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Gosh, you are disgusting! Is it SO hard to pick up after yourself? Why can't you cook and not make a mess or atleast clean up the mess after you're done. Why is it SO hard to wipe the counters off, and mop the floor when you spill food on the floor?! And then wonder why you end up having ants all over the place.

Why? Because you leave empty plates and cups on the floor for weeks, leave crumps all over the floor(because apparently you're allergic to vacuum cleaners), and candy wrappers and potato chip bags everywhere. It's sad that you can't even find clean utensils because they're under somebody's bed or stick in the couch cushion, lost forever. You shouldn't have to buy silverware EVERY YEAR because for some reason, ALL the spoons have disappeared. You shouldn't have to resort to buying plastic spoons and forks, and party cups. How about try this: When you use a cup and/or plate, put those items in the dishwasher. When full, turn on to clean. Sounds simple, right?

DON'T pile plates into the sink and leave them there for an entire week, when you have NOTHING in the dishwasher.

Why must you clean up just so the cleaning lady can come in TO CLEAN. That's sad.............You have to clean up FOR the cleaning lady. Shouldn't that tell you that something is wrong? Actually, why do you need a cleaning lady? The house isn't that big. It's called being lazy. If you cleaned up after yourselves, you wouldn't need to hire someone to come in. You're lucky she still comes. The last housekeeper quit without notice. I wonder why? That day, it took that poor girl SIX HOURS(3-4 hours for 2 rooms) to clean. I would have quit too.

Please, stop buying your daughter size 10/11 junior tops when she's a size 16-18 misses. It's not cute, and no, it doesn't make her look smaller. It makes her look bigger because her clothes don't fit properly. Why can't you see that THAT'S why people pick on her(along with the fact that she has a snotty attitude). Also, tell her it's okay to take a shower every once in awhile(preferably everyday). No 15 year old should have dirt under her nails like that or smell the way that she does. And no, perfume doesn't mask stench. It makes it worst. You would think with all the BBWorks stuff ya'll buy, it WOULD be getting used. Guess not. For a family that's so stuck on appearances, you sure are screwing up on this.

Oh, and PLEASE................don't leave your soiled undergarments (and clothes for that matter) where everyone can see. Actually, just throw the damned things away. Instead of buying that $300 purse, buy some clean underwear. Geez. I don't want to see them on your bedroom floor, in the laundry room, the powder room, the guest room, the sunroom..................I think you get the picture. It's just not cool. Have alittle(just alittle)bit of class.

One more thing. Instead of investing thousands of dollars for dance classes every year(for the last 10 years) for a daughter that's flunking school, invest in some tutoring if you want her to graduate. Get her off of freakin myspace and aol when she has homework to do. I have never seen her crack open a textbook this entire school year. I've seen her run her mouth on that phone though. You let her get away with TOO much.

Phew. That felt good.
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What an awesome thread!

Rock is not the devil's music!
I am not an atheist just because I believe in evolution!
I am not a satanist just because I thought Brokeback Mountain was one of the best movies I have ever seen!
There is nothing wrong with me having normal sexual attractions to white boys or asian boys or latin boys!
I can be with whomever I choose and your ignorance will cause you to end up with Michael Jacksons left nut.
This world is not balanced. It is in extreme chaos.
Stop preaching about the world coming to an end so only yourself and the select few can go to heaven and drink orange juice whilst the rest of us burn in hell or just vanish.
Extraterrestrial life maybe out there.

Thanks alot!
we go forward we go back.
I think some people signed up pre 9/11 did so because they thought enlisting would be "easy money" because they'd get great travel experiences, respect, and lifelong benefits.

I think some people who signed up post 9/11 did so because they really wanted to (as one of my classmates at the time said) "just break something or hurt someone" as a knee jerk reaction to 9/11.

I think some people enlist/enlisted because they just wanted a way to escape from what they believed to be a dead end life. And some enlist because they're expected to.

I also think the altruistic "serving my country" thing is sometimes just sublimation, very convenient way to cover up some of the nastier impulses people have like sadism, revenge, and retribution.

There are soldiers in the military with good intentions and bad intentions just as with anything else.

I don't think being in the military or having family in the military automatically means you get and deserve a halo and reverence from the public served.

Whatever the reasons, once you're in it, you're in it. And all of the uncomfortableness and uncertainty that comes with it must be dealt with. And I think that, yeah, you are agreeing to be led around like a puppet by bureaucrats or whatever, and most of us do that to a certain degree by putting whoever it is that's running this show in office.

Wthings aren't going well, then there is alot of "they're just doing what they were told to do", "you should be more grateful", and "if you don't like it, leave" spread around. However, we all know that if the benefits of being in the military outside of war time weren't so great and if the soldiers weren't being compensated most of them would not even have enlisted to begin with.

Our military enrollment may be voluntary, but I do not often think its driven by alot of chivalrous feelings and doing the right thing.

I know I wouldn't necessarily want to subject myself to such stress for free. And the fact that soldiers are getting paid for their services doesn't necessarily make them greedy or suspect.

I am grateful, and when I meet someone who's in the military I am genuinely interested in their experiences and I don't look down on them.

I feel like mutual respect is the best thing we can all do for each other.

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Please contact me. I had a really great time the other night - too great to never see you again. I know you're busy, and older, and I'm moving to France in a few months, but you never know what could happen, and I won't be in France forever! I really liked spending time with you and I want to get to know you better. Also, I think you're gorgeous.
You're ugly, your hair is uglier, and you need to get over the fact that we are not in high school anymore. what the hell?!

and your stupid bf owes me money
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins
This presentation is NEXT WEEK and we are still no where near getting sorted! I'm stressed enough as it is. How difficult is it to arrange to meet up?
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now, that really did make me feel better.
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If you choose not to help yourself, and choose to continue to be miserable and refuse help....rather than keep feeling sorry for you, and keep trying to help you, I will give up. So now, I don't care about your petty BS. I'd tell you to get a life, but you'll just take that as more reason to be scary and obsessed, or encourage your filthy drunk driving slime of friends. So.... stay in your shell, and don't bother the world. Really, it's for the best.

If you think I'm evil and competition, you're really better off just giving up now. I'm not even trying, except to help you. But you make yourself look bad. Some Christian you are...
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
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Why in the hell do I have to have half a dozen monster, painful zits on top of all of my other problems? I feel like quitting my job. I'm too old to go out in public like this. My skin wasn't this bad as a was even fine last week!

Must be that f-ing bag of leftover cheese I ate for dinner...and then that crappy pizza.

Why the hell do I have to go through all of this shi? Is there someone out there who can tell me? Anyone? My life f-ing sucks!
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1. Some days I really, really, REALLY hate all White people.

I try so hard to be a good person, and be nice to everybody and always treat everybody nice. But sometimes I wish I could just go entire week (at least!) and never have to deal with, talk to, or interact with anybody who's Caucasian. I get SO GODDAMNED SICK of seeing that STUPID CONFEDERATE FLAG EVERY-DAMN-WHERE and wish I could eradicate every one I see. GOD, BUT I HATE RICHMOND!!!!! PREJUDICED PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!

2. I am not from the ghetto. I am not from the projects, either. I am not an Urban Black Person. Never have been, and never will be. Therefore, I refuse to attempt the slang, mannerisms, and style of dress---and I refuse to carry myself like someone I am not.

3. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers (um, that IS the correct spelling) are not the only species of canine that exist. Um, Black folks, it IS okay to own another breed of dog.

4. To all the hood-rat BIOTCHES at work---would it really, honestly kill you to just BE NICE every once in a while? Could you go even, maybe, just ONE GODDAMN DAY without cutting someone all to pieces with your flapping gamey-assed mouths just because they're a little different from you? Could you just try to be nice to somebody without all the catty, hidden agendas and motives? "Good Morning" and "Hello" ARE FREE, DAMMIT!!! It's OKAY to utter these words as a greeting, without all the ruminating and pondering beforehand. Could you pick up a f----ng BOOK every once in a while, or watch a station that's NOT B.E.T.?!? At least TRY to learn about the world beyond your 'hood?

You could not PAY me a thousand, million, f---king trillion dollars to ever attempt to hang out with any of you. I AM A GROWN WOMAN and I carry myself as such. Being a 28-year old MOTHER (for God's sake!) and fighting in clubs is NOT cute, honey. To be seen with any of you, the way y'all act in public, and to even be a silent bystander to all your sh-t talking would be totally beneath me. NONE of you are decent people---I know that much from experience. I can only hope that one day you all will outgrow it.

5. To the parents--it's really NOT cool that you never encouraged us to think about the future. I know that religion/cult you belong to should probably take more of the blame.

It would've been nice if you'd at least tried to encourage me with my art. It's only now, at age 35, that I see just how far I have to go to get where I want to be. I'm not even sure now if I should even continue this route for a career choice, because I have too much to try to learn, too many years wasted preparing for "Armageddon".

I just want you to know how hard my life is, trying to juggle college, full-time job; marriage, and toddler, because of that stupid cult that you love so much. Not just my life, but all of your children's lives. There is so much that I want to do, see, and places I want to go, but let's be honest--there simply isn't enough time.

There are days when I still want to rally forth and Be Somebody, but nowadays I'm just too tired. It's very hard not to hate you guys.
ok. Let's recap:

You dated him for 2 months, decided to get married, got knocked up on your wedding night and wonder why you feel you don't know your husband.

So, after so many years, you ponder leaving him. You b***h and moan and never actually DO anything but cause as many fights as he does.

And THEN! You have ANOTHER KID!!!

Because, as he put it- "Birth control is bulls*it."

Great! Now you have 2 kids you can't afford AND a crap marriage!!

Not to mention the literal red-headed stepchild. You know, the socially inept obese 8-year-old that acts up all the time because that's the only way he gets attention? Wonderful child. He'll be in jail by 17. Or, a serial killer. It's a shame, really. But, not suprising concidering the DNA on both sides.

So, you keep complaining.

Then, after he out-does himself, you leave. You finally, effing leave.

You stand your ground for a few months... we were all quite proud of you.

then, either due to the fact that you might actually have to work to support yourself, or that you actually believed the sob story he told you, YOU GO BACK. You actually went the f*ck back. The same man that would cut you down in public, hide things from you and start rumors about you.

Nice example you set for your kids.

So, right now he's being all nice and sociable. He's even put on a good show with the schedule change and the counciling and telling off his b***h of a mother. But he'll go back. He always does. And no one's going to be as sympathetic to you next time.

Just try not to screw the kids up too badly, k? Those are my godkids...

The sick thing is we all figured you would- you never once talked about how you were going to support the kids after you moved out from your parents. I bet you never even looked for a place to live or a job. And you KNEW that your parents didn't want to deal with you much longer. And I also know that hubby would say anything to keep from having to pay more child support...

good job there.
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nevermind - not worth it
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.
I don't know what on earth is wrong with you. But the fact is, you'll never really experience love or any kind of a good relationship, if all you try to do is play girls for the thrill of the game and whatever physicality you can get.

I don't understand it. I really don't. You always seemed like the nicest, friendliest, funniest, most sincere guy around. But then you had to screw up your relationship with S by sleeping with P and B..... greeeeat. It took all three of them months to get over you, ya know. P was still recovering from that other disastrous relationship, and I don't think S is over you yet, even now.

And now you're stringing along both J and L.... both of whom are, fortunately, too smart to sleep with you.... but both of whom are also WAY too good for you. You sweet-talk them and charm them and get them to fall for you... while all the time you're doing exactly the same thing with who knows how many other girls. They. Deserve. Better.

You keep saying you're going to change, but you know what? You're never going to change. I used to feel admiration and respect for you, but now it's pity and disgust. You've shown your true colors time and time again-- you ruin the lives of nice girls. So, just hear this: stay away from my friends. Get me?
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Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
Plan ahead please. Don't call me today and say I have to come today because HELLO>>>>I have a job here. I have things to do. I have appointments. NO I AM NOT COMING TODAY AND TOMORROW I'LL BE ON VACATION. TOUGH ****. Plan ahead next time. This time, kiss my hiney!

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Britain, stop looking at the BBC website. Because you're all on it, it's not working properly and I can't check out the news. :x You're all only on there because it's budget time - I'm a loyal bbc.commer.

Petty rant over.
I f*cking hate all of you, you lifeless pieces of sh*t. You all are the scum of this god-forsaken family. I don't even consider you family. In my book, the only family I have is my loving mom, my dad (rip), my brother, and my dog. I love my friends more than I love you. Why do I have this lingering feeling that some of you sexually abused me as a child? Could this be why I hate you all? I would show more compassion to a complete stranger than to you if you were dying in the hot desert for a sip of my cold glorious water. Honestly, I would rather see you all dead. I question if I would even go to your funeral, and if I did, I would spit on your f*cking grave when no one is looking and say "good riddance, my life is better without you, you piece of trash." Go f*ck yourselves.
Husband's Aunt.

You are a f&%$ing piece of s@#t. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Why did my beloved Brother In Law have to die of cancer and a rag like you gets to beat it and live? WHY!

Now that I know what a manipulative lying piece of crap you are, I am appalled at myself for ever trusting you and having any kind of relationship with you. I should have heeded my Sister In Law's warning years ago and stayed FAR, FAR away from you. You made sure you insinuated yourself into our lives when we were vunerable and at our lowest and now your true colors are showing.

I don't care what your reasons are, I don't care how sick you are. I hate you and your effing b*&ch daughter in law and I would not piss on either of you if you were on fire.

When you die I am going to wear a bright red dress to your funeral. I promise.

Hate you!
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Coconut oil before/after coloring grays and on ends.

2b/c mix waves/curls - coarse, frizz prone, med. thick, porous, at-home color, protein sensitive but I still need it sometimes, glycerin-sensitive (I think) in high humidity. After 16 years on I FINALLY figured it out..

Oh Right, I forgot---You know everything. Guess what? You really don't so stfu. Just because people do things differently than you do doesnt' mean they're bad people, parents, spouses. Get off your flippin' high horse.

To the 3 soldiers from the 203rd standing in front of me at yesterday's Welcome Home Ceremony---no one cares that you passed out from doing too many jello shots the night before. Some of us were there by choice to honor our loved ones & those who gave their lives in OIF3 & were actually interested in what the Governor & Senators were saying. Thanks for ruining the ceremony for us!

To J---bite me. Your husband is a worthless piece of crap---everyone knows it & trust me when I say NO ONE respects him. Everyone in his unit is GLAD he's leaving. He's a piss poor leader & is always looking out for #1. And for the record---we laugh everytime you say you're going to Italy when it's common knowlege you're going to Ft Bragg. Stop deluding yourself.
Slinky's rule for

I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?

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