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Stressed to the max.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
so whos doing the Gangnam Style?

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Clearly I missed something if suddenly people are suspended!

But I'm glad they aren't permanently gone, this place would be dull without them!
Never mind -found it.

I figured it would be that thread lol.

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Posting from the grave because I died from the cuteness:

Never mind -found it.

I figured it would be that thread lol.

Iroc - naughty naughty. Thou knows thou must not question The Moderators.
Originally Posted by kat180

The irony of a board of feminists who aren't allowed to speak their mind.

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take as much time as you need - we will all be here for you when you get back.
Originally Posted by rouquinne
This, as well as more hugs and the hope that you both have enough of them in real life and have givers of hugs that completely understand if you don't want them right now.


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If we want better, we need to make it happen for us. Those around us don't get it. They may want to, but they don't. So let's get better because we are ready to be better!
Originally Posted by Curlyminx
Minxy, this entire post was amazing and full of exactly what I need to hear/read right now, especially this bit and its acknowledgement that those around us don't get it. Hugs forever.

My mom also convinced me to start a to-do list. Of easy things, so that I can cross stuff off it and get a bit of a boost at accomplishing stuff. And it works. A bit.

And I love where your mind went with all of it.
Originally Posted by Curlyminx
I do love to-do lists! Or I did before and want to again. Same difference, really. Since I first realized that I was depressed and needed something other than "just do stuff, self, or I'll continue to berate you" to recover, I have tried making to-do lists to get back on track, and they have worked in short spurts, but I always seem to wreck things by either insisting on forcing ALL of the things into one list or making list items like "contact all friends and both professors," basically dooming myself to failure by way of fits of anxiety. I need to seriously crack down on my tendency to try to force myself to be okay again. Maybe once I have a therapist I can share my lists with her/him and then I won't be so tempted to do such things.

And thanks! I do enjoy a good flight of fancy.

I love reading the silly things everyone's made of! Especially seeing that others contain a dash of T-Rex.

I can appreciate spiders from afar/behind glass, unlike buzzing swarms of things that need to STAY THE FRACK OFF MY TV SCREEN FOREVER, but when they get too close, they're still bugs and I still need them gone ASAP. Spiders in the tub are kind of a regular occurrence in my house, though, so not something I run away from. I can handle killing them, but I prefer when they scurry away when I blow on them, especially if they're daddy long legs. There's actually this one spider, species unknown, that's been living in my bathroom for awhile and has had the foresight to stay out of the tub when I go to take a shower and never crawl in my general direction, and I've been content to let it live as a result. This fits pretty well with the hilarious observations that both "die" and "pies" can come out of their name (Saria and CE, have I told you how much you rock lately?). Anything that can swarm and/or fly, though? No. I don't care if your very existence is somehow responsible for making puppies and kittens cute, I REFUSE. YOU LEAVE OR YOU DIE, TINY BEASTS OF BADNESS.

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How can an elective be a requirement for a core course?

I'm not even smiling.
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.
^^ Oh! Whew!! I was scared that I'd be the only cranky old person left!!!
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
I'm cranky. And old. I'll try to post more often.
So I put a period tracker app on my phone. Saturday morning I get this popup....

Attachment 24185

The boy mentions my phone is going off, what is says and does that mean I should be in the garden? Told him it meant I should most definitely stay out of the garden
I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
Audrey Hepburn

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i'm old... but ever since i got my job at the courthouse, i haven't been cranky!

so... some nutbar with an AK-47 tried to assassinate the newly-elected first woman premier of Québec last night...

it was politically-motivated: Pauline Marois is the leader of the separtist Parti Québecois and the nutbar was screaming that "the anglos are waking up" in French, while he was being put in the police car. he tried to break in to her victory party at a Montréal night club.

My blog:

Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!
So I put a period tracker app on my phone. Saturday morning I get this popup....

Attachment 24185

The boy mentions my phone is going off, what is says and does that mean I should be in the garden? Told him it meant I should most definitely stay out of the garden
Originally Posted by CurlyCanadian

Hahaha! Whenever boyfriend wants to know where I'm at he asks if the flowers are blooming.

The other day I showed him, see, my tree is bare. He says I see a butterfly! I said oh that's just to look pretty. LOL.

My flowers are in bloom a week before I ovulate so they play it pretty safe.

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I worked like crazy yesterday at work to get ready for an important meeting. To the point where I exhausted myself.

Today, I am tired and also sitting alone in this lab. This is not going to be a highly productive day. I don't even have shame from watching other people work hard as a motivator.

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They're so lazy. So lazy. Pea greens never get washed, and I know from washing them that there is a fair amount of dirt.

They never change containers over, which is why I always take longer breaking down at the end of the night. I'm not just poorly wrapping everything and putting it away (yes, there's a good and bad way to wrap things). This is partly why things spoil on them. You have to check things and change the containers so you don't have food sitting in wet containers with rapidly growing bacteria!
I had four days off. Come back and the scallops that I put in a sixth pan, with parchment between the layers (as opposed to their throwing them all in there) are in the same pan sitting in a pool of liquid.

I make a batch of steamed rice every weekend, because occasionally we get orders for it and they could never be bothered to just have some ready and would then have to cook rice to order. Of course I found the same rice there.
I made them a late night family meal of ham hock, bacon, and scallop fried rice.
Twas awesome.

I put the fear of making gnocchi over the weekend in the cook who was going to be working there. He actually asked me if we didn't have any frozen. Seriously? Yes, we have, but we're running out. You need to make more because that's how it should be --- you stay ahead on things that can be done ahead of time.
Apparently he made the dough and that was it. If you make gnocchi dough you need to finish it. Gnocchi dough that sits around gets wet and sticky and is basically really annoying to work with. Plus of course it sat and oxidized anyway. So, basically, you didn't even try at all.

Vegetables that I made last week, which of course should have been tossed were still there. First thing I did was immediately throw them out because I knew they'd be spoiled. They just can't do that. Throwing stuff out means you now know new product has to be made, and so ignoring and pretending becomes slightly harder!

Chicken scraps from before I left were still in the walk-in. I dreaded unwrapping the container to toss the contents out. Thankfully the stench wasn't quite as foul as I had prepared myself for.

Mango salsa that I made I think two days before I left was still there. It's for crab cakes, which are on the room service menu, meaning they're available at all times. But they don't even check to see if the stuff is still good. Nope, pass that buck. Pass it till the next chump throws it out and makes new ones.

And I know that lowboy hadn't been cleaned since I left. I know what it should look like when it's cleaned every night!
I'm going to run the station lids through the dishwasher today. They're ****ing grimy.

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Oy. Driving to and from school had left me with temporary blindness.

45 mins of double lane construction filled highway driving staring directly into the sun BOTH WAYS is a pretty crappy way to start and end my days.

Took me 30 mins before I could see straight last night. Oy
scrills, love the avatar, yay for getting IKEA'd!
And yay for organized yarn! It looks beautiful and doesn't give me anxiety.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Yay!!! that makes me happy
I love this blog so much:

Here's a favorite:

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'm going to go steal Scrills' organized yarn and leave her mine. It's unorganized and in bags. Think she'll notice?
Originally Posted by Jess the Mess
HEY!!!!! Honestly, I might not notice for days, LOL.

Would you like me to come over and organize yours?

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