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im sure this has been said before but hey...

USE FCUKIN BIRTH CONTROL!!!!! PLANNED PARENTHOOD GIVES IT FREE!!! if you don't want kids then use b/c. don't give me the sob story about you not being able to take care of your 50 million kids.
Originally Posted by wilykat
Word. Why is it that the poorest people have the most kids????? I'm sorry, I dont feel any sympathy for you with your 6 kids, with 3 different dads
Originally Posted by SaKkeh
we have progams here where stupid people like this get a free house to live in.
I want to go home. NOW. I don't care what you half-assed stupid problem is; you brought it on yourself and NO I cannot fix it today. Ugh. I want to take a nap and check on my mummy. GO AWAY. :x

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Why are you so damned nosey! It's none of your GD business where I was. Why do you always ask where we are going or where we've been!? You are my landlord not my mother! I hate gossips and people who always talk behind people's back.

You pretend to be so nice but you're such a f'ing @#$%! Just because you know G's mother does not give you the right to tell her anything about what we or I do. I hate this place! No it's not the place I hate I hate you! As soon as I get the money I'm out of here and don't want to see your backstabbing face again. And get the f out of my stuff it's not yours. I don't care if you are trying to make it look neat it's not a mess don't touch what is not yours!
You don't have to blow out my flame to make yours burn brighter.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
HOW difficult can it be to communicate with the other supervisors? Especially when it comes to something like scheduling one of your employees' last day of working before she has to return to school!! If she tells you her last day available, and you say, "Okay, thanks!" she will assume that it is all set and that you will take care of it. She will NOT be happy when a schedule is posted with her scheduled to work past that day, and she has to explain the problem to a different (utterly clueless) supervisor, THREE DAYS BEFORE THAT SUPPOSED LAST DAY!!!!!! :x
Previously Joy4ever.
Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
*Note: This special rant is to an author who critiqued my review on his book. I am unable to find any kind of e-mail address to contact him and will not stoop to his level by posting a message on what is supposed to be a Review Board, so I have no choice but to express my thoughts here. (I have tactfully decided to keep this author anonymous)

Dear [his name here],

I would thank you for leaving your 'review' (if one could call it that) on the Review Board for your book, but why should I do that since you pretty much humiliated me in front of half the world just so you could look good? You say you don't usually review your own books, yet here you are not only reviewing your own book (and giving it a perfect 5-star rating in the guise of offsetting my supposedly unfair 4-star rating) but then attempt to 'explain' what you say I totally misunderstood. There's nothing wrong with defending yourself, but: 1. There's a time and a place to do that, and that certainly wasn't the place; and 2. There was no 'misunderstanding' on my part. Just as you did your job and reported what you were there to report, I did my job and reported what I got from your book. (and I still don't think I'm wrong)
Incidentally, I've seen your other reviews, and it seems to me that you look for people to give less-than-glowing reviews on your books so you can make yourself look good by 'setting them straight'. Are you a perfectionist, or just insecure? Either way, you need to take a step back and see that people are entitled to their opinions and accept the critique.
I use the Totally Twisted line from Herbal Essences: Conditioner/gel daily; shampoo and Wella In-Depth treatment once a week.

"Wishes, on their way to coming true, will not be rushed." -From Arnold Lobel's Caldecott Medal-winning book "Fables"
Little girls are catty--I seen it for myself-- and catty little girls grow up to be catty women--
Don't say that you are going to hire me and you will call me with the starting date and when I read Sunday's paper , the same ad is running again. :x

People who work at the Dept of Labor--your nastiness appals me. There isn't any reason to treat me as though I am worthless because I am not working. I have been working for many years and this is the first time in my life that I have ever collected unemployment in my life- so that is good --and I am not worthless. One day you just may experience this same situation once your jobs go over seas. Religous hypocrites leave me alone. I am 43 I don't need to be judged. You discovered something, good for you. I just don't want to hear about it every 5 minutes.

Don't complain if you did not vote.

I don't have any kids--there is nothing wrong with me--I am not selfish--do not get into my medical history--it is none of your business-I can adopt..

I just know I have more to say--feels so good to cleanse
I can't stand nappturality. my 4c or 5a hair does nothing but sit on top of my hair waiting to be fixed. I have been napptural for 5 years now. So I should know. The only times it looks good is when I am waring a twistout! Now I know why tracee ellis ross wears a texturizer.

Oprah you do not have any children-please stop telling people with children how to raise theirs.

Dr. Robin --on the oprah show-Please get another hair style. I mean really..please.

Stop signs are there for a reason. Pay attention. Please!

If you are driving a 16 wheeler truck and you cut in front of me for no reason, the sign on the back door of your truck that says--how is my driving--you can believe that I am going to call.

Celebrities are liars, believe it or not, I can exist without hearing about your #$%. I can really..I can.

Speaking of which, the celebreality needs to stop.

Why does VH-1 show the same shows everday..what are dvd recorders and tivo for?

The woman at Tj Maxx , wearing the 1980 powder blue track short shorts with white trim on the side, (the one with three kids) was it necessary to expose all of that cellulite lumps and bumps. I know it is nice to be proude and you thought you looked good, but I am still very nauseatued and still laughing at you. This was three weeks ago. Yuck!
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please dont pollute the air while im trying to breathe.
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why are you approaching 40 and still looking to be accepted by the same people who rejected you in high school, and then again in college, and then again just a few years ago? how pathetic is that?

you little delinquent snot. if you think you can take care of yourself better than your grandparents can, then pack your grocery store plastic bag and get out. if you don't like their very reasonable house rules for a 15 year old, move out, support yourself, and live by your own rules! oh, you can't. that takes maturity, money, discipline, and good credit. none of which you have!

stop judging people! you don't have others' experiences so you don't know how easy or difficult it is for them to do any particular thing. everyone falls short. everyone has found him/herself in knee-deep doo-doo. everyone makes unwise and irresponsible choices that they will pay for later. you do too. and if you say you haven't you are either lying or your future is going to be veeeery interesting. good luck!
"Dogs stink too, but I like dog stink." ~ rileyb
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can't wait til Mom is done w/ chemo so she can get back to her old self...
If you are only going to serve certain items on your menu after 4 pm, when I call with a lunch order TELL ME ON THE PHONE. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL I DRIVE ACROSS TOWN TO PICK UP THE ORDER AND THEN TELL ME.

You're lucky I didn't throw a fit from hell. I feel good that I didn't lose my temper AND that I told you forget the order altogether because McD's has better customer service!!!!!!!!
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no one really knows who you really are. They think they do, but alas they don't. You are a phony, a liar a poser too.
But you go and live your life, as you do, with nothing your fault at all. That is how you sleep at night...and the rest of us don't.
I can only say blessings, for what goes around comes around. Beware of this spiritual truth. For you, I feel sorry and sad...
People!!! Get your **** together!! Have a list of requirements for everyone who handles this type of situation. Why is everythign so unorganized and choatic?!!? Do your damn job and stop trying to pawn everything on other people.
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

" could have a turd on your head and no one would notice."~Subbrock

"I had an imaginary puppy, but my grandpa ate him."~Bailey
I used to have a signature but it disappeared and I just couldn't be bothered writing another so please feel free to ingore this.
If you don't know how to use a computer, maybe you shouldn't have been hired for a job that required constant computer use. My job is NOT to do every aspect of your job that requires a computer!

Why do you want the department to have lunch together? We really, really don't like eachother. It is PAINFUL to sit through a lunch, or a meeting, or anthing with you people. How can you not notice this? And when you propose we have lunch together, and act as if you are going to plan it, the plan it! Sometimes I dislike you so much it actually hurts. You are unintelligent, unwilling to grow, and have no social skills.
"I don't know! I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!" -BART SIMPSON
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Sometimes I dislike you so much it actually hurts. You are unintelligent, unwilling to grow, and have no social skills.
Originally Posted by Who Me?
my new sig at the geek club.
1. Don't sleep around and then ask for advice on relationships. Stop ho'ing!

2. Speak ENGLISH. If I go to your country you'd expect me to speak your language.

3. Don't offer advice if your *ish isn't straight to begin with.

4. Seeing these rappers w/ 'grills' makes me wanna slap the taste out of their mouth. Invest in some property or something b/c your careers are limited.

5. Why are people jamming to Cassies' 'Me and U'? This girl is singing about being a ho! That doesn't make me want to dance!!!

6. Please get a pedicure before exposing your feet! Skip the flip flops/sandals. And please get that crap scraped off your heels!

7. What the hell was Janet Jackson thinking when she agreed to shoot her new video? It sucks! Whats up w/ the friggin' pirate ship?

8. Why is there an overwhelming amount of cute gay men everywhere? My 'dating pool' is shallow...

9. Why am I actually 'proud' that my Toy Poodle has stopped humping all other dogs? I can actually take him out in public w/out being embarrassed! YESSSSSSSS!

10. Why do I want to slap the mess out of my best friend for giving my number out to one of HER friends that annoys the hell outta me w/out asking me first? She knows I don't like that damn girl!

Here lies Jan Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, marble cutter. This monument was erected by her husband as a tribute to her memory and a specimen of his work. Monuments of this same style are two hundred and fifty dollars.
-Gravestone Inscription
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**** **** **** **** **** ****!!!!!!!!!!!! argh...*******!!

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