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None of these are better than "good" sex. All of these are better than "bad" sex.
Originally Posted by juanab
ANYTHING is better than bad sex. I vote no sex and miserable over bad sex.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Same here. A lot of those things are nice but are they better than sex? Um, no. And I'd also rather not get any than have bad sex. Having bad sex is not an experience you wish to repeat. Speaking from experience.
Originally Posted by LadyV69

Me too. The memory is physically painful.

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I really need to stop falling for guys who star in my plays.
only the good lawd knows what the answer to my security questions are.

OMFG. everyday I change a password because I don't know it. WHY???
DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS WHEN AIN'T. NOBODY. GOT. TIME. FOR. THAT. like I do.not. have time to be password requesting and resetting, THAT WASTES SOO MUCH TIME.
number 1, 4, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16,18,22, 25!! 28 Things That Are Better Than Sex | Thought Catalog
Originally Posted by thelio
Number 17 proves this person is a terrible human being with no taste.
Originally Posted by Saria
I agree, those are gross.

I know, you're shocked
Originally Posted by SarcasmIsBeauty
Well, yeah. But for real, GTFO with those cakey-ass, tooth-rotting tasteless abominations being better than sex.

let's play the "how much time can i waste before i start crying about how stressed i am because im procrastinating my life away" game
Burger described as having caramelized onions.

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Yeah, no. Please to learn what caramelized onions actually are. Buh-bye!

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Patience: so rare it's practically a superpower
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
A lady almost ran Mr. Spring over on his bicycle today. He caught up to her and asked her why and her reply. "You were giving me attitude". He said he took off his sunglasses and looked her in the eye and said "I'm a human being and you could have killed me...and I was not giving you attitude I was just trying to legally make a turn."

What the **** is wrong with people. Nobody should have to fear for their life just because they want to get out and get some exercise on their lunch break.

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The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.
Good for Mr. Spring for speak up to that woman, shame on her for not sharing the road safely.
I'm so glad Mr. Spring is okay.
Trader Joe's Tingle conditioner wash/ conditioner
AG re:coil, LALooks gel, John Frieda Secret Weapon
I passed my university entrance test yesterday *yaay* still can't believe it, failing rate lies by 60% and I, who am always a bit lazy when it comes down to learning, truly did it!!!

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Showing up to work on time also seems to be a superpower :/
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

i've NEVER been called for jury duty and i lived in two of the largest cities in Canada from the time i turned 18 until i was 45.

now i could be called, but i'd get an exemption because of my job.

oh, that "better than sex list"...

#1 lately, but i've been cold all the time!
#5 yes
#8 maybe, but i am the owner of The World's Most Comfortable Bed and it should be shared!
#25 - definitely #25
My blog:

Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!

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Today would be an awesome day to get an email about a cancelled class... I'd be good with either one being cancelled today, but my second class would be preferable.

I have to stop hoping for this, because I'm going to get so depressed when it doesn't happen.

"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.” - Tina Fey
One good thing about this weather--my hair looks amazing. The cold and dryness makes for the usually mythical-as-a-unicorn combination of volume and zero frizz.
Eres o te haces?
^Ugh, this weather is even making legends point out positive things wtf, ruining everything.

That thread. The pain. So hard.
One good thing about this weather--my hair looks amazing. The cold and dryness makes for the usually mythical-as-a-unicorn combination of volume and zero frizz.
Originally Posted by legends
same here! my hair is not fighting to stand at every direction. my curls are soft and amazing!

i much rather have my crazy frizzy mess if the temperture would increase by 25 degrees. im not asking for much. just 25 degrees!
The satisfaction of seeing someone crying about how white people were plenty influential with music and using Beethoven as an example and someone gloriously pointing out that he was black.
A high of 16 with a low of 5.

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I have to admit I kind of dig these:

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(They look straight out of Final Fantasy)

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