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I've gone to two classes like this, (based on the pictures you posted) and they make it really simple, you'll be so impressed with yourself!

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It's one of those nights where women call you Sweetie or Hun, non stop. We would all like to crawl through the phone or yell Kiss My Grits! Which ever comes first.

I am really not surprised that the (young adult-ish) guy who killed 4, maybe more, people in WNC liked PETA and Twilight on his Facebook page. That somehow seems fitting. I am also not sure why the news decided to zoom in on that, but it did make me snicker slightly. I'm glad something did. This is a messed up situation.

ETA: Guess I should say 2 since he has only officially been charged with 2 deaths but his girlfriend had been missing for a month before anyone had reported it, 2 of his family members were found dead, the girlfriend was reported missing and soon after her remains were found near his home. She was 23 and he is 25. Now they are saying something about another possible murder connection. This guy is crazy. Honestly, just crazy. But thankfully behind bars.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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Our weather's driving me nuts. I want to finish painting my house and the weather will not co-operate, first we have stinking hot and humid and now we've got wind and rain for the next few days. My parents arrive from the UK next week and I wanted to get it done before they get here. So annoying.
3b in South Australia.
Though I can't imagine having weather that makes me possibly not get home for a few days.
3b in South Australia.
^ it is annoying when you need to paint and the elements will not allow. you might as well forget it if the weather is not right.

It's more so my road that keeps me from getting home I could get to and from several locations, just fine, in over a foot of snow but half an inch on my mountain can cause problems without chains. It's straight up and straight down. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off until later in the morning. I would love to make it home. The temps are already lower than forecasted so I am not sure how this will go. Tomorrow will be the pain in the butt, though. Last night I work and I will probably have to go somewhere else and sleep for a while. Depending on what happens I might be able to make it halfway up the road in my car, but even heavier snow is forecasted for Sunday and Monday. I'll be hoofing it, either way.

This is the documentary I mentioned in WAYDRN. Trophy Kids. It's not about all kids getting a trophy regardless of what they achieve, but about obsessive sports parents living through their children and pushing them incredibly hard from a young age to make millions/robbing them of childhood. I would like to see all, and hope they replay it.

I find the parents who spend $400 an hour on private lessons so their child can get a college sports scholarship to be the weirdest. Save your effing money. As I mentioned in another thread one of my nephews was pushed and so badly tattered and injured by 18 that he could not longer play (congratulations to his other grandparents on physically damaging him by his prime), other than for fun, and even though the other got a B-Ball SS in college... The buck stopped there.
I can not stop giggling right now. 2 new paramedics are meeting some regulars for the first time. Boy are they in for a treat.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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If people would quit pulling over everything that moves I could catch a quick cat nap. I normally would not, but it's needed.

When looking at info on the above documentary I came across several "a case against sports" articles from people. Their belief... Sports should be cut out of American schools all together because areas in the world that out preform us don't have athletic programs. Hate to break it to you, but America used to out preform those places while still doing sports programs and with less funding. Per student funding has increased 35% (again, per student) since the mid 90's while graduation and performance rates have dropped. My state spends around $9000 per student now, and that comes out of our continuously sky rocketing property tax because people believe more money spent = better results. I read some sorry schools in NJ spend around $18,000 per student. wtf? Meanwhile, The top ranked countries spend around $2000 per student.

There has always been a problem with sports programs getting more funding than other programs. This is true. I loathe districts that cut out all music/arts programs but keep athletics just as I would loathe a district that cut all athletics and kept other programs. We always had a good mix. Large numbers of football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and basketball players were in chorus and drama when I was in school. It's going to cost more to fund an athletic team that needs reliable equipment than chorus or a math program or debate team. That's simple math. You don't have mass equipment needs, but the programs are no less important and still need support. The problem comes in with all the extra's/excess/emphasis and eggs being put in one basket. We had a coach that demanded new helmets every year. It was not the fact that they were damaged and needed to be replaced. He just wanted new logo's painted on them. It is now common for any sports teams to have 2-3 different uniforms per person. Quit that isht. I wore a cheerleading skirt from 1970. It was ratty, and we had to buy our own sweat shirts and sew on a patch. I would have been happy with one new uniform. Nobody needs one for home, one for away, this one for a special event, etc... Those resources can and should be better allocated. Maybe use some of that to help kindergartners get must have iPads. Sigh.

Anywho, imho it's not the fact that sports are the root of all evil and causing us to lag behind. Attitudes, emphasis, and excess (and some sports parents)... Different story.

(PS... Why TF are parents buying crayons and magic markers in my state with a 35% increase per student? I do understand inflation, but dang. You did not have to buy that in my day. You shared. I guess a crayon might have allergens on it now. That was uncalled for, but really!?!?)
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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Oh, lovely. Research shows around 50% of medical students and current doctors heavily use and depend on Wikipedia for their medical research. That is in no way comforting. It's good for looking up basic's on musicians and actors. Other than that I would not trust it as far as I could throw it.

Also not comforting, for those who use Snapchat that is. A hacker made a massive list of usernames and phone numbers (4.6 million). Posted them, and is trying to sell them to the highest bidder.

Add Skype to the security breach as well. Wait, maybe not Skype. Not sure but SC is confirmed which made me think of of a story I read on Huff Post almost a year ago about someone trying to work out a deal with Facebook to post SC nude photos. They declined but as said ...

"However, it's hard to put the genie back into the bottle. Numerous "Snapchat Leaked" clones, such as "Snapchat nudes" and "Naked Snapchats," have already cropped up on Facebook.

These pages are the newest form of revenge porn. There's no way to stop your Snapchat message from being screenshot, and while Snapchat warns you when your photo has been screenshot, it can't tell you what happens to it from there. Hackers have also revealed that supposedly deleted Snapchats can be uncovered with enough digital digging.

Before this new revenge porn phenomenon, there was the site "Snapchat Sluts," a Tumblr showcasing Snapchat nudes. The difference is, "Snapchat Sluts" claimed to use only photos that were submitted by the women themselves, meaning that they consented to having their images distributed. These new pages are open about using photos without the subject's permission."

Freaking threats of revenge porn and 4.6 million username and phone numbers. I already know the kiddo's have not been keeping their shirts on. :-/ Just say no.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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Starmie, if you can't paint outside come inside and paint at the class with me :-)

@ninja- It's off 90W, before Lorain, before it turns into to Rte 2, near Dave and Busters and Crocker Park, after Lakewook and Rocky River.

I am much better with art that I can touch and mold. I remember that when I did glass blowing, it would be much easier if I could just touch and mold the glas with my hands (which you actually can with a thick stack of wet paper towels). This is going to be interesting.

My friends are going (Ikea) January 18th. Maybe we can just all go together
did somebody say "Ikea"????

i have an Ikea Family membership that is only good at the store near my mom's house, not the one closest to me (which, for some reason, doesn't accept the Ikea Family program). but, the store at the opposite end of Toronto from my mom's place, has the high-gloss red Expedit 16 shelving unit on sale for $99! it's usually $159!!!!

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Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!
any good book suggestions?

I need to add another book to get my (knockoff) Curlformers shipped for free through amazon.
any good book suggestions?

I need to add another book to get my (knockoff) Curlformers shipped for free through amazon.
Originally Posted by scrills
Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
When I grow up, I wanna be a Jiujitsu Turtle!

My british name, courtesy of Ninja Dog Shade Haven-Staffordshire: TRBL Hough Jewelstone Turtleneck

Its chaos a few hairs at a time. ~Minxy

"Dispute not with her: she is lunatic." -Richard III
i LOVE risotto!

what time should i be there?

My blog:

Little Mother of all the Roaches, President-for-Life of the MAC Harlots!
I did it. I took the plunge and bought Rosetta Stone (Latin American Spanish, levels 1-4). So excited!!!
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