop asking if "that guy" is still living with me.

Boss' Boss:

You're a self-serving, evil, woman-hating, insecure, overpaid, ignorant, racist, clueless a**hole. F**k off and die.

Stop bad-mouthing your wife, your kids and step kids.

Why do you work here? You have no CLUE what's going on half the time...

Stop taking so much preverse JOY in catching someone doing something "wrong." Everyone sees that you scour the place looking for a reason to write people up or yell at them. It's not out fault you're short, bald with a 1 inch d**k who feels he needs to prove something.

Give your employees some credit. We aren't the worthless morons you think we are.


your boss is an idiot. Yes, he saved you from getting fired over something dumb, but that doesn't mean you need to stand up for everything he wants.

occational horny trucker:

you've been in that truck for 6,000 miles and have showered twice in that amount of time. No, I'm not sleeping with you.

Everyone else:

-Yes, my hair's curly. No, I'm not black, jewish or any other ethinicity other that LILLY EFFING WHITE. And, yes I'm okay with this. Just because you have smooth blonde hair doesn't mean everyone else from northern europe should.

-No I'm not straightening it, either.

-And stop touching it. You're creepy.

-I'm tall too.

-I've noticed all of the above before you pointed them out to me. Shut. Up.

-Oh, and stop asking me to get stuff from the high up shelves. Get a dammed step-stool.

-Yes, I really am that pale. And I'd rather be pale than have skin cancer, so stop asking about tanning.

-Yes, I'm living with a man who's not my husband. I'm even having sex with him. If you knew the man that used to be my husband, you'd understand why. He's a good man and marriage is a moot point. Marriage is a peice of paper and an ancient form of currency, not a status symbol or a means to complete yourself.

-I've worked the same schedule for 5 years: wed-sat 7pm to 7am. LEARN IT and stop calling me at 3pm to "see if I'm up" then complain that I never answer the phone.

-Just because I actually eat my veggies doesn't mean I'm on a diet. It means I eat healthy. Put down the cheesesteak once in a while.
Originally Posted by betweenshades
I know we're not supposed to comment on these, but I love reading them and betweenshades - if you're ever in NY and want to go bar-hopping and hang out - call me because from this post you so rock!!!
Originally Posted by CurlieGlamourGirlie
lol, will do!
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i just feel like saying this...

in the words of Rhonetta: bow down, *****!

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.
What the hell were you thinking??? Were you thinking?
Pattaya Heights Condos Prathumnak

Last edited by goldencurly; 08-30-2011 at 09:05 AM.
You (not golden ) are the most annoying freakin' person and I wish you would just least from my life.
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.
African Americans can be racist, too. You have to be the change you wish to see in the world, right?
Why did you design a scenario that is virtually impossible for my side to defend? It's ridiculous - I've been through the whole thing a dozen times and every avenue has been blocked. The only teeny weeny hope was the element of surprise, but we have to swap arguments, meaning that the other side will have plenty of time to demolish ours. I know what their arguments will be, and they are unassailable. I'm going to look like an idiot and it's not my fault.

Stop stealing my socks! I hadn't even worn some of those yet. I happen to be very possessive over my socks.

Yours is not the only module I've got. Setting a 100 page judgment to be read within a week does not fill me with glee, especially when it's exceptionally tedious and difficult.

I'm getting fed up with you only wanting to talk to me when it suits you. I'm not here just for you to while away the hours when you're bored. It's a two way thing. I don't mind talking over your problems, but it might be nice if you gave a damn about mine.

To people on the bus:
Do not wear strong aftershave/perfume. While, I grant you, it's better than body odour, I don't appreciate nearly suffocating with the stench.

Don't open the window when it's sub-zero temperatures and/or raining. While this might help with the stinky people, it also leave me feeling even more sorry for myself than I was feeling before.

It's not big, and it's not clever to talk in a very loud voice to your friends. I don't want to hear about what you got up to at that party last weekend. I don't want to hear how drunk you got or where you will get cannabis from. I'm not interested or impressed.

Same goes to the people talking loudly on mobile phones. No-one cares or thinks you're important when you talk about work in a loud voice. It's just selfish. And if I hear 'I'm on the bus' once more, I'll scream. No, really, I will.
And to the person who said 'I'm like John Lennon I am' - I'M SURE YOU'RE NOT!

I've got nothing against you eating, but why oh why for the love of all that is holy do you have to sit right behind me when the bus is virtually empty, and noisily consume smelly food. It makes me want to throw up. Double points if it's crisps, triple points if it's sandwiches in a foil wrapper. All the damn points if you've got a picnic.

Personal stereos can be a good way to while away a long bus journey, but do you see the crucial word there? Yes, it's PERSONAL. Meaning that I do not want to have to hear your music, which is rubbish anyway.

The whole point of the front seat is the view. Don't hog it and then read a book the whole journey.

Has your bag bought a ticket? No? Well move it then and let me sit down.
To them:

What freakin' century are you living in? Your kid's blues are not caused by 'evil spirits' - he's probably being bullied at school, or he's too smart for the class and getting antsy. God's not going to magically fix that, that's YOUR job as the parent - and NOT with an a ******** exorcism ceremony. Please sterilise yourself NOW.

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to asnwer or question what was wrote, but does this have to deal with anything you e-mailed me about?
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Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to asnwer or question what was wrote, but does this have to deal with anything you e-mailed me about?
Originally Posted by loopy Liz

Yes, I love you. Care a whole lot about you. But you ain't the only man on the planet. We had lots of potential, but the sex left a lot to be desired. I totally respected the fact that you "weren't ready" to start a relationship. I never sweated you, didn't call you ten times a day. Never, ever, ever. Never even broached the subject with you. You gave us the label "friends". Had you known better you would've found another word to describe us, cause to be my friend you have to rise above, my brotha! My friends (male and female) are the best people on earth. They take care of me, and I them. I love them. I tell them so. Yes, I am blessed to have this kind of love in my life. Too bad you can't be a part of this....

Does it make you feel good to be a man who only knows how to take and not give? I am a great person, and any moron on the street would be honored to be my man or date me, but not you. Are you slow? LOL. How dare you try to keep me on hold! I'll share my great cooking with someone else. I invite someone else to all the great shows I have access to. I can talk and hang out with any damn body.

Rest assured, I will gnaw my own hand off before I pick up the phone to EVER call you again. Don't hate you at all. But its got to be done. You have lots of admirers, I know. But the void will only be bigger without me in the equation. You admitted the rest of the h*es got on your nerves.

Your ex is somewhere giving he*d to somebody else. Get over it!
Originally Posted by j'adore
EXACTLY what she said, and please stop calling me at all wee hours of the night wanting to "talk". I'm tired. Stop acting all nervous and anxious all of a sudden when you hear I'm trying to move out West. Really, this is NOT the time. You had your chance!!! Now maybe as much as I've been there for you, you'll only realize it once I'm gone-I'm moving for me-gotta do what I gotta do. Figure yourself out and get ish together; try being there for me for a change and once again, your gonna be sorry you threw around that word "friend" so much--later, I'm soo outta here
I am terrible with money. I am working on it, its not going to happen overnight but my mistakes are getting farther apart so I am proud of digging myself slowly out of the hole I ignorantly dug myself into.
I can take care of myself. I am not any braver or stronger then you are but I pity you for not realizing what you can do.
I am hurt you didnt want me in you wedding, not just because I wanted to wear the ugly dress but because I wanted you to want me there. I wanted you to ask for my help on your big day and I wanted you to let me stand by your side like I always have. I think you are a hypocric.
I lived my life in a way I was not proud of. I changed. I am ok with things now and no I dont want to go get drunk and sleep around. Im not like that anymore and that doesnt make me a bad person.
Everyone at work
I dont take any **** from anyone, I tell it like it is...but Im not a *****, Im just confident in myself...or maybe I am a *****. Why dont you grow some balls or even a spine and quit laying down for everyone else. You are capable of standing up for youself and if you arent then go whine to someone who cares. I question authority and dont quit just because the answer is 'because thats how we always have done it', thats just not good enough for me.
I hate when you touch my hair. I like being alone and I am even ok with traveling alone, sleeping alone, flying alone and maybe even a couple weeks alone at home with just my cat, dog and a few good books. I do not need you to tell me I need to get out more.
You need to grow up. Realize what you are made of and settle down. You are a big boy now, act like one.
You are awesome and its ok that you dont want to date me. I accept that and will be jealous if you start hanging out with other girls. I think I am the girl for you.

I have a secret and I want to scream it out but I cant. Maybe in a couple weeks. I love having this secret even though I will get alot of grief from you all. I ahve a great life and can make my own choices, I dont need you to tell me I shouldnt have done it. Its already done. And I am happy. I am not hurting anyone and after you let the news set in then you will all be happy too but please, spare me the heart to hearts about makeing the wrong choices, they are your choices, not mine. I am in control of my own life. I have to live it my way. I will suceed, even if you say its the 'hard' way. I dont think anything worth while is ever done the 'easy' way. Im sorry you raised me so I could live my life nice and easy but you also raised me to think for myself, take care of myself and make my own life choices. Its a double edged sword. Dealwith it.

(Wow, that was pretty empowering)
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"

I'm getting fed up with you only wanting to talk to me when it suits you. I'm not here just for you to while away the hours when you're bored. It's a two way thing. I don't mind talking over your problems, but it might be nice if you gave a damn about mine.
EXACTLY!!! and what the hell makes you think i'm your wife?!
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins

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